The Lazy Day Tag

Hi everyone! Today I am doing The Lazy Day Tag. I saw Beautybaby44's video and was inspired to do my own. Enjoy! x

Hair Products
On lazy days, I hate doing my hair. As soon as I get out of the shower I just scrunch it with some product and I'm ready to go. I use:

Left: Hydration Leave-In Conditioner by Eufora
Right: Sprunch Mousse by Aussie

These products together give me beachy waves, which I am in love with. On lazy days, this duo works wonders!

Makeup Products
Usually, when I have a lazy day I don't wear makeup. If I was going out to the drugstore or something like that, I would use the following products: 

For light coverage, I would use Natureluxe Silk Foundation. It's lightweight, therefore can be applied easily and quickly. A little bit of mascara goes a long way. Two coats of mascara is perfect.

As far as outfits go, I tend to wear sweatpants or yoga pants from Victoria Secret's PINK line. My favorite one is my University of Florida Gators yoga pant and hoodie combination.

And you can't forget socks! I wear my cabin socks. I got them from Dick's Sporting Goods for Christmas. They are so soft!

I really like tea on my lazy days. Just regular tea. I don't put anything special into my tea, haha.

Popcorn. My lazy days consist of watching YouTube videos, reading blog posts, watching movies, or just watching random TV shows. How are you supposed to watch/read videos/blog posts without popcorn. It just doesn't work.

Pampering Products (Lotion, Candles, etc.)

For my legs, I use Cocoa Butter with Shea by Suave. For my hands I've been enjoying the Body Tuffles by Upper Canada. It's in the scene fudge brownie. It smells amazing. On the bottom is the matching lip balm. I'm obsessed!

I was not tagged by anyone, I just decided to do this because I thought it would be like fun. If you have not already done The Lazy Day Tag, I tag you! 

Thanks for reading! 

Guilianna x

Transition Outfits: Winter To Spring (ft. Taylor Swift)

Hi everyone! Today I decided to do a fashion post. I was browsing my Facebook news feed and came across some of the outfits Taylor has been wearing for the past few weeks. I am absolutely in love with her style, so I decided to show you some of her latest looks for the latest trends! Enjoy! x

We're currently in the flower blooming season- spring! I love spring; it's not too hot, nor too cold. This outfit above is a great transition outfit, since it's still cold out especially up North. 

Again, another transition outfit from winter to spring. The plaid scarf really ties the outfit together. I absolutely love the way it looks. 

As for the maroon pants, I don't think they would flatter my body shape well, but if you're looking for a pair I would look at American Eagle Outfitters. They had a wonderful selection and quite affordable.

All black! For those chilly, rainy days a black, leather jacket is the perfect option. The outfit has a girly vibe, but the leather jacket gives it edge! This combination is great for transitioning between the seasons. 

First, I would like to compliment her hairstyle. A tousled ponytail is a great hairstyle. It keeps her hair off of her face, while still looking elegant. 

This outfit is for those warmer spring days. Black and white are perfect for color blocking. Wearing a pair of denim capri pants, with the white flowy top and black blazer is a perfect option. Just throw on some black flats and you're ready to go out! 

I recently went to Kohl's and found the perfect blazer. I'm going to use it as a spring coat since it's light. I believe it was in one of my latest hauls if you're interested. 

I wanted to conclude this post with a quote from the wise Taylor Swift since she is my idol. This quote is the definition of perfection. It's completely true.

I hope you enjoyed this fashion post. It's still quite chilly where I live, so I'm still wearing heavier clothes, but I want to give them a spring vibe. Thanks for reading! 

Guilianna xx


Hi everyone! Today, I decided to do a tag since it's Tag Tuesday (or so I heard.) I was tagged by Jane, so thank you Jane for tagging me. I'll be sure to link her blog below and her answers to the tag as well.

Jane's Blog:
Jane's TMI Tag answers:

1. What are you wearing?
I am currently wearing yoga pants and a sweatshirt. When I get home from school, I change into some gym clothes because I like to jog and burn off some energy.

2. Ever been in love?

3. Ever had a terrible break-up?
I only had one real boyfriend-where you hold hands, kiss, and what not. The break-up wasn't as bad as the flashbacks that came along with it.

4. How tall are you?
I believe I am 5'4".

5. How much do you weigh?
I'm about 100-110 pounds.

6. Any tattoos?

7. Any piercings?
Just my ears.

8. Favorite shows?
I don't watch that much TV anymore. I spend my time blogging, but when I do it's usually Switched At Birth. 

9. Favorite bands?
It's not a band, but she is my favorite singer- ever: Taylor Swift. As far as bands go, I like The Script, Parachute, Neon Trees, and Maroon 5.

