#ManicureMonday: Fall Nails

Hello everyone! x

Today I'm going to be sharing with you some nail ideas for the fall season. Enjoy! x

Looking for a way to spice up your nails? Try this! 

During the fall season, dark, deep colors are always in. My favorite color to experiment with is maroon. For clothes, especially maroon is a great color. It flatters all skin tones. 

Want a change from those boring nail colors? Try an emerald green color. (This is even great for the winter as well!)

For those of you who are more skilled with nail design, try this! This is so cute! Start off with a white base coat. And then just experiment and make it to your liking. 

This is definitely one that I'll be trying this fall. A white base coat with glitter! It's so pretty. (It's also super easy to touch up!)

Let me know what you're nails will be wearing this fall season. Thanks for reading,

Guilianna x

Transition Outfits: Summer To Fall

Hello xx

So, up North it's getting a little chilly. Who's with me? I can't wear shorts and a t-shirt, because it's much too cold. I can't wear a winter jacket just yet, because it's much to warm for that. Here are some ideas if you're stuck in a pickle just like me:

Light weight pieces and layering is key.

A light weight shirt paired with thigh high socks is chic and warm. Checkout TopShop or Target for a nice selection. I'd recommend purchasing a cream pair to get more use out of them. To make the outfit more school appropriate, pair these with a circle skirt and oxfords. Super cute!

Maxi skirts are a great alternative to keeping your legs warm during those chilly mornings. You can also add a denim jacket or cardigan if it's a bit colder where you live. I love this piece for transitioning into the fall. So versatile!

Pair your favorite summer dress with leggings and leather! It adds a desired amount of edge to your outfit and keeps you warm as we get closer to fall. I'd recommend pairing lace and leather together for good measure. If you're not into leather no worries, just add a simple cardigan. (I personally love this look too- sooo tumblr.)

Not in the mood to get all dressed up? Feel like having a lazy day? I got you covered. A flannel will be your best friend. Try places like American Eagle Outfitters and Forever21 for a great selection of flannels. Throw your hair in a messy bun, apply some eyeliner, and you're good to go! If it gets too hot, just tie it around your waist for a vintage look. One of my best friends' do this and she looks incredible! So simple, yet so chic! My collection of flannels is a little low, I'm going to have to take care of that. 

Looking for other ways to spice up your outfits while transitioning to fall? Try these hair, makeup, and accessory tips:

-the doughnut bun w/ a bun tie

-light weight scarves

-sheer mauve lips

-small gold hoops (use as accent color) 

That concludes today's post. I hope you enjoyed it. Thanks for reading,

Guilianna xx

My Soccer Practice Essentials + Playlist

Hey everyone! x

Yes, I play soccer. No, I am not good. I play for the exercise and to keep in shape. I have a lot of fun doing it. I thought I would share with you some of my essentials for soccer practice. If you don’t play soccer, no worries, you can always use these essentials when you workout.

1. Obviously I need a bag to carry all of my stuff in. I recommend using a backpack style bag because it distributes the weight on your shoulders evenly. My bag is by Under Armour:

2. Polar Bottles are great for an intense workout. They keep my water nice and cold throughout a session. I take two of them with my to soccer practice. They work really well. (Plus, there are a ton of different patterns to choose from.)

3. Cute workout outfits are a must have. Hit up Under Armour, Nike, Adidas, Victoria's Secret, etc. Confidence is key. If you look great and feel great, you'll perform better. It's a fact. 

Now that it's getting colder, I tend to wear cropped yoga pants and a hoodie. Very comfortable and cute- gotta look cute if you're going on a run where that cutie from your school is going to be, right?

4. A good quality sports bra. I recommend Aerie and/or Fila.

5. Trainers! I've found an adorable pair, but they're a bit expensive. If I worked out more, maybe I would invest in them, but I prefer to splurge on UGGS and Steve Madden. Is that so bad? Hahaha.

Aren't they gorgeous? I need them in life. I currently have classic black Nikes, but for real, these would complete my wardrobe. 

Lastly, of course I need a soccer ball, cleats, etc. but those things wouldn't really apply to all of you. For my soccer equipment, I like to go to sporting goods stores that sell the brand Adidas. Adidas used to stand for all day I dream about soccer. So, it's pretty convenient, haha.

My Current Workout Playlist:
"I Forgive You" by Kelly Clarkson
"Shake It Off" by Taylor Swift
"It's A New Day" by Tino Coury
"My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark" by Fall Out Boy
"Something Bad" by Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood
"Love In The 21st Century" by Neon Trees
"Don't Be A Girl About It" by Kelly Clarkson
"Walk of Shame" by P!NK
"Piece of Me" by Brittany Spears

Thanks for reading! Do you have any must haves for working out? Or some songs that you can't live without? Comment below.

Guilianna x

Collective Haul (Abercrombie & Fitch, American Eagle, Columbia, Lush, etc.)

