Top 3 Mascaras

3. Double Extend by L'Oreal Paris

This mascara is pretty nice. It was one of my favorites for awhile.  It lengthens and darkens the lashes. If you're looking for a drugstore mascara, I would highly recommend this one.

2. Falsies by Maybelline

I love Falsies by Maybelline. My sister is also in love with it. She always puts it on when she puts on makeup. It's her essential. I don't think it does a very good job at separating, but otherwise it's a fantastic product.

1. Clump Crusher by Lashblast CoverGirl

By a far, this is certainly my favorite mascara. It volumizes and lengthens the lashes perfectly to my liking. I also love that it separates them nicely. 

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  1. The covergirl one is my favourite too!

  2. I love the covergirl mascara, it's my favourite too! Such a fantastic product!