January Favorites

Can you believe January is already over? It went by pretty fast, if I do say so myself.

Fashion Favorites 
1. Scarves
Lately, scarves have been an essential for me. Where I live it is freezing. School has been cancelled a few times because of the horrible weather. I'm actually doing a collaboration with a blogger. We're going to demonstrate different ways to style a scarf.

2. Nike Sneakers
Lately, I've been into working out a lot more. I found myself on the treadmill then I did in December. My Nike sneakers are the best. They're comfortable, and they make it easier to run compared to my Asics. 

3. Leggings
My black leggings have been an essential. They're perfect. They can be dressed up or down for any occasion. For those lazy school days, I throw on a pair of leggings, my UGGS, and a cute sweater and I'm out the door! 

Beauty Favorites
1. EOS Lip Balm
Lately, my lips have been getting chapped like crazy because of the cold weather. I've been applying my EOS lip balms and they've been real handy.

2. Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous 3-1 Foundation
I first discovered this product from the YouTuber Beautybab44. I got it for Christmas and I've been using it ever since. I think it covers up my acne pretty well, but I still like to use a concealer.

3. Urban Decay Setting Spray (Oil Control)
Every morning, when I complete my makeup, I apply the setting spray. I really like it. My makeup usually started to wear off before lunch, now it lasts until the bus ride! I would highly recommend this product.


"Here's To The Heartbreakers" by Katy McAllister

"Glowing" by Nikki Williams

"Dark Horse" by Katy Perry

App: Flappy Birds
I've been obsessed with this game lately. My current high score is 22. I'm sure by next month it will be 23. It's so hard, yet so addicting. Let me know if you play flappy bird on your iPod or iPhone.

I've been obsessed with my journalism class lately. I'm not exactly sure why, but I've been really enjoying it. I've been working on my articles at home more and trying to improve them.

Teen Bloggers Chat
I attended 1 chat this month, and I loved it! I'm definitely going to try to attend more this February. 

Thanks for reading! Xoxo,


Dear Journal: 1/25/14

"A wise girl kisses but doesn't love, listens but doesn't believe, and leaves before she is left."
-Marilyn Monroe

I decided I am going to officially define myself as a wise human being. When I kiss someone, I won't fall for them. I won't think about them day and night, and right songs about sparks flying and captivation. When I listen to someone, I won't always believe it. I'll just go with it and pretend. Once the love fades away... I'll be gone before it's too late and heartbreak is a fear. I'll leave before the worst. And I won't look back.

"Leavin" by Jesse McCartney

Sunday, I hung out with my friends and did some math homework. I was a little behind on that, so I had to take care of it.

Monday I didn't have school. It was a nice day off. I went out shopping with my sister and my dad. My dad also took us out to lunch. We met up with my mom. I love it when we do that. It's somewhat rare that we have lunch together. Once I got home, my sister and I went on a jog around our neighborhood. That was a lot of fun! We're trying to workout a little more; that's a good thing.

Tuesday I didn't have school again. The snow isn't really in our favor this school year. I have a feeling I'm going to have to make up some school days over spring break. I am not looking forward to that. I worked on my math project since that's due on Friday. Yikes!

Continuing with the no school streak, go figure.

Thursday was when school came along once again. It was pretty good. All of the teachers seemed pretty cool and didn't give us that much work. I suppose there's not that much to learn in 2 days. 

Friday we moved seats in math. It was a little disappointing since I loved my seat, but it's good to socialize with new people. Right?

As for today, I did some shopping with my mom, although it was boring grocery shopping. I don't have anything that's on my must have list.  I plan on hanging out with some people later- maybe. Then again, the snow storm seems to be defining my socialize life- unfortunately.




Hello everyone!

I hope you're all having a wonderful day! Today, I decided to do a FOTD/OOTD since I had the day off because of the snowy weather. If you're wondering what I do on my snow days click here.

Foundation: Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous 3 in 1
Concealer: Maybelline Fit Me
Powder: Neutrogena 

Eye Shadow: Candies Palette- Middle/Maybelline Color Tattoo (Barely Brazen)- I think.
Mascara: Covergirl Clump Crusher by Lashblast

I used the Color Tattoo as a base and applied the middle color into my crease and outer corner.

