Dear Journal: 1/25/14

"A wise girl kisses but doesn't love, listens but doesn't believe, and leaves before she is left."
-Marilyn Monroe

I decided I am going to officially define myself as a wise human being. When I kiss someone, I won't fall for them. I won't think about them day and night, and right songs about sparks flying and captivation. When I listen to someone, I won't always believe it. I'll just go with it and pretend. Once the love fades away... I'll be gone before it's too late and heartbreak is a fear. I'll leave before the worst. And I won't look back.

"Leavin" by Jesse McCartney

Sunday, I hung out with my friends and did some math homework. I was a little behind on that, so I had to take care of it.

Monday I didn't have school. It was a nice day off. I went out shopping with my sister and my dad. My dad also took us out to lunch. We met up with my mom. I love it when we do that. It's somewhat rare that we have lunch together. Once I got home, my sister and I went on a jog around our neighborhood. That was a lot of fun! We're trying to workout a little more; that's a good thing.

Tuesday I didn't have school again. The snow isn't really in our favor this school year. I have a feeling I'm going to have to make up some school days over spring break. I am not looking forward to that. I worked on my math project since that's due on Friday. Yikes!

Continuing with the no school streak, go figure.

Thursday was when school came along once again. It was pretty good. All of the teachers seemed pretty cool and didn't give us that much work. I suppose there's not that much to learn in 2 days. 

Friday we moved seats in math. It was a little disappointing since I loved my seat, but it's good to socialize with new people. Right?

As for today, I did some shopping with my mom, although it was boring grocery shopping. I don't have anything that's on my must have list.  I plan on hanging out with some people later- maybe. Then again, the snow storm seems to be defining my socialize life- unfortunately.



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