#BackToSchoolSeries: Wish List

Hi everyone! x

This is my 2nd post in my #BackToSchoolSeries. I'm excited to be sharing with you some of the things on my wish list.

For starters, I want to give you some background knowledge. I go to a public school and we do not have uniforms. So, being the shopaholic that I am, I need to get myself a few new essential pieces. Let me know what your back to school must haves are.

In honor of my addiction, "Bad Girl" by The Pussycat Dolls. If you have a shopping addiction as well, please sing along. We'll get through it. xx

Light Wash Denim
I have so many medium and dark washes of jeans. I want to experiment wish a light wash for transitioning into the fall, although I can wear them whenever. I think they would look super cute with some cozy, warm sweaters.

Keds vs. Converse
I personally love both of these types of shoes. I am looking for a white pair of classic "sneakers." I want to pair them with my summer dresses and transition them into fall. 

Converse shoes can make an outfit completely casual. They have a relaxed and "chill" vibe to them. I really like it, but my style isn't very casual. For school, I like to be somewhat dressed up. When I dress nicer I gain confidence and feel the need to do better in school. Is anyone else like that?

Keds are also a casual shoe. Although, I feel like they would be easier to dress up. What do you think? I have a decent amount of shoes already, so I don't think I need both of them, (no matter how much I would enjoy both of them in my closet.)

 Urban Decay Setting Spray 
A repurchase, yes! I am in love with this setting spray. I got it last Christmas and it lasted me the whole school year- until the end of June! My sister even used it every now and then. It kept my makeup from running down my face throughout the school day.

This is definitely an essential I have to pickup before school starts. Who wants their makeup running down their face during 4th period? No thank you. Check out my review of the product by clicking here.

Cheek Stain
I really want a cheek stain for school. They're longer lasting compared to powder blushes. I believe e.l.f cosmetics has a small variety of affordable stains. 

I don't want my blush wearing off before 2nd period. I don't want to have to do any touchups throughout the day. I want to be able to focus on my school work rather than my makeup. 

And I believe that concludes my little wish list. Hopefully I can jump at some of the deals going on. Thank you so much for reading. If you have any essentials you have to get before school starts comment them below.

Guilianna xx

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  1. Those keys are so cute and definitely agree about a cheek stain lasting better than a powder.x lashingsofmascaraon.blogspot.ie

    1. I am in love with Keds. They're so cute and comfy. (I especially love that taylor Swift works with them!)

      Thank you so much for commenting. It mean a lot to me. Lovely blog you have. xx

  2. I am so jealouse of you not wearing a uniform for school, wish I didn't have to and got to go shopping for school clothes, my school clothes shopping is for kickers, a blazer, a tie and a cardigan and a blouse and skirts!!!!

    1. I've talked to several bloggers... do all schools in the UK require you to wear uniforms? At least you still have an excuse to go shopping! xx