Eye Shadow Primer: Urban Decay
Makeup Setting Spray: Urban Decay (Oil Control)

Lips: EOS/Revlon Pink Truffle Lip Butter

This was my face of the day! I hope you like it.

I was planning on wearing this to school today, but that didn't go as planned because school was cancelled today. Go figure. Right as I was curling my hair- BAM. Oh well. I'm glad I got to take this selfie. I think it looks decent. Haha. 

Earrings: Claire's 
Neckless: Jared's 
Sweater: Curl
Leggings: Aerie
Boots: UGGS

Thanks for reading! Have a lovely evening! Xoxo,


Snow Days With Guilianna Marie

Hello everyone! Tuesday and today I had no school due to the horrible weather outside. I wouldn't usually complain, but today is an exception because we're probably going to have to make up our snow days over spring break! Spring break! 

Anyway, I've been washing my face with this new cleanser. I have intentions on doing a review on it next month. That way I'll be into it for awhile.

Yesterday, I decided to work out a bit. I'm somewhat staying true to my goal of staying/getting healthy this year. These were some of the songs I listened to. I really like them! 

I used to paint... a lot. I would always want to go to a crafts store and buy canvases and new paints. I was recently voted most artistic female in my homeroom class. I was somewhat shocked. Not somewhat- a lot. I gave up on art awhile ago. To be honest, I'm not sure why. I really enjoyed it. 

Yesterday, I painted on canvas. It's not much, it's just mixing colors together and making them lighter and darker. Either way, I love it. 

I suppose, I was just scared of what people thought- wow, she stays home on the weekends and paints boring pictures, then she writes on a blog, etc. 

It's coming together, that I really don't care what people think of me. 

I made those two paintings awhile ago. The other one is currently drying.

I also glanced at some products from Ulta. When the storm blows over, maybe my mom will take me. I've been eyeing POREfessional primer for quite some time! 

Today, I went back to the guitar. I'm certainly not Ed Sheeran on the guitar, but I'd like to think someday I will be. I'm currently self teaching myself through YouTube. My goal is to add the background music to "Treacherous Tragedy" in the near future. Hopefully, my one friend can help me out with that since he's musical oriented.

After that, I worked a bit on my math project. I'm not sure if it's due tomorrow or Friday. There's a slight mistake on the paper. Just in case, I'll have it done for tomorrow. That seems to be the rest of my day! Pretty boring, but that's okay.

I hope you enjoyed this post. I'll be posting a FOTD later on tonight. Xoxo,


Traveling Essentials

"Travel often; getting lost will help you find yourself."
-The Holstee Manifesto

Hi everyone! I hope you're having a wonderful Thursday! I would first like to apologize for not having a post up yesterday. I had intentions on posting this blogpost, but my internet wasn't cooperating. Today, I decided to share with you some essentials that I have when I travel. I travel a lot, so I figured this would be beneficial to you guys who are going away for spring break or something of that nature.

1. Electronics
I personally think it's important to bring your cell phone and iPod. I personally also like bringing my iPad because I can work on blogposts, play games, and surf the web while I'm in the airport or at my hotel.

2. Extra Outfit
When traveling, you should bring an extra outfit. I usually bring an extra one for an emergency situation. There may come a time when you're stuck in the airport or some plans get rearranged and you'll be in desperate need of an outfit!

3. Makeup Bag
This is a must for me. When I'm on vacation I tend to take mini sized products. I recommend bringing as little as possible.

  • Chapstick 
  • Lip Product (Lip gloss, lipstick, lip stain, etc.) 
  • Blush
  • Mascara
  • Foundation
  • Concealer
  • Eyeshadow
    • Bring a palette with neutral colors that you can incorporate different looks into.
4. Purse
I recommend taking a crossbody bag with you, so you can have your hands bag-free when walking around.

