Mini Haul

I know I recently did a haul, but my mom took me out the other day and I wanted to share a few of the things I purchased. I hope you like it! Enjoy! xx

This mint long sleeve shirt has some detailing at the top which I really like. I'm thinking I'll just wear a white camisole under it. 

I really like this shirt. It has a really peppy vibe to it. I've never had a peppy side, but this year I've been experimenting with some different styles.

It's somewhat hard to tell on camera, but it's a blazer. Shocker- I've never owned a blazer- ever. I'm super excited to wear this. It's super cute. 

I. Love. This. Dress. So. Much. It reminds me of Taylor Swift when she released her first self-titled album. (I tried it on with my cowboy boots and sang "Fifteen" and let me tell you... I can so pull it off, haha.)

I went to the drugstore and came across the Neutrogena it turns out they're discontinuing a ton of their products! Like, why? It really helped clear my skin up and what not. I picked this foundation up, but I'm still in need of a concealer. (They didn't have one in my shade.) Any suggestions?

Thanks for reading! Xoxo,

Guilianna x


  1. I loved everything you bought! But the dress, has to be my favorite :)

    1. Thank you so much. Yes, it's my favorite too. It's so adorable. The second I saw it, it instantly reminded me of Taylor Swift. Thanks for commenting. xx