Hello everyone! x

So I recently did some shopping and wanted to show you some of the things I got. Most of them are clothing items, but I also picked up a few other things here and there. Enjoy! x

Abercrombie & Fitch

Abercrombie & Fitch was having a decent sale. I instantly fell in love with this dress. It has navy blue and gray horizontal stripes. The waistband has lace detailing along with a few cutouts. It's not over the top, but it is flattering. I really like it.

It didn't show up on camera too well, but it's a simple lavender, lilac color. Very pretty. My favorite part about this top is it's very soft. A simple pair of jeans and UGGS- and I'll be out the door. 

This sweatshirt is very unique. It has a sheer back, so I would wear a cami under it for school dress code purposes. I can see myself wearing this with some jeggings and boots. Done. A basic piece that will go far.

This is probably my favorite thing that I bought. It's a lightweight cardigan with lace detailing. I love wearing creams and browns throughout fall. I will definitely be getting my use out of this.

These tribal shorts are a great transition piece, as it it is still hot.

American Eagle Outfitters

Black leggings are a must have for fall and winter. They go with everything! 


I got this foot scrub. (I tried it, it really works!)

I picked up 2 samples of soap- Bohemian Soap and Ice Blue Soap. I haven't tried them out yet, but I'm looking forward to it. 

I've always wanted to try a Lush facemask. I finally bought this one. 


Are these not the cutest shoes ever? I am in love with these. Currently, my favorite shoe brand is Keds. They're so classic. (Thank you Taylor Swift.)


Lastly, I got this teal zip up jacket. It's super soft. I can wait to use this throughout the fall.

And that concludes my haul. I hope you enjoyed this post.  I did some shopping recently and decided to show you what I picked up. Thanks for reading.

Guilianna x

How To Style: Jeggings/Leggings

Hi everyone! x

I love wearing leggings and jeggings- especially as transition pieces, throughout the fall and winter season, they’re great essentials to keep in your closet for those colder days.


1. Pair jeggings with tops/sweaters that cover your bottom. Try over sized sweaters to help balance out the look during the fall and winter season. If you pair jeggings/leggings with a super tight crop top it can look "trashy" and unbalanced.

Try the Jegging Sweater by AEO. I recently bought this one:

Hopefully you can tell, it covers your behind and it's very slouchy, therefore balancing out your look. I would pair this with some brown knee high boots, and be out the door! 

2. Style with any shoe! Jeggings can be paired with any shoe in your closet. School? Try ankle booties or UGG boots. Out for a night on the town? No problem, experiment with some sky high heels. Going out to lunch with your boyfriend and his parents? Try some simple ballet flats. They’re easy to walk in and casual.

3. Accessories! Yay! Pair your over sized sweaters with statement necklaces to jazz up your look. Cute silver studs are school appropriate and cute!


The same style do’s and don’t apply for leggings:

1. Leggings are tighter, therefore they expose your figure even more. Remember to pair longer shirts with them. A trend that took over last fall was wearing denim shorts over your leggings.

Bonus: the shorts cover your behind. You can pair it with a simple t-shirt. For warmth you can add your favorite Brandy Melville slouchy cardigan.

I love wearing big sweaters with jeggings and leggings throughout the colder months. It's a very simple, yet girly look (if paired with the right accessories.)

Thanks for reading,

Guilianna x

Dear Journal: 9/6/14

"If it's important to you, you will find a way. If not you'll find an excuse."

"Back Together" by Jesse McCartney has been my go to song lately. I've been really enjoying it lately- his new album overall is great!

Here's a very short journal entry as I have been super busy with school. Honors classes require a lot of effort, even my academic classes! So many projects, reports, etc. 


I went to Target! I finished up some last minute back to school shopping. Some teachers aren't clear as to what they want, so I had to get a few extra things. It was kind of a boring day. Although, I did get the opportunity to look at those super cute ankle boots. 


This picture represents my favorite day of the week. I didn't have school because it was a holiday. My sister and I spent the day lounging around. We tried out these cupcake face masks from Lush. We had so much fun. (I'm actually going to be hauling this item next week!)


Have you ever had a chocolate chip cookie cake from Wegmans? They're absolutely amazing. We celebrated my Dad's birthday. 


It was a pretty boring day. I spent my day running around school. I have a presentation to my Honors English class. That sucked. I have a fear of public speaking, but I got through it. 

I also had soccer practice. That was a lot of fun. I think things happen for a reason. People come into your life. People leave. That's just reality. When people leave other people arrive. And they have an impact on you that can change your perspective. 


Nothing special happened. At all. It was so boring! Those past two sentences were completely pointless, but still.


I had several quizzes and such. It was a very busy day. Hopefully, I did well on them. I am constantly checking my grades online to see if any of my teachers posted anything. Nada. 


I had my first soccer game of the fall season. We won. It was about 7-0. I am very happy with the way my team played. I played some defense for the first half. For the second half I played offense and goalie. 

I had a decent week. As far as blogging goes, I don't know how often I'll be able to post. I think I'll be able to post two time a week- a beauty/fashion/lifestyle related post and my weekly journal entry. I'll see how it goes. I hope you don't mind. My schoolwork is loading up.

