Dear Journal: 1/11/14

"Long were the nights when my days once revolved around you."
-Taylor Swift (Dear John) 

Hi everyone!

I hope you're all doing well. I had a pretty amazing week. My first week back at school since winter break. I wasn't looking forward to going back, but I missed one day last week so I was eager to make up the work I had missed.

It turns out that I didn't miss that much: thank The Lord.

I'll start out with my weekend. On Saturday, I went to the mall with my sister. My sister is my best friend, so it's no surprise that I asked her for advice when it came to me wanting to buy something. Although, I didn't get anything. Nothing "spoke" to me. You know what I mean? The only thing that spoke to me was Starbucks!

I had a vanilla bean frap and my sister had a hot chocolate. 

I woke up on Monday with tired eyes. I was not used to an alarm clock waking me up at 6:00 in the morning. That was a tough thing to achieve.  I am excited to announce that I reached my January goal of 18,000 views on Monday. I wasn't expecting to get that many views! So, I greatly appreciate it that.

During lunch, my friends and I decided to do a Secret Santa sort of thing. Below is what I got.

I got a body spray, which I'm not sure if you can tell, but it's Paris-themed. I also received nail polish and lipgloss. Perfect! My other friend also gave me a kit-kat. We're kind of late on Christmas, but we planned it a little too late. Haha. 

In English, my teacher recently assigned us a writing assignment. As much as everyone moaned, when they found out, I couldn't have been happier! We actually got to pick the topic ourselves, the goal is just to persuade! I decided on doing my essay on why we should have school uniforms. I think it's an easier topic, so I'll be able to elaborate more on it. 

On Tuesday, I didn't have school. I spent my day browsing social media and just relaxing! It was pretty nice, if I do say so myself.

As for Wednesday and Thursday, it was pretty cold outside. My classes were pretty long. On Thursday, I had my physical. Don't even get me started.

Friday was fine as well. I enjoyed all of my classes very much. In Spanish, I got a 21/20. I got the bonus right too. I was pretty surprised considering I didn't study as much as I would have liked to. Friday night, I was invited to a party. Overall, I thought it was fine. I suppose I'll go more in depth about it later.

Today, I did a little bit of shopping. I just went to Abercrombie & Fitch. (I think I have a problem. I'm officially addicted to that store. It's beautiful.)

This picture does not give this sweater justice- my apologies. The zipper is angled and it looks adorable on. I adore it so much. I also got an under garment, but I figured that would be best not to show. 

I also stopped at Target to pick up these two essentials. I needed cotton rounds to apply a facial wash, and the cosmetic rounds are for blending my foundation. They leave more of a natural finish compared to a brush, where that could leave a streak. 

As you can tell, I had a fairly good week. I'm excited to see what next week will bring. I'm working on doing a collaboration with a fellow blogger. I can't wait. We're in the process of planning it out now, so as soon as I know more details, I'll let you know. In the meantime, you can check out her blog. It's amazing!

Jess's Blog:

"Drunk" by Ed Sheeran has been my latest song obsession. I'm in love with it. "A house gets cold when you cut the heating, without you to hold I'll be freezing," is my favorite line in the song. I think it's a metaphor... I can put it into a different perspective... My body is hurting without your love (heat), so without you to hold, I'll hurt even more. Molecules are certainly not moving as fast. (Yes, I just brought science into it. My teacher would be proud.)

Enjoy your week. Have a lovely weekend. I hope to talk to all of you beautiful people soon. Thank you so much for reading! Next week, I intend on having a review on the Urban Decay Makeup Setting Spray (Oil Control). Hopefully I get around to composing that. Thanks again.

Guilianna xx

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