How To Style: Jeggings/Leggings

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I love wearing leggings and jeggings- especially as transition pieces, throughout the fall and winter season, they’re great essentials to keep in your closet for those colder days.


1. Pair jeggings with tops/sweaters that cover your bottom. Try over sized sweaters to help balance out the look during the fall and winter season. If you pair jeggings/leggings with a super tight crop top it can look "trashy" and unbalanced.

Try the Jegging Sweater by AEO. I recently bought this one:

Hopefully you can tell, it covers your behind and it's very slouchy, therefore balancing out your look. I would pair this with some brown knee high boots, and be out the door! 

2. Style with any shoe! Jeggings can be paired with any shoe in your closet. School? Try ankle booties or UGG boots. Out for a night on the town? No problem, experiment with some sky high heels. Going out to lunch with your boyfriend and his parents? Try some simple ballet flats. They’re easy to walk in and casual.

3. Accessories! Yay! Pair your over sized sweaters with statement necklaces to jazz up your look. Cute silver studs are school appropriate and cute!


The same style do’s and don’t apply for leggings:

1. Leggings are tighter, therefore they expose your figure even more. Remember to pair longer shirts with them. A trend that took over last fall was wearing denim shorts over your leggings.

Bonus: the shorts cover your behind. You can pair it with a simple t-shirt. For warmth you can add your favorite Brandy Melville slouchy cardigan.

I love wearing big sweaters with jeggings and leggings throughout the colder months. It's a very simple, yet girly look (if paired with the right accessories.)

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