10. Something you miss?
When I was younger I was so optimistic about everything, I miss that.

11. Favorite song?
It changes everyday.

12. How old are you?
I am currently 15 years old.

13. Zodiac sign?

14. Qualities you look for in a partner?
-Maturity: If they're mature, they'll handle a closure well. Once two people breakup, I think they should be able to remain friends. It shouldn't be at the point where their friends are bullying you on social media because that person can't face their consequences.
-Loyalty: I don't think I would appreciate it if my partner went running around with other girls. It just doesn't seem rational.
-Romantic: I don't see a relationship lasting if there's no candle light.

Etc. My expectations higher each time I meet a boy these days. I tell my friends I'm going to be a cat lady. Perfect.

15. Favorite quote(s):
"If you're lucky enough to be different, don't ever change." -Taylor Swift
"Bad decisions make good stories." -Unknown
"If you can dream it, you can do it." -Walt Disney

16. Favorite actors/actresses:
I love Jennifer Lawrence and Zac Efron.

17. Favorite color.
Mint green- it's gorgeous.

18. Loud music or soft?
Loud. I feel more energized after listening to loud music as opposed to soft music.

19. Where do you go when you're sad?
I have 2 main places. If it's after school, I'll go on a walk. If it's in the morning, I'll go wherever my computer/journal is, then I'll write a song about it. For example, breakups are pretty hard. I mean, just the idea of someone saying that they don't like you anymore is a little overwhelming. I first talked about it. Went to my room. Wrote several songs about it. There were endless emotions running through me. So either, my room or a walk outdoors.

20. How long does it take you to shower?
This can range from 10-30 minutes.

21. How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
40 minutes (for school.)

22. Ever been in a physical fight?
No. Never. I don't plan on ever getting into a physical fight. Violence is never the answer.

23. Turn on?
Blue eyes, smell good, kindness, and maturity.

24. Turn off?
If they don't like Taylor Swift- goodbye.

25. The reason you started blogging?
I could go on forever. I started blogging to express myself and cope with my feelings.

26. Fears?
Failing. I hate, hate, hate failing. I'm one of those people that is known for being a "try hard." Oh, well. What are you going to do?

27. Last thing that made you cry?
Come to think of it, I haven't cried in awhile.

28. Last time you said you loved someone?
Last night, to my parents.

29. Meaning behind your blog name?
In the beginning, my blog was strictly focused on journal entries. So, my blog was all about me.

30. Last book you read?
Chasing Lincoln's Killer, it was a book for my American Studies class.

31. The book you're currently reading?
I'm not reading a book right now, but I should probably find one to start.

32. Last show you watched?
I watched an old episode of Life With Derek on YouTube- good times.

33. Last person you talked to?
My dad.

34. The relationship between you and the last person you texted?
That's a tough one. He's a guy and he's just a friend- sort of. I don't know how to explain that one, haha.

35. Favorite food?
I really like pizza.

36. Places you want to visit?
Paris, France

37. Last place you were?

38. Do you have a crush?
No. I'm going through this phase where I'm done with guys. I'll get over that by the beginning of May though.

39. Last time you kissed someone?

40. Last time you were insulted?
A few days ago on I was called "awkward," but I don't think that's much of an insult.

41. Favorite flavor of a sweet.

42. What instruments do you play?
I kind of, sort of play guitar. Not really.

43. Favorite piece of jewelry.
My infinite necklace from Jared. I got it for Christmas.

44. Last sport you played?
Soccer. I actually start my upcoming season soon! I'm super excited.

45. Last song you sang?
"Gone In September" by Mike Posner

46. Favorite pick-up line?
"Is your dad a baker, 'cause you're a cutie pie."

47. Have you ever used it?
Yes, on my guy best friend. We're cool.

48. Last time you hung out with anyone?
My family- all the time.
My friends- a few days ago.

Thank you so much for reading my answers. If you haven't done the TMI tag, then I tag you. Be sure to tweet me or comment below if you do the tag. I would love to see your answers.

Thanks for reading!

Guilianna xx

Neutrogena Skin Clearing Blemish Concealer Review

Hi everyone!

I finally found time to write a review. Over the past few weeks I've been experimenting with a new concealer. It's called the Neutrogena Skin Clearing Blemish Concealer. I am absolutely in love with it.

I got it for $8.99 at Target. In case you were wondering, I am in the lightest shade Fair. Now on to the product, the sponge applicator makes for easy application. You twist the bottom and it comes out from the top of the sponge. I love this because it's easy to do when I'm in a rush for school.

The product is light weight and gives a dewy finish, which I actually found myself to like. It's true to it's word when it says it helps clear your blemishes along with giving a flawless finish.

I would highly recommend this product. You can check it out using the link below.

Thanks for reading!

