Dear Journal: 8/16/14

"Being yourself if the prettiest thing a person can be."

"Secrets" by Mary Lambert had me laughing hysterically. The truth has been spoken. So what? I love the meaning behind this song.  It's me in a song- literally. 


Monday was a wonderful day. I went down to Ocean City New Jersey for the day. We spent the day taking silly pictures (tumblr inspired of course) and laughing. 

We are so, so Tumblr. #TumblrGirls

We decided to walk the boards a little bit. I got some delicious popcorn. For more pictures, you can check my Tumblr account. It will be linked below.

If you follow me on Twitter, you got a sneak peak of this picture. My beautiful sister and I posing with our awkward tan lines. The top of my chest is burnt from the day before- Sunday. I went to my sister's soccer tournament. (They came in 2nd place, by the way. Congratulations, Natalie!)

Anyway, as you can see I had a splendid time. Summer vacation is not officially a vacation until you take a trip to the beach. 


My mom and I went back to school shopping! Yay! I picked up a few things for the upcoming school year and I can't wait to share them with you. I'll be doing a haul on August 25, 2014. I'll include a few clothing pieces that I picked up on my shopping run. 

I then just spent the rest of my day running errands with my mom. I also picked up this bathing suit:

La Blanca- $119

I am in love with it. The details throughout the piece is flattering. The shoulder straps have gold accents that are adjustable. Overall, it's just a great bathing suit. If you're interested, it comes in a variety of colors. I'm so thankful my mom bought this for me. So excited to wear it! 

And that concludes Tuesday.


We went clothing shopping! Yay! I've been craving this since June! I got 3 pairs of jeans, a few tops, and 2 necklaces. I'm looking forward to sharing them with you. 

I then spent the rest of my night just hanging out and catching up on some reading. I have to finish reading my summer reading book. Stress.

Again, I'll be posting my haul on August 25, 2014. I look forward to it and I hope you do too.


This was my chill day of the week. I woke up and immediately started reading The Color of Water by James Mcbride. 

It's a book about his childhood life and his mother. I'm about 1/2 way through the book. It's very interesting. He's a very thought provoking author. I like that a lot.

I also completed my social studies project. Finally! Next summer I won't procrastinate so much. 


Just another simple day. I worked on some #BackToSchoolSeries blog posts. I'm almost done the series. I just have to do the "Get Ready With Me: First Day of School" post, but I'm going to be taking pictures and such, as it happens. 

I also cleaned my room and read some of my summer reading book. In that purpose, I think I was pretty productive and successful. 


Party! Party! Party! One of my best friend's had a birthday party at a local pool. It was so much fun. Here's what I got her:

She loves One Direction. I got her a small train case and filled it with a Baby Lips lip balm, 2 nail polished by NYC, nail polish remover, my favorite makeup remover wipes, and a beautiful eyeshadow palette. 

It states that it is specifically for brown eyes, but you can definitely use this for any eye color! You can do so many looks with this neutral palette. (I wish I would have picked up one for myself as well. It's so pretty. I'm sure it's super pigmented too.) 

To complete it, I added some ribbon onto the train case and of course inserted a card. I had such a wonderful time with old friends and new ones! 

That concludes this week's journal entry. It was a lot of fun. 

Thanks for reading,

Guilianna x

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  1. Hey Guillianna! Great post! I love the little eye palettes from NYC. I have the one for blue eyes! They are really great value as you also get a primer! The instructions are also handy :)
    Katie x

    1. Hi Katie! Thank you. Yes, they're absolutely gorgeous. I have blue eyes and I'm thinking about picking it up for myself. Thanks for commenting. It means a lot to me. xx