Dear Journal: 7/5/14

"Freedom is the oxygen of the soul."
-Moshe Dayan

"Crazy" has been my latest song obsession. I find that it's fairly easy to relate to when you start the process of falling for someone. Is it crazy that I told my ex don't call no more cause I'm in love?

My week has been pretty good. Sunday I went shopping with my mom and her friend. I went to Aeropostale and Bath & Body Works. I didn't see too many things anywhere else. Surprise, surprise: I haven't bought anything from Aeropostale since last summer. I bought a little green sundress that I hauled. Click here to check it out.

Monday, I spent the day volunteering at a local hospital. No, I do not have an interest in working in the medical field when I'm older. Although that may change. My mind is always changing. Somedays I want to be a teacher, a journalist, etc. So yes, I spent the whole day volunteering- 7:00 am to 5:00 pm. Very stressful. 

Tuesday, I had a very chill day. I kind of just relaxed a lot. 

So, I am a Messi fan, therefore I am routing for Argentina in the World Cup. Super proud of them. I believe the score was 1-0.

As for the United States of America... I'm sad to say they are eliminated. They lost 2-1. I was hoping they would win, but so-so. My highest hopes are now for Argentina and Brazil. I wish them the best of luck in the rest of the World Cup. Have you been keeping up with it? If so, who do you want to be the final two teams in the final?

Wednesday, I slept in a lot. I didn't wake up until lunch time. (I just had to add the picture above. It's a lovely visual.) I spent most of my day just hanging around and working on my blog.

I'm apart of a collab now. It's launching very soon. I'll be sure to give you the details and everything as soon as all the small stuff is figured out: when I'm posting, other bloggers, etc.

Thursday I found out that I was accepted to write for an online magazine! It's called Bitchy Online UK. I'm really excited to share my first piece with you:  Be sure to let me know what you think.

Friday, was the 4th of July. I didn't do too much. I went out shopping for a little while. In the evening, I hung out with one of my best friends. I had a blast!

Today, Saturday, I went to a funeral. I don't have too much to say about it. It was my great uncle; unfortunately, I didn't know him that well. Now, I am currently getting ready to head out to get some dinner with my folks. We're going to go to a local restaurant to watch the World Cup game. I suppose you can never watch too much of the World Cup. 

Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Thank you so much for reading,

Guilianna xx

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  1. Sounds like you had a really busy week! (: Great post!
    I also wanted to let you know that I tagged you in the summer tag over on my blog. Here's the link to the post: Hope you'll try it out!


    1. Yes, it was very busy. Thank you so much. :)

      Aww, thank you so much. I'll do the tag as soon as I can. I love doing tags.

      Thanks for commenting. I really appreciate it. (Just checked out your blog. It's great. Love the content!)

      Guilianna x

  2. Hi Guilianna (cute name, by the way,)! I just nominated you for a Liebster Blog Award! Come check out my entry for details. Liebster Blog Award

    More power to your blog!

    - A

    Five Feet of Awesome

    1. Thank you! xx Thank you so much! I greatly appreciate it. I'll be sure to check it out. xx