Get Ready With Me: First Day of School

"That awkward moment on the first day of school when you'll go in front of the class and introduce yourself." -#ThatAwkwardMoment

The Night Before

Stress. Stress. Stress. I'm freaking out- new school, new people, honors classes, etc. It's a little overwhelming. 

I decided to take a bubble bath. It was much needed. Products used:

I went to get my nails done, as well as my eyebrows. I love, love, love how they turned out. I used the shade Sorry I'm Fizzy Today by OPI. 

The First Day of School

*Alarm goes off at 6:00 A.M. singing "Shake It Off" by Taylor Swift* 

1. I washed my face and brushed my teeth. Simple enough.

2. Hair

I used my chi straightener and sectioned off my hair. I love straightening my hair. It takes me all of 10 minutes. Quick & easy!

3. Makeup

Healthy Skin Primer by Neutrogena
Dream Pure BB Cream (Medium) by Maybelline 
Concealer (Buff) by Neutrogena 
Powder (Natural Ivory 20) by Neutrogena
Dream Bouncy Blush (Peach Satin) by Maybelline

Eyeshadow Primer by Urban Decay
Eyeshadow (Daydream and Wanderlust) by BareMinerals
Pumped Up! Mascara (Glam Brown) by Maybelline

Lip gloss by NYC

4. Outfit

Glasses: Michael Kors
Shirt: American Eagle (I think)
Shorts: American Eagle
Belt: American Eagle
Bracelet: Jersey Shore
Sandals: Aeropostale (Just simple brown sandals. I'm sure you've seen them a million times.)

I thought this was a very sophisticated look- for a sophomore at least.

And that concludes my Get Ready With Me post as well as my #BackToSchoolSeries 2014.  I hope you enjoyed it. Thanks for reading!

Guilianna x

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  1. You always look so pretty :) Love the shorts ! xx

    1. Thank you so much, Grace! I really appreciate it that. As do you! Thanks again! Good luck at school! xx

  2. Loved this post, I'm so use to watching vids like this on YT! it's nice to read it though :) have you thought of making a YT? I would so sub :) keep up the good work Guilianna

    Jennos Health.

    1. Yeah, I'm used to watching them as well. I enjoy them so much. Thanks. I've considered it, but I hate my voice on tape, hahaha. I don't know why, it's just a little peeve I have. Thanks again. You too! You have a lovely blog. xx