Snow Days With Guilianna Marie

Hello everyone! Tuesday and today I had no school due to the horrible weather outside. I wouldn't usually complain, but today is an exception because we're probably going to have to make up our snow days over spring break! Spring break! 

Anyway, I've been washing my face with this new cleanser. I have intentions on doing a review on it next month. That way I'll be into it for awhile.

Yesterday, I decided to work out a bit. I'm somewhat staying true to my goal of staying/getting healthy this year. These were some of the songs I listened to. I really like them! 

I used to paint... a lot. I would always want to go to a crafts store and buy canvases and new paints. I was recently voted most artistic female in my homeroom class. I was somewhat shocked. Not somewhat- a lot. I gave up on art awhile ago. To be honest, I'm not sure why. I really enjoyed it. 

Yesterday, I painted on canvas. It's not much, it's just mixing colors together and making them lighter and darker. Either way, I love it. 

I suppose, I was just scared of what people thought- wow, she stays home on the weekends and paints boring pictures, then she writes on a blog, etc. 

It's coming together, that I really don't care what people think of me. 

I made those two paintings awhile ago. The other one is currently drying.

I also glanced at some products from Ulta. When the storm blows over, maybe my mom will take me. I've been eyeing POREfessional primer for quite some time! 

Today, I went back to the guitar. I'm certainly not Ed Sheeran on the guitar, but I'd like to think someday I will be. I'm currently self teaching myself through YouTube. My goal is to add the background music to "Treacherous Tragedy" in the near future. Hopefully, my one friend can help me out with that since he's musical oriented.

After that, I worked a bit on my math project. I'm not sure if it's due tomorrow or Friday. There's a slight mistake on the paper. Just in case, I'll have it done for tomorrow. That seems to be the rest of my day! Pretty boring, but that's okay.

I hope you enjoyed this post. I'll be posting a FOTD later on tonight. Xoxo,



  1. Those canvases are amazing! And you're such a pretty girly! Will definitely be adding your blog to my read list :)) xx

    1. Thank you so much. I'm far from pretty, but I really appreciate it. You're so sweet. I'll be adding yours to mine as well. Thanks again! xx