Guilianna x

Get Ready With Me: Casual Dinner

Hi everyone! Last night I went out to dinner with my folks. It wasn't anything fancy, but I wanted to share with you my makeup and my outfit. Enjoy! xx

First, I applied Healthy Skin primer by Neutrogena. Now that we've started Spring and the sun is out, I'll be using this more often because it has SPF 15. 

For foundation, I used Neutrogena shine control. I used Neutrogena Skin Clearing Blemish concealer. I am absolutely in love with this concealer. I'll be doing a review on it soon. For powder, I used one by CoverGirl. I apologize I do not know the name.

I absolutely love this blush. It's called The Indecent Proposal by BareMinerals. I've been wearing this a lot lately. 

I used my Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer to prime my eyes. For eyeshadow, I used Daydream (the lighter color) on my lid. Then I used the darker color on my outer corner and my crease. I moved my brush in circle motions to blend it. I love doing that- the effect is amazing.

This is my sister's favorite mascara. I decided to try it out. 2 coats goes along way. I can see why she likes it so much. 

This is in the shade Ultimate Blush. It screams spring to me! 

To set everything in place, I used Urban Decay Makeup Setting Spray (Oil-Control). This product is amazing. It makes my makeup last all day.

Here's a picture of the completed look. I really like the way my eyes turned out. 

Necklace: Jared
Shirt: Target
Belt: Aeropostale
Jeans: American Eagle 
Boots: Tan UGGS
Purse: Michael Kors

I hope you enjoyed this "Get Ready With Me" post. I had a lot of fun doing this. I always find myself enjoying working on these kinds of posts.

Thanks for reading,

Guilianna x

Mini Haul

Hi everyone!

Over the weekend, I went to Ulta and picked up a few things. Since I haven't posted in awhile, I decided that I would post a mini haul. 

Nail Polish Remover: Self explanatory. I've never got one from Ulta before, I usually get them from Target.

EOS: This one is in the mint flavor. I have 3 EOS lip balms, and had the mint one in the past. I'm absolutely in love with the mint one- it smells SO good.

Biore Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser: Back in December, I received a sample for this product and fell in love with it. I love the way it feels on my skin.

Lastly, for a surprise on Friday, my mother bought me a Michael Kors bag. I am absolutely in love and could not be more thankful. Since it's a smaller bag than my Louis Vuitton, I decided that I might do an updated "What's in my purse?" Let me know what you think. 

I hope you enjoyed this short little post. Thanks for reading! 


February Favorites

Hello everyone! Can you believe that we're already diving into March? Spring is right around the corner- thank goodness. I've been so tired of this snow. Today, I decided to share with you some of the products I've been using up over the month of February.

Stay Fabulous Foundation by CoverGirl
Throughout this month, when I reached for a foundation, I picked this one. I love this foundation. It covers most of my problem area, but I'm still on the lookout for something that works a little bit better for my skin. If you have any recommendations, please let me know.

Neutrogena Concealer
This concealer is the best concealer- ever. I haven't loved a concealer more than this one. It covers everything I need to. It has a sponge applicator, which makes it easier for application. I would highly recommend this. 

Revlon Lip Stain
Since it's still winter, I've been looking for some winter lip colors. I found one color that I am absolutely in love with. 

Paris Amour Lotion by Bath & Body Works
I applied this whenever I got out of the shower: my legs are so smooth. And I absolutely love the scent. 

Michael Kors Glasses
For those of you that don't, I wear glasses. Although, most of my pictures on Instagram and other social media websites, I tend not to wear them. Anyway, I was in need of some new glasses and found these:

Navy P-Coat
I don't think I hauled this clothing item, but I've been wearing it a lot when I went to school. We have very small lockers, so it's difficult to fit puffy, bulky coats in my locker, so I usually wear a p-coat. This one is my new favorite!


"(I Can't) Forget About You" by R5

This song is amazing. I've been listening to it on Spotify for practically the whole month. I'm addicted.

"Melodies" by Madison Beer

It's upbeat and I love it. Enough said.

"Invisible" by Hunter Hayes

I kind of have an addiction to Hunter Hayes. I love his song "Wanted." The song "Invisible" is perfect. Anyone can relate to it, especially my peers. I understand that most of us aren't perfect... and we can be found on the outside looking in. Nobody should be looking from that view... I love this song. 

I hope you enjoyed my February Favorites.

Guilianna xx

Dear Journal: 3/9/14

"Forget what hurt you, but never forget what it taught you."

"Somebody I Used To Know" by Goyte and Kimbra. I absolutely love this song. It also shares a relationship with this week's quote. Forgive and forget: that's what I've been told for the past few years. 

This previous week, I was really busy. School work has been piling up like crazy lately. 

At the end of March, soccer season is going to start (if all of the snow melts away and the fields are decent.) I got my roster the other day and I'm pretty sure we have a pretty good team. I'll be sure to give you the update on all of our games. I'm really anxious to start. 

