How To: Stay Warm & Stylish

On Tuesday, school was cancelled for myself because of how cold the weather is. Can you believe it? It's important to stay warm in the winter, therefore you're not getting frostbite or any other horrible colds. As for women, we find that we are always trying to look good. Let's stay warm and stylist this cold winter!

1. Let's start with the #1 essential: A Winter Coat
This is really important. I recommend having a pea coat as well as a warm actual winter coat. A pea coat is very ladylike and I think it can look expensive on it's own, and you can even bring it up with the right accessories. As for the other coat, I think you just need to find one that suits you. In middle school, I hated, hated, hated wearing a big bulky coat to school. I thought it made me look fat and gross. Now, I love it. I wear it with warm wool leggings, or comfortable jeans. You can have it flatter your shape, if you chose the right clothing items. Check out the links below!

Pea Coat:

Winter Coat:

2. Hats
I used to hate hats. I hated the way they would mess up my hair, make my hair static, etc.

I think this would love great with a white winter coat, which I am still on the lookout for. I really need to get one for myself. I saw one at Columbia, but they didn't have it. Sad face. Although, I found the one at LL Bean... so maybe I can talk my mom into it, we'll have to see.

So, beanies! They're a great way to go with the cold. There are different ways you can wear them too. I would recommend PacSun and American Apparel for some cute ones! Be sure to check them out.

3. Gloves
I think it is super cute when all of your garments match. For my pea coat, I have a matching set of gloves with a matching scarf. It looks very classy in my opinion.

4. Scarves
I love, love, love scarves! I think I wear one to school at least once a week. I recently got a new mint one, but it doesn't exactly match my beanie, like I planned. Darn!

It's pretty cute. Infinity scarves are a lot more appealing in my opinion. I get most of my scarves from American Eagle.

5. Leggings/Tights
I love, love, love wearing skirts and dresses. I'm pretty girly... all of my friends say so. I think it's important to wear thick leggings or tights. Wearing a black circle with cute, thick, patterned tights is an adorable way to go! I'm thinking about getting some. Check these out:


Winter (For Next Christmas!):

I also love the knee socks look! I really want to try the lookout sometime! If you have any ideas what would go with the over the knee socks, please let me know. I've seen such cute outfits. I would love to style an outfit around knee socks. (If I can talk my mom into letting me get some.)ème

I hope you enjoyed this post. Stay warm! Thanks for reading!

Guilianna xx

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