Drugstore Haul

Hello lovelies x

I recently got a few things from the drugstore, as well as a few things for Easter, which I never hauled. I thought I would make it into a collective drugstore haul. Enjoy! x

Neutrogena Makeup Remover Wipes are the best thing- ever. I love them. They're very clean scented and very refreshing. If I'm not going anywhere after school, I use them as soon as I get home. I would highly recommend them.

Hair ties! I always run out of hair ties. I need them, especially now that soccer season is current. 

A new nail polish. This is actually from Ulta. It's a blue color. 

A hair clip. I love pinning my hair back with bows, this is basically the same thing, except not a bow. I think bows are so elegant though. 

A facial sponge: my mother recently picked this up for me while she was out and about shopping. I'll be sure to give you guys a review on that in the upcoming future. 

Lipgloss & lipgloss & more lipgloss is in that small pouch. I believe this is also from Ulta, their Summer Fling collection. Again, a review will be on the upcoming. 

You can also see some things relating to nail hygiene. I have horrible nail hygiene. I can never keep my nails looking spiffy for a long period of time. Three days is as far as I can go, when I do them myself.

Shaving cream, a hairbrush, and a lip stain... are the final three things, which are self-explanatory. And I believe that's about it. I'll be doing a review on a few of these things. Thanks for reading. I really appreciate it.

Guilianna x

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