May Favorites

Hi xx

Where has the month gone? Can you believe it? It was gone within a blink. Anyway, today I thought I would share some of my favorite products that I used this month. Enjoy! x

Dream Fresh BB Cream by Maybelline
I really like using this BB cream for hotter days. It's light weight and doesn't melt off of my face right away. The coverage is decent and makes my skin looking matte.

Red Lipstick (Overall)
Lately, I've been enjoying this color (outside of school.) I wear it when I go out to dinner or something a little less casual. I do it lightly so the intensity isn't high. I really like it.

White Camisole
I love wearing crop tops, but I don't like to be over exposing, especially during school. That's a huge no-no, according to the dress code. This works wonders!

I also wear one under my sheer tops. It's super handy. You can get them anywhere- American Eagle Outfitters, American Apparel, even Walmart!

Polar Bottle
It keeps my drink super cold. I use it when I have soccer practice or a soccer game. Or whenever I go out. My drink stays cold for hours!

I Choose U by Timeflies 
The beat. The voice. The story. I love it.

Not A Bad Thing by Justin Timberlake
This song is so sweet. I love the message it pursues. Flawless- in every possible way. The music video is equally enchanting. 

My apologies, I don't have that many beauty and fashion related favorites this month. For the most part, I've been taking it easy on the makeup and fashion aspect of life. Finals have been burring me under piles upon piles of notes and review packets.

Thank you so much for reading.

Guilianna xx

Summer Nails

Hello! x

I hope you are all enjoying the extended weekend. I love these kind of weekends. They're definitely more relaxed. Today I decided to share with you some nail trends for the upcoming summer season. Let me know if you have any nail designs you plan on testing out this summer. Enjoy! x

*Pictures are from We Heart It.

I hope you enjoyed some of these nail pictures. If you decide to try any of them, please let me know. I would love to see your take on these designs. 

Thanks for reading!

Guilianna x

Study With Me For Finals

"Working hard is important, but there is something that matters even more: believing in yourself."
-Harry Potter

We Heart It

I hate to admit it, but finals are approaching quickly. There is 3-4 weeks. Everything that I learned this school year will have to be fresh in my mind these upcoming weeks. This year, finals count as 1/5 of my grade. It's a little overwhelming. 

Since most of you are getting ready to take your exams as well, I thought I would share some of my studying tips. Enjoy! x

1. Gather all materials.
  • Folders
  • Binders
  • Sticky Notes
  • Pens
  • Highlighters
  • Notes
  • Textbooks
  • Computer
2. Choose a location.
This is important. I personally like to study in my home office or in my bedroom- alone. I don't like to have group study sessions. I never manage to get work done when I'm with others.

3. Study for 20-40 minutes and take breaks.
This will help you concentrate and focus on the material better. I like to study for half an hour and come back every so often.

4. Set goals!
It's important you set goals, therefore you're more motivated to achieve them. I'm definitely a goal setter. I'm always setting goals in the beginning of my day. 

5. Take notes.
For the most part, I'm pretty organized. Notes have to be organized, there's no doubt about it. I personally love to color code- everything.

Honors Geometry: Purple
Physical Science: Yellow
American Studies: Red
Spanish I: Pink
English: Blue
Journalism: Colorful (Blue, green, yellow and purple; creative motivation)
21st Century Living: Green

We Heart It

Start with a subject. I'll use English as an example, because my English binder is very organized. I have a section completely dedicated to notes. 

On the top of the paper there should be a heading. Choose a different color. If your writing is in blue, go with orange. A color opposite from it on the color wheel is a nice choice. Circle words you don't know or aren't familiar with. Use stick notes to mark things that you need to come back to. 

Highlight important notes that your teacher told you were going to be on the final. 

I've found that by doing this, it helps me a lot. It's easier for me to understand the material and comprehend the task. 
We Heart It
Once you've completed taking notes and reviewing them, check over your work. Go online and check out other sources; or your teacher's web page. Sometimes they have study guides and quizzes that you can look upon.

