Review: Urban Decay Makeup Setting Spray (Oil Control)

For Christmas, I received the Urban Decay Setting Spray for oily skin. I'm absolutely in love with this product. I've never tried out a makeup setting spray before, so please keep that in mind.

This one really works. I spray it on after I've completed all of my makeup. It depends on how much I'm wearing, but I usually do 1-2 squirts, and that works out really well.

I got mine from Ulta, if you're interested, you can click the link below.

I'm not sure how the other ones work out, like the one for regular skin, but I think the oil control, does a decent job at controlling shiny skin. Although, half way throughout the day, I can feel my skin getting a little oily. 

I hope you guys try it out. It's a really great product.

Thanks for reading! 

Guilianna xx

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