Natalie's Makeover

"Be your own kind of beautiful."

Hi everyone! This is going to be similar to a Get Ready With Me post, but instead I'm doing this person's hair, makeup, and outfit. Enjoy! x

First, we started off with a relaxing bath using some of these awesome products:

And what kind of bath would this be without bubbles!?

Whenever her hair reaches a certain length she donates it because she's the sweetest person ever, therefore her hair is short and is somewhat difficult to work with. We decided to rock some straight locks with volume.

The sleek hair trend never goes out of style. You can read my article on Bitchy Online UK on how to get your hair sleek and shiny. 

The 'How To" Guide For Mastering Sleek and Shiny Locks-

Here we did her makeup. We went very natural. The goal was to enhance her beautiful features. For the face, we used a BB cream instead of a foundation. We then set it with a translucent powder. No concealer was needed because she didn't have any imperfections.

Next, I dusted a light, natural looking pink blush over her cheeks. This brought some color to her face.

For her eyes we wanted to have her gorgeous blue eyes pop. We did this by using bronzey colors. To add definition I added a darker brown into her crease and outer corner.

Lastly, for her lips I applied an EOS lip balm to keep her lips hydrated. I then applied a sheer gloss over her lips since we played up her eyes.

Let's Flirt

For the daytime:

Shirt: Hot Topic
Shorts: American Eagle Outfitters
Flip Flops: American Eagle Outfitters
Purse: Coach

Double L-Zip Wristlet in Saffiano Leather

I think a purse can make or break an outfit. When is comes to purses I am your girl! This adds a pop of color to the outfit.

The outfit is very casual and laid back, this shows that it's very girly and flirty. Plus, it's an amazing statement piece.

The Heartbreaker

Here's the finished look; a true beauty for when you're going out for a night on the town:

We like to call this outfit The Heartbreaker or You Shouldn't Have Broke My Heart. Could you imagine if someone broke up with you and you went out the next night looking like this?! They'd be crawling at your feet, girlfriend! 

Earrings: Pandora
Dress: Forever21
Shoes: Payless
Purse: Kate Spade

Astor Row Maisey
If you go with a more simpler pair of shoes you can expand your bag choice. Add a pop of color with your shoes or your bag! It's a funky way to make a statement.
This dress is very simple, therefore you can pair with any heel you want! Experiment a bit with patterned platforms and shiny rhinestones:



I hope you enjoyed this post. We had a lot of fun doing this together. You can check out Natalie's blog by clicking here.

Thanks for reading!

Guilianna xx


  1. Natalie looks lovely! So jealous of her lovely thick hair and I need that dress in my life!
    Elesaurus |
    YouTube - Eleanor Rose

    1. Thank you so much. Yes, that she does. The dress is so classy. I love it! x

      I love your YouTube channel. I loved watching The British Tag. xx