Guest Post: Beauty Emergency Kit

Hi everyone! Today Linda was kind enough to do a guest post on my blog for you all. I'm super excited to be sharing with you her beauty emergency kit. It's very helpful. I keep all of these things in my backpack. Remember to check out her blog for my guest post. Enjoy! xx

Hey Beauty Bees,

Some of you may already be back to school and some may still be preparing to go back, either way it is not too early or late to create your own locker emergency beauty kit. Everyday is different and according to Murphy's Law, "Anything that can go wrong will go wrong." And it does!! Broken nails, crazy hair and Mother Nature paying a visit early are all things we dread and hope doesn't happen to us, but it does so why not be prepared for it. Here are the products and tools I would put into my locker emergency beauty kit. Pick and choose which ones are right for you and you are all set.

1. A decent sized makeup bag to keep everything together and not lost within you locker.
2. Most girls like to have a mirror hanging in their locker but keep a compact mirror handy incase you need to bring it to a class with you.
3. For when you hair decides it has a mind of its own, these items will be your saviour: mini hairspray, mini brush/comb, hair ties, bobby pins and a headband.
4. For the girls who wear makeup to school remember to bring: makeup powder and mini powder brush along with concealer to touch up as well as your lipstick/gloss of the day. Oil blotting sheets are a must have for girls with oily skin. Travel sized makeup up remover wipes are handy if you need to wipe away any smudges.
5. Lip balm!! Those classrooms can get so dry and cold during the winter, you do not want your lips to get chapped or cracked. Lotion/Moisturizer will also keep the hands and skin from doing the small thing.
6. Along with those cold months, comes sicknesses and we all know runny noses are not cute. Stash a pack of tissues and some hand sanitizer in your kit.
7. None of us like to smell bad, especially after gym class. Get your favorite deodorant and perfume or body spray in a miniature size to keep yourself smelling fresh and clean.
8. People get cut or scraped all the time, keep some bandaids on hand incase you or a friend needs them. Your clothes can get hurt too, a couple of safety pins will keep you safe from any major wardrobe malfunctions.
9. This was a big one for me in High School. Always have a nail file and nail clippers. Pesky hangnails or chipped nails will drive you nuts and take your attention away from class.
10. Finally always keep a stash of feminine hygiene products (pads/tampons). Periods can be embarrassing at times and it isn't fun having to ask your friends for a spare product, especially when they have run out too!!

Whether you are a high school or college student, or even a full-time working mom, an emergency beauty kit will be your best friend in those times of need.
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  1. This post will litterally save my life at school !
    Love this post ! x
    - C

    1. Thank you so much, Linda did a wonderful job! Thanks for reading. xx