I think that's all that I would bring that you usually wouldn't think of bringing. Of course you need your tooth brush, deodorant, clothes, and all of that other stuff. I hope you enjoyed this post. Thanks for reading! Xoxo,


Dear Journal: 1/19/14

"All of the girls that you've run dry, have tired, lifeless eyes 'cause you burned them out, but I took your matches before fire could catch me, so don't look now... I'm shining like fireworks over your sad, empty town."
-Taylor Swift (Dear John)

In my last journal entry, I'm not sure if I gave the vibe of a heartbreak or not. The goal was just to give a hint of it. So, a fallout occurred. At 15, I had my first real boyfriend. I still manage to believe that peer pressure got between us. Then again, I guess that could be blamed on my optimism.

"Dear John" by Taylor Swift

Friday night, the rain was striking the ground, I was safe and sound. It was good, until he looked to the ground and words came out of his mouth: "It's not working out." It still kind of haunts me. I was in horror. Then by Saturday, I was in tears... Sunday it struck, I was furious. I was up on Saturday around 2 AM writing songs.

Monday is when everything started sinking it for real. I focused so hard on my school work. I got on the bus, my best friend asked about my weekend and I told her.

School work came first. There was no need to replay the pouring rain, the words, the treacherous path- any of it. Yeah, it hurts. Yeah, it's done. Yeah, it's over. It's nothing to be ashamed over. That night a fight was picked. I'm not even sure exactly what over. I still stand to believe the allies of the situation drowned the essence that was once shared. It was remorseful. I think when someone accuses you of something, that you didn't do, and there's no changing their mind... you should drop it. Let them think what they want to think. Let them paint their own pictures. It's obviously not worth even more pain than the original fallout.

On the bright side, my sister and I did some working out. We're getting ready for summer. I can't wait to go swim suit shopping!

Tuesday seemed like it was never ending. I woke up, put my makeup on, did my hair, and got dressed. I was out the door and ready to go. I got to school, did my thing. I stayed after school to help out with an after school activity. Then I came home and ate dinner. After that, I spent several hours devoting time to my English, Spanish, and math homework. Although, the math homework was nearly impossible.

Wednesday and Thursday are kind of a blur, if you ask me. They went by fairly quickly.

Friday was pretty good. There's a field trip coming up soon, so we were planning some of those details out. I'm super excited. We need a partner and my partner is my best friend. I am so thankful for him, he's been there for me through everything.

Friday night I went out to dinner with my best friend and window shopped. I had a lot of fun.

As for Saturday, I was extremely busy, thus the reason for not posting. I woke up pretty late. After that, my sister, my other friend, and myself went to a huge mall! We only got lost about 10 times, haha. I suppose that's a good thing. I've only gone with my parents before, so I didn't really know my way around on my own. Next time we go, it should be a little better.

I'll do a mini haul tomorrow. I only got 3 things. I should probably get a job or something, haha. My spending limits are going down and my desires are increasing.

After hours upon hours of shopping, I had a sleepover. We took a bunch of selfies and watched a movie. I'm supposed to hangout with my friends later on today, but I have some homework I have to do as well as work on some blogposts. 

"Timber" by Pitbull ft. Ke$ha

Thanks for reading! Xoxo,


Review: Urban Decay Makeup Setting Spray (Oil Control)

For Christmas, I received the Urban Decay Setting Spray for oily skin. I'm absolutely in love with this product. I've never tried out a makeup setting spray before, so please keep that in mind.

This one really works. I spray it on after I've completed all of my makeup. It depends on how much I'm wearing, but I usually do 1-2 squirts, and that works out really well.

I got mine from Ulta, if you're interested, you can click the link below.

I'm not sure how the other ones work out, like the one for regular skin, but I think the oil control, does a decent job at controlling shiny skin. Although, half way throughout the day, I can feel my skin getting a little oily. 

I hope you guys try it out. It's a really great product.

Thanks for reading! 

Guilianna xx

Top 3 Mascaras

3. Double Extend by L'Oreal Paris

This mascara is pretty nice. It was one of my favorites for awhile.  It lengthens and darkens the lashes. If you're looking for a drugstore mascara, I would highly recommend this one.

2. Falsies by Maybelline

I love Falsies by Maybelline. My sister is also in love with it. She always puts it on when she puts on makeup. It's her essential. I don't think it does a very good job at separating, but otherwise it's a fantastic product.