I have to get back on the treadmill and start juggling again. I haven't touched a soccer ball in awhile. 

Today, I completed my homework. I had social studies and English to do. I take forever on my free-writes. *I might post some on Glipho/Tumblr, I'll post them on Twitter when they're up.

As for the rest of my day, I spent the day shopping and then I hung out with my friends. We spent our time talking about an upcoming dance. It's a formal. Everyone speaks as if it's a prom for the younger students. If it's "prom,"  then I'm not looking forward to it. It seem likes an extravagant event that I don't want to be tied down into. Oh, well. One boy asked me, but it's still a month or two away.

Sorry for such a short post. I'll have some more posts up this week- hopefully. Thanks for reading.

Guilianna xx

Running Late For School?

I've been in school for awhile and I've had my fair share of sleeping in longer than I should have been. I always want to look my best in the shortest amount of time as possible. Here are some of my tips and tricks when you're running late for school.

1. Shower > Messy Bun > Beach Waves
When I directly put my hair into a bun after a hot shower, my hair usually stays pretty wet throughout the night. When I take it out it's damp. I comb it out and apply a mousse, then I scrunch my hair. It leaves natural looking waves in my hair.

Photo Credits: My Sister

2. Makeup: Face
Apply a tinted moisturizer. This way, you can apply it faster than your typical foundation. I recommend the Natureluxe Silk Foundation by CoverGirl. It's light weight and can be found at most drugstores. Apply a concealer with a sponge applicator. It's a lot less time consuming. Powder. Done!

3. Makeup: Eyes
Skip eyeshadow. Eyeshadow is very time consuming. Apply two thick coats of your favorite mascara.

4. Makeup: Cheeks
A light pink shade works great on most skin tones. I use the shade Natural by Physician's Formula. It works great on those busy mornings.

5. Makeup: Lips
First apply a lip balm. I like to use a tinted lip balm, such as Baby Lips or the Natureluxe Gloss Balms. They work wonders. I love the shade Tulip. I keep it in my backpack for those lip gloss emergencies.

6. Outfit
I usually pick out my outfit the night before, because I'm one of those girls that don't like to have outfit repeats, although I've had about 3 now. If I don't pick out my outfit the night before I usually like to throw something together that looks polished, yet comfy. Chances are I didn't get much sleep the previous night, so I like to be comfortable: leggings, UGG boots, and an Abercrombie sweater. I hope you like it!

Thanks for reading! I greatly appreciate it. I hope you liked it. Let me know some of your tips for when you're running late for school.

Guilianna xx

Dear Journal: 3/1/14

"Confidence is key. If you don't believe in yourself, then nobody will."

I chose this quote because my confidence was fading away for the longest time. It's been over a month since I lost it. I've finally been able to start picking up the pieces and gain back what was originally mine.

"Fearless" by Taylor Swift

March Goals
For the month of January, I wanted to obtain 20,200 views to make sure my blog was making progress.  I recently reached 20,400 views. Thank you so much. For the month of march, I would like to get up to 22,000 views.

I've been very busy lately with school work, preparing myself for an upcoming soccer season, etc. so hopefully I'll be able to achieve that goal and post more. This month, I've been trying to focus more on posting about fashion and beauty. I'm going to continue with this for this month as well.

Hello everyone! Sorry, I haven't posted a lot. I'm going to attempt to post more this month. I've been busy, as I said earlier.

This week was pretty good. Monday, I got lost in a gaze that touched me completely. We've been getting some new students recently and one of them has Spanish with me. I got to talk to him a little bit, and it's amazing how quickly a hello can turn something into something.

As for Tuesday, life sunk in a little more. Reality creeps in at the worst of times. Replay that statement for the rest of my week as well.

Once Thursday rolled around I felt like someone. There was no more hiding. Ever since I watched bridges burn amongst people, I've felt so insecure. I dropped a paper in one of my classes and someone picked it up for me. It's the little things in life. It was good. The way his smile brightened up my day was extraordinary.

As for Thursday afternoon, I ran into a boy who I've spent the last few months writing songs about. I exchanged a few words with him and hearing his voice was enthralling. I wish I could have frozen that moment... it was beautiful. Flawless even. His word "implied" stuck me. Although, I'm not sure why. I have yet to discover that... 

Lately, I've learned that when you accept something, you have to accept that "some thing's" past as well. Which is hard. It's defeating- almost.

Something good happened this week: I got my roster for my soccer team. I am very pleased to announce that I am expecting another undefeated season. I have to get back into shape though. I've been trying to run on the treadmill more often, but it's the constant struggle between that and food. You feel me? Haha.

Anyway, I hope you have had yourself a lovely week. I am going to fill the rest of my weekend up with blogging, homework, and I'm going to spend some more family time with my family. Enjoy the rest of your afternoon/evening.