6. A good nights sleep is important.
Remember not to cram in too much studying. Don't waste your nights studying. Be sure to get some rest! Relax. It's just a test. You've been preparing for it. All you can do is relax and let fate take it's course.

Good luck on your final exams. Mine are coming up in the next month. I'm really nervous. Wish me luck. Thanks for reading. I hope you found this post informative and helpful.

Guilianna xx

Dear Journal: 5/10/14

"When I was a little girl I used to read fairy tales. In fairy tales you meet Prince Charming and he's everything you ever wanted. In fairy tales the bad guy is very easy to spot. The bad guy is always wearing a black cape so you always know who he is. Then you grow up and realize Prince Charming isn't as easy to find as you thought. You realize the bad guy is not wearing a black cape and he is not easy to spot, he's really funny, and he makes you laugh, and he has perfect hair."
-Taylor Swift

I really like this Taylor Swift quote. In middle school and high school we're distracted by the popular boys and the ones who have ocean blue eyes. This quote makes me reminisce on a time in my life when I was blinded by my optimism. I think that's what happens to all of us when we're falling in "love" or whatever it is.

Monday was a decent day. I had soccer practice. Rumors spread fairly quickly. I guess, overhearing stuff adds stress. Soccer practice is a good time to burn off some steam. Tuesday was all a decent day. Wednesday was another day. The week flew by within a blink.

I want to share a lesson I learned throughout my journey as an adolescent:

I used to be viewed as quiet. Shy. Anti-social. Awkward. The list is endless upon what people viewed me as. Some of them still view me as those things to this day. I've come to realize it doesn't matter.

This is what I learned: people are intimidated by my silence. Silence shows fear and/or it shows confidence. The problem is, people are tangled up in fear themselves, that they fear the potential of others. If you're quiet... and people make fun of you for that, they're intimidated by you. They fear what is above them. You hold a special confidence that they will never, ever be able to touch. Congratulations!

Friday night... The formal! A few of my girlfriends came over and we did each other's hair and makeup. 

Lovely night. I had a blast. I went with someone as friends.

And of course I couldn't do it without these babies! You can check out my instagram for more pictures. I had a dashing time! 

Instagram: @guilianna13

Today, Saturday, I had a soccer game. We lost 3-2. Oh, well. Most of the team was tired from the night before. The dance really got to the best of us- heels, intense dancing, etc. You know how it is.

Have a lovely day. Thank you so much for reading.

Guilianna x

Taylor Swift Met Gala Makeup

Hi! x

I am obsessed with Taylor Swift from her music, to her style, to her lifestyle choices. I found some of her latest pictures and her makeup is flawless. Here's my take on her look with some of my favorite products. Enjoy!

Flawless Skin

Taylor's skin is absolutely perfect, there isn't a single flaw or blemish. To achieve this face look you'll need:
  • Primer
  • Foundation
  • Concealer
  • Powder
  • Blush
  • Highlighter (optional) 

Wash your face. You don't want to apply makeup to a dirty, oily face. I personally like to use the charcoal scrub by Biore. After you have cleansed your face, apply a primer. It's important you apply a primer because it will allow your foundation to stay on throughout the day. 

Next, apply a full coverage foundation. Taylor's skin is flawless, as I've mentioned before- a thousand times. Add concealer if needed. Remember: DO NOT CAKE YOUR MAKEUP. We want a matte finish. 

Apply a translucent powder. This will adsorb most of the excess oil to give a desired matte finish.

Notice Taylor's rosy cheeks. Choose a color with shimmer that will add definition. When applying blush, be sure to smile, that way you'll be able to notice the apples of your cheeks. When you've completed that work in circles towards your temples. This will leave a natural looking affect.

For a completed look, add a highlight to the tops of your cheekbones to bring them out.

Elegant Eyes

Taylor has blue eyes- beautiful blue eyes. With the shadows and colors she used, she made her ocean eyes stand out. To achieve this eye look:
  • Eyeshadow primer
  • Champagne eyeshadow
  • Eyeliner
  • Mascara
Eyeshadow primer is a must. My personal favorite the the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer. My eye makeup doesn't crease and it lasts all day. 