Thanks for reading,


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Skincare Routine + Essentials

Hello! x

I decided I would share my skincare routine with you. Please note that I have combination skin. Enjoy! x


1. I start off by washing my face wish a cold washcloth, (this wakes my skin up for school.)

2. I apply Deep Pore Charcoal Facial Cleanser by Biore with a face sponge I purchased at Target awhile ago. I then rinse the product off with warm water and pat my face dry with a clean towel.

3. If I have any spots or redness I apply a spot treatment.


1. After a long day I take off all of my makeup if I’m wearing any. To do so, I use Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes by Neutrogena. They do tend to rack up a bill, as I am always getting a new pack. I recommend going to Costco and getting the multipack.

2. I apply a warm/hot washcloth on my face. This opens pores allowing the facewash to breakthrough more rapidly.

3. I use my Mia 2 by Clarisonic to get rid of excess makeup and to clean out my pores. I like to use my Balancing Gel Cleanser by Primavera. I am currently on my third bottle. Love, love, love it!

4. Again, I apply Deep Pore Charcoal Facial Cleaner by Biore with clean hands and my face sponge in circular motions.

5. If I have any spots or redness I apply a spot treatment to get rid of it overnight.


I like to use these throughout the day to keep my face from looking oily or dewy. It’s important to me to keep my face looking matte. This is an alternative from using powder. It’s quick and easy, especially for school.

Face Sponge

This helps me apply my face wash evenly to my skin. It also helps with getting dead skin cells off of my face.

And that concludes my skincare routine. I hope you enjoyed this. If you have any skincare essentials let me know what they are.

Thanks for reading,

Guilianna x

Guest Post: Beauty Emergency Kit

Hi everyone! Today Linda was kind enough to do a guest post on my blog for you all. I'm super excited to be sharing with you her beauty emergency kit. It's very helpful. I keep all of these things in my backpack. Remember to check out her blog for my guest post. Enjoy! xx

Hey Beauty Bees,

Some of you may already be back to school and some may still be preparing to go back, either way it is not too early or late to create your own locker emergency beauty kit. Everyday is different and according to Murphy's Law, "Anything that can go wrong will go wrong." And it does!! Broken nails, crazy hair and Mother Nature paying a visit early are all things we dread and hope doesn't happen to us, but it does so why not be prepared for it. Here are the products and tools I would put into my locker emergency beauty kit. Pick and choose which ones are right for you and you are all set.

1. A decent sized makeup bag to keep everything together and not lost within you locker.
2. Most girls like to have a mirror hanging in their locker but keep a compact mirror handy incase you need to bring it to a class with you.
3. For when you hair decides it has a mind of its own, these items will be your saviour: mini hairspray, mini brush/comb, hair ties, bobby pins and a headband.
4. For the girls who wear makeup to school remember to bring: makeup powder and mini powder brush along with concealer to touch up as well as your lipstick/gloss of the day. Oil blotting sheets are a must have for girls with oily skin. Travel sized makeup up remover wipes are handy if you need to wipe away any smudges.
5. Lip balm!! Those classrooms can get so dry and cold during the winter, you do not want your lips to get chapped or cracked. Lotion/Moisturizer will also keep the hands and skin from doing the small thing.
6. Along with those cold months, comes sicknesses and we all know runny noses are not cute. Stash a pack of tissues and some hand sanitizer in your kit.
7. None of us like to smell bad, especially after gym class. Get your favorite deodorant and perfume or body spray in a miniature size to keep yourself smelling fresh and clean.
8. People get cut or scraped all the time, keep some bandaids on hand incase you or a friend needs them. Your clothes can get hurt too, a couple of safety pins will keep you safe from any major wardrobe malfunctions.
9. This was a big one for me in High School. Always have a nail file and nail clippers. Pesky hangnails or chipped nails will drive you nuts and take your attention away from class.
10. Finally always keep a stash of feminine hygiene products (pads/tampons). Periods can be embarrassing at times and it isn't fun having to ask your friends for a spare product, especially when they have run out too!!

Whether you are a high school or college student, or even a full-time working mom, an emergency beauty kit will be your best friend in those times of need.
Thanks for reading and check out my blog at : www.bostonbeautybuzz.blogspot.com

Wish List: Fall Boots

Hello everyone! x

The countdown to fall begins- 22 days! I’m looking forward to experimenting with different clothing pieces this fall season. I decided to share with you some of the shoes that are on my fall wish list. Enjoy! xx


These shoes are so cute! I love how they’re so versatile. You can pair them with dresses, leggings, practically anything. They can add a desired amount of edge to an outfit to balance it out; I really enjoy that. They also sell these shoes in maroon- the perfect fall color.



Can we just have a moment for these shoes? Medium wash jeggings, boyfriend jeans- I see it now. They’re so beautiful. These shoes would be a perfect transition piece. I can pair them with certain sundresses. To complete the look I’d add a cardigan or denim jacket. So cute!



These should would go nice with leggings and flannels. The fringe would add a boho vibe while simple silvery accessories could add a girly touch. I don’t know if I could style them with a lot of things in my wardrobe, but they are adorable.

That concludes my mini wish list for fall boots.

Thanks for reading,

Guilianna xx