1. Clump Crusher by Lashblast CoverGirl

By a far, this is certainly my favorite mascara. It volumizes and lengthens the lashes perfectly to my liking. I also love that it separates them nicely. 

Thanks for reading! Xoxo,


Learn To Love Yourself

"Being yourself if all it takes. If you want to impress someone don't be someone else, just be yourself." 
-Selena Gomez

Your body is the most important thing that you have in your possession. It's important that you cherish, embrace, and love it with all that you have.

It took me awhile to actually feel comfortable with the face staring back at me in the mirror. I would always pick out every little flaw. To this day, I still do. If I had to pick a year that really changed me, it would probably be 2013.

2013 was the year that I had a breakthrough. I started reading Seventeen, wearing makeup, and took time to pick out my clothes the night before. Here's how I got through it:

1. Notice Your Flaws
Don't pick out every little detail, just some things that make you feel really insecure. For me, my biggest insecurities include my acne, my weight, and that I wear glasses.

Noticing these flaws showed me that there was something I had to do about them.

2. Options: Fix 'em or Leave 'em
I decided that I would try to fix them all and make myself look like I stepped out of some Victoria Secret's magazine. That didn't work out too well. I decided to start eating less, running on my treadmill, and try contacts. When attempting to fix the acne, it dried out my skin and I felt even worse.

I recently took a new approach to all of those things. Eat healthier, workout for a little bit to maintain weight, try a different skin care routine and stick with it, and keep glasses! I can't touch my eyes, I think it's gross. Therefore, I embrace the fact that I wear glasses because they're unique.

3. Find a Hobby
You should keep yourself productive. I keep myself productive with blogging and writing song lyrics. Doing something you love, will make you happier. Expressing myself through a screen and a keyboard is the best way to express myself in my case. It's not that easy for words just to come out.

4. Hangout With People YOU Feel Comfortable Around
So, I found myself hanging out with some different people. It turns out I was not as comfortable as I was with my old pals. It was a different atmosphere, new people, new experiences. It was just a lot thrown at me at once.

Hanging out with my own friends made me feel secure and comfortable.

5. Beauty/Fashion
Less is more- that's the only thing I can suggest. If you want to clean yourself up, start a new wardrobe. Shop at places like American Eagle or Abercrombie & Fitch, or where ever your style of clothes come from.

I've been obsessed with mint lately. I also want to get a pair of maroon pants. I don't know, I just think they're adorable!

Always love yourself. You're beautiful inside and out.

Thanks for reading!

Guilianna x

Dear Journal: 1/11/14

"Long were the nights when my days once revolved around you."
-Taylor Swift (Dear John) 

Hi everyone!

I hope you're all doing well. I had a pretty amazing week. My first week back at school since winter break. I wasn't looking forward to going back, but I missed one day last week so I was eager to make up the work I had missed.

It turns out that I didn't miss that much: thank The Lord.

I'll start out with my weekend. On Saturday, I went to the mall with my sister. My sister is my best friend, so it's no surprise that I asked her for advice when it came to me wanting to buy something. Although, I didn't get anything. Nothing "spoke" to me. You know what I mean? The only thing that spoke to me was Starbucks!

I had a vanilla bean frap and my sister had a hot chocolate. 

I woke up on Monday with tired eyes. I was not used to an alarm clock waking me up at 6:00 in the morning. That was a tough thing to achieve.  I am excited to announce that I reached my January goal of 18,000 views on Monday. I wasn't expecting to get that many views! So, I greatly appreciate it that.

During lunch, my friends and I decided to do a Secret Santa sort of thing. Below is what I got.

I got a body spray, which I'm not sure if you can tell, but it's Paris-themed. I also received nail polish and lipgloss. Perfect! My other friend also gave me a kit-kat. We're kind of late on Christmas, but we planned it a little too late. Haha. 

In English, my teacher recently assigned us a writing assignment. As much as everyone moaned, when they found out, I couldn't have been happier! We actually got to pick the topic ourselves, the goal is just to persuade! I decided on doing my essay on why we should have school uniforms. I think it's an easier topic, so I'll be able to elaborate more on it. 

