Manicure Monday

Splattered Nails

1. Apply a clear base coat. I personally like the one by O.P.I.

2. Apply a white nail polish. Let it dry.

3. Pick up to 5 colors. I wouldn't pick more than that because it could get messy. I personally like to use 3 or 4. 2 even looks nice! 

4. Put the nail polish into separate blobs on a paper plate or paper towel. 

5. To apply the nail polish you can use a straw or something of that nature. Take the straw and dip it into the paint. Apply it to the nail.

6. When finished, use nail polish remover and a Q-tip to remove excess paint. 

7. Let it dry. Complete!

They're super easy to do! Spring is approaching soon, pastels would look great! I'll have to try some pastel colors and see how that works.

If you try it out be sure to tweet me a picture! Thanks for reading!

Guilianna xx


  1. These are soo cute! I especially love your thumb nail! I'm definitely going to try this out and instagram you a pic . . . if you have an instagram?

    1. Yes, I do! That would be perfect! It's @amazingalex13! I'll be sure to follow you! xx