Transition Outfits: Winter To Spring (ft. Taylor Swift)

Hi everyone! Today I decided to do a fashion post. I was browsing my Facebook news feed and came across some of the outfits Taylor has been wearing for the past few weeks. I am absolutely in love with her style, so I decided to show you some of her latest looks for the latest trends! Enjoy! x

We're currently in the flower blooming season- spring! I love spring; it's not too hot, nor too cold. This outfit above is a great transition outfit, since it's still cold out especially up North. 

Again, another transition outfit from winter to spring. The plaid scarf really ties the outfit together. I absolutely love the way it looks. 

As for the maroon pants, I don't think they would flatter my body shape well, but if you're looking for a pair I would look at American Eagle Outfitters. They had a wonderful selection and quite affordable.

All black! For those chilly, rainy days a black, leather jacket is the perfect option. The outfit has a girly vibe, but the leather jacket gives it edge! This combination is great for transitioning between the seasons. 

First, I would like to compliment her hairstyle. A tousled ponytail is a great hairstyle. It keeps her hair off of her face, while still looking elegant. 

This outfit is for those warmer spring days. Black and white are perfect for color blocking. Wearing a pair of denim capri pants, with the white flowy top and black blazer is a perfect option. Just throw on some black flats and you're ready to go out! 

I recently went to Kohl's and found the perfect blazer. I'm going to use it as a spring coat since it's light. I believe it was in one of my latest hauls if you're interested. 

I wanted to conclude this post with a quote from the wise Taylor Swift since she is my idol. This quote is the definition of perfection. It's completely true.

I hope you enjoyed this fashion post. It's still quite chilly where I live, so I'm still wearing heavier clothes, but I want to give them a spring vibe. Thanks for reading! 

Guilianna xx

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