On Tuesday, I didn't have school. I spent my day browsing social media and just relaxing! It was pretty nice, if I do say so myself.

As for Wednesday and Thursday, it was pretty cold outside. My classes were pretty long. On Thursday, I had my physical. Don't even get me started.

Friday was fine as well. I enjoyed all of my classes very much. In Spanish, I got a 21/20. I got the bonus right too. I was pretty surprised considering I didn't study as much as I would have liked to. Friday night, I was invited to a party. Overall, I thought it was fine. I suppose I'll go more in depth about it later.

Today, I did a little bit of shopping. I just went to Abercrombie & Fitch. (I think I have a problem. I'm officially addicted to that store. It's beautiful.)

This picture does not give this sweater justice- my apologies. The zipper is angled and it looks adorable on. I adore it so much. I also got an under garment, but I figured that would be best not to show. 

I also stopped at Target to pick up these two essentials. I needed cotton rounds to apply a facial wash, and the cosmetic rounds are for blending my foundation. They leave more of a natural finish compared to a brush, where that could leave a streak. 

As you can tell, I had a fairly good week. I'm excited to see what next week will bring. I'm working on doing a collaboration with a fellow blogger. I can't wait. We're in the process of planning it out now, so as soon as I know more details, I'll let you know. In the meantime, you can check out her blog. It's amazing!

Jess's Blog: http://typicallyjess.blogspot.co.uk/

"Drunk" by Ed Sheeran has been my latest song obsession. I'm in love with it. "A house gets cold when you cut the heating, without you to hold I'll be freezing," is my favorite line in the song. I think it's a metaphor... I can put it into a different perspective... My body is hurting without your love (heat), so without you to hold, I'll hurt even more. Molecules are certainly not moving as fast. (Yes, I just brought science into it. My teacher would be proud.)

Enjoy your week. Have a lovely weekend. I hope to talk to all of you beautiful people soon. Thank you so much for reading! Next week, I intend on having a review on the Urban Decay Makeup Setting Spray (Oil Control). Hopefully I get around to composing that. Thanks again.

Guilianna xx

How To: Stay Warm & Stylish

On Tuesday, school was cancelled for myself because of how cold the weather is. Can you believe it? It's important to stay warm in the winter, therefore you're not getting frostbite or any other horrible colds. As for women, we find that we are always trying to look good. Let's stay warm and stylist this cold winter!

1. Let's start with the #1 essential: A Winter Coat
This is really important. I recommend having a pea coat as well as a warm actual winter coat. A pea coat is very ladylike and I think it can look expensive on it's own, and you can even bring it up with the right accessories. As for the other coat, I think you just need to find one that suits you. In middle school, I hated, hated, hated wearing a big bulky coat to school. I thought it made me look fat and gross. Now, I love it. I wear it with warm wool leggings, or comfortable jeans. You can have it flatter your shape, if you chose the right clothing items. Check out the links below!

Pea Coat: http://www.aeropostale.com/product/index.jsp?productId=28548696&cp=3534618.3534619.3534623.3541050.2038750

Winter Coat: http://www.llbean.com/llb/shop/44802?productId=786601&qs=3016887_mercent_google_pla&attrValue_0=Paperwhite&mr:trackingCode=0555EA95-B0F0-E211-A497-90E2BA285E75&mr:referralID=NA&mr:device=c&mr:adType=pla

2. Hats
I used to hate hats. I hated the way they would mess up my hair, make my hair static, etc.

I think this would love great with a white winter coat, which I am still on the lookout for. I really need to get one for myself. I saw one at Columbia, but they didn't have it. Sad face. Although, I found the one at LL Bean... so maybe I can talk my mom into it, we'll have to see.

So, beanies! They're a great way to go with the cold. There are different ways you can wear them too. I would recommend PacSun and American Apparel for some cute ones! Be sure to check them out.

3. Gloves
I think it is super cute when all of your garments match. For my pea coat, I have a matching set of gloves with a matching scarf. It looks very classy in my opinion.

4. Scarves
I love, love, love scarves! I think I wear one to school at least once a week. I recently got a new mint one, but it doesn't exactly match my beanie, like I planned. Darn!