Champagne eye shadows work great on any skin tone. In the picture above, Taylor's eyeshadow is very neutral and classic. I do not personally own any of these colors, but I would apply Sidecar on my lid, Toasted on my outer corner, and the darkest shade in my crease. Blend, blend, blend! 

I don't want it to look overpowering, just simply & classy.

I am not one to wear eyeliner. So, I would just skip this step, but if you're into wearing eyeliner, create a thin like and increase the depth as you get to the outer corner. For a dramatic affect, drag it out slightly. 

Lastly, for the eyes is mascara or false lashes. I don't really have any experience with false lashes, so I'm going to stick to mascara. Taylor's eyelashes are very bold, yet dainty. Apply two coats of black mascara. Separate lashes with an eyelash comb if needed.

Luscious Lips

Taylor is always wearing a bold red lip. I am so envious of her because she can pull it off perfectly; no questions asked. 
  • Moisturizing lip balm
  • Lip pencil (optional)
  • Red lipstick
  • Lip gloss (optional)

This is my favorite lip balm- Primavera Hydrating Lip Balm. It smells so good and moisturizes my lips. Lip pencils can dry out your lips, so it's important they are moisturized. 

A lip pencil is recommended when doing any kind of red lip. After apply the pencil to your lips, apply the red lipstick cautiously. 

If you're trying to make it look a little more natural, add a gloss to the center of your lips. This will give the illusion of healthy looking lips, as well as making them more toned down. I like to use a clear gloss by Lip Smacker. I think it works perfectly. 

Lastly, apply a setting spray so your makeup lasts the whole day/night. My personal favorite is the Urban Decay Oil-Control Setting Spray. My makeup lasts the whole school day. It works wonders! I would highly recommend it. 

Thanks for reading. I greatly appreciate it. 

Guilianna xx


Hello beautiful people x

Today I had some spare time when getting ready, so I decided to take some selfies and do a FOTD for you guys. Plus it's Sunday- #SelfieSunday

I actually kind of like this picture. My hair is a mess though. 

Primer: Neutrogena Healthy Skin
Foundation: Natureluxe Silk Foundation by CoverGirl in 310
Powder: Neutrogena
Blush: Physician's Formula Natural
Eyeshadow: Buff & Tuff by Maybelline
Mascara: Clump Crusher by CoverGirl
Lip Stain: Revlon

I was attempting to show my eyeshadow, but I guess it didn't work out to well.

Fierce. I'm a selfie addict, what can I say? What blogger isn't a selfie addict? 

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed this quick post. 

Guilianna xx 

Drugstore Haul

Hello lovelies x

I recently got a few things from the drugstore, as well as a few things for Easter, which I never hauled. I thought I would make it into a collective drugstore haul. Enjoy! x

Neutrogena Makeup Remover Wipes are the best thing- ever. I love them. They're very clean scented and very refreshing. If I'm not going anywhere after school, I use them as soon as I get home. I would highly recommend them.

Hair ties! I always run out of hair ties. I need them, especially now that soccer season is current. 

A new nail polish. This is actually from Ulta. It's a blue color. 

A hair clip. I love pinning my hair back with bows, this is basically the same thing, except not a bow. I think bows are so elegant though. 

A facial sponge: my mother recently picked this up for me while she was out and about shopping. I'll be sure to give you guys a review on that in the upcoming future. 

Lipgloss & lipgloss & more lipgloss is in that small pouch. I believe this is also from Ulta, their Summer Fling collection. Again, a review will be on the upcoming. 

You can also see some things relating to nail hygiene. I have horrible nail hygiene. I can never keep my nails looking spiffy for a long period of time. Three days is as far as I can go, when I do them myself.

Shaving cream, a hairbrush, and a lip stain... are the final three things, which are self-explanatory. And I believe that's about it. I'll be doing a review on a few of these things. Thanks for reading. I really appreciate it.

Guilianna x