#BackToSchoolSeries: Things I'd Tell My Middle School Self

"Be a first rate version of yourself, not a second rate person of someone else."
-Judy Garland

This post was inspired by the song "Letter To Me" by Brad Paisley. I wanted to give girls and boys everywhere some advice when going back to school. Enjoy! x

"Try" by Colbie Calliat is such an inspirational song. It defines how every girl feels in middle school. We're pressured into being perfect. I love this song. It's motivational towards being yourself.

7th Grade
This was my first year of middle school. The atmosphere was a lot different. You could see the transformations that kids did over the summer. There were girls who wore geeky glasses and changed into a full face of makeup. Or the guys who used to sit in the front of the class now were suddenly “cool.” I remained myself because I was unaware that everyone was doing these changes.

During this school year I faced a lot of bullying. People would call me ugly and things of that nature. At the time I didn’t really know how to deal with it, so going to my parents was not an option.

I would sit in my room a lot and just ponder on everything. I was curious as to why I didn’t fit in or anything like that. Luckily, I had a group of friends. They didn’t really know how to deal with it either so I didn’t get much support.

Eventually, after I got out of that dark phase I cleaned myself up. The message here is don’t let others tell you who you should be; always stay true to yourself.

8th Grade
This was a fun year mostly because the bullying stopped. I focused a lot on my studies and less on the drama around me.

My favorite classes were social studies and math. My social studies teacher was a true inspiration. He always talked about more than social studies (things that could actually help me in my future.) For the most part, people didn’t take it seriously, but I took it to heart. One of his most frequent sayings was you can do anything you put your mind to. I also liked math. I was in an advanced class, so it was very difficult. I struggled a bit (B/B+) and my teacher always helped me. Her faith in me made me feel confident. I eventually made my way to see A-/A's.

The key is to remember don’t ever give up.

9th Grade
Wow; was this a year! I got involved. I was vice president of Builders Club, wrote for the school newspaper, and did some other things here and there. Get involved!

I took my school work very seriously. Very. I would come home and do stuff for school even if I didn’t have any homework. I took my English homework to an extreme level, especially my essays. I edited and revised so much. I would text my English friends and ask them for advice. They thought I was crazy. (Oops! But did I mention I had the highest grade in my class? During one of the quarters, I was the only person to have an A. My teacher emailed my parents.)

The biggest change I experienced was a boyfriend. Dealing with this circumstance, I have a few words of wisdom: don't get involved with a relationship they are a distraction and a waste of time at this point in your life.

I would recommend focusing on your school work and spending time with friends.

Lastly, as you get older, people offer you things- alcohol, drugs, sex, etc. Don't fold into peer pressure. Stay strong! 

You're better than all of those things. Some things to keep in mind:

Alcohol can lead to high blood pressure and a higher risk of getting a stroke. Drugs can send the wrong signals to your brain and body. They play a role in changing the way you react in different situations. Lastly, unsafe sex shouldn't even be questioned. As a young adult, still in school, you should not get involved with unsafe (or safe for that matter) sexual intercourse.

I hope this helped you if you're attending middle school or high school. These are somethings I wish I would have kept in mind throughout my career. Luckily, I remain true to myself. I continue to study hard. I got involved. I focused and succeeded. I had a relationship, but I didn't let it control me. From now on, I have no intentions on getting involved in a relationship. (Unless it's Austin Mahone, come on guys!) Lastly, I am very proud to say that during this situation, I said no. I could never see myself folding into peer pressure over something so stupid.

Thank you so much for reading,

Guilianna x


  1. Wow, this was an amazing post! I love your advice Guilianna :D

    1. Thank you. I really appreciate it. Middle school was full of wonderful memories for myself and I want others to encounter the same experience. Thanks again. It means a lot to me. x

  2. Oh my god! Guilianna this is amazing, great advice! I loved this post!

    I nominated you for the Liebster Awards! 💕

    1. Thank you so much. I really wanted to reflect on myself to start off my #BackToSchoolSeries.

      Oh my gosh, thank you! I greatly appreciate it. xx

  3. Great post! Really good advice :)

    Ellie from www.LittleEllieMae.co.uk

  4. I agree completely. Great advise for your younger readers!


    1. Thank you! I'm glad you agree. It means a lot to me. It's important to me that people take my advice the right away. I hope my younger readers apply this knowledge to their everyday life throughout their academic careers, as well as their future lives in adulthood. Thanks again! x