It's pretty cute. Infinity scarves are a lot more appealing in my opinion. I get most of my scarves from American Eagle.

5. Leggings/Tights
I love, love, love wearing skirts and dresses. I'm pretty girly... all of my friends say so. I think it's important to wear thick leggings or tights. Wearing a black circle with cute, thick, patterned tights is an adorable way to go! I'm thinking about getting some. Check these out:

Floral: http://www.forever21.com/Product/Product.aspx?BR=f21&Category=bottom_leggings&ProductID=2000066204&VariantID=

Winter (For Next Christmas!): http://us.topshop.com/en/tsus/product/clothing-70483/leggings-71175/reindeer-knitted-leggings-2413378?bi=1&ps=200

I also love the knee socks look! I really want to try the lookout sometime! If you have any ideas what would go with the over the knee socks, please let me know. I've seen such cute outfits. I would love to style an outfit around knee socks. (If I can talk my mom into letting me get some.)


I hope you enjoyed this post. Stay warm! Thanks for reading!

Guilianna xx

Manicure Monday

Splattered Nails

1. Apply a clear base coat. I personally like the one by O.P.I.

2. Apply a white nail polish. Let it dry.

3. Pick up to 5 colors. I wouldn't pick more than that because it could get messy. I personally like to use 3 or 4. 2 even looks nice! 

4. Put the nail polish into separate blobs on a paper plate or paper towel. 

5. To apply the nail polish you can use a straw or something of that nature. Take the straw and dip it into the paint. Apply it to the nail.

6. When finished, use nail polish remover and a Q-tip to remove excess paint. 

7. Let it dry. Complete!

They're super easy to do! Spring is approaching soon, pastels would look great! I'll have to try some pastel colors and see how that works.

If you try it out be sure to tweet me a picture! Thanks for reading!

Guilianna xx

What's in my purse?

"A fabulous purse is a true companion."

If I had an addiction to any fashion accessory it would probably be purses. I love, love, love purses. So, awhile ago, I discovered the brand, Louis Vuitton. I instantly fell in love with their designs. I was browsing the site and came across the Speedy 30. The Speedy 30 has been my dream purse ever since I can remember. It has been raved about by all of the beauty/fashion gurus that I watched on YouTube. For my birthday, I got it! I was completely astonished!

Since it's Autumn/Winter and I haven't done a "What's in my purse?" post this season, I figured, why not? I mean, I did one this summer, but that was forever ago! I have a new purse and some different essentials that I carry around with me. Enjoy x

Louis Vuitton: http://www.louisvuitton.com/front/#/dispatch

These gloves are an essential for me! Where I live, it is currently below freezing. It's awful! They keep my hands nice and warm. They also have the sensitive fingertips, so I can use my smartphone, which I need!

This is from Vera Bradley in the pattern Sittin' In A Tree. Above, is my coin purse. I put all of my coins in there. As for the second object, that's just my glasses case. I love it! It's so cute! I also bring my sunglasses around with me, but I didn't include them because it's been pretty dark outside.

My actual wallet. I don't have that much in it, except some yogurt cards, my American Eagle Outfitters Rewards Card and my Ulta Rewards Card. I also have some gift cards in there and some Starbucks receipts.

This is from the brand Thirty-One. They have really cute stuff. It's really similar to Vera Bradley. This is my "makeup bag." 

I call it my "makeup bag" because I don't have that much makeup in here. I have a mini hair brush, powder, concealer, lipgloss, lip stain, lip balm, hand cream x2, another lip balm, eyeglass cleaner, hair accessories, and a medicine for mouth sores. 

I keep this lipstick in it's own case, because I'm literally in love with it. I was so excited when I got it for Christmas. I've been wanting one forever. 

Mints: self-explanatory. 

I also bring my inhaler around with me incase of emergencies. You never know. 

Along with all those things, I carry around my iPhone and headphones. They go with me everywhere! I'm always listening to music and scrolling through my Instagram &  Twitter feed. Instagram is probably my favorite social media app ever! I love posting pictures and looking at others pics! 

Thanks for reading! 

Guilianna x