The Little Black Dress

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Today I'll be talking about the little black dress that we all have in the back of our closets. Whether it's for that fancy dinner with your parents or a casual day at school, we all have one. Here's how to dress it up and dress it down for all occasions: 

Dress it up:

1. Try a bold red lip. Red lips are a classic, (right Taylor?) A matte red lip will pull your outfit together, giving it a classy touch.

2. Heels! Heels! Pull out your favorite pumps- you can wear any color shoe and get away with it. Try a bold color to add a pop or color, or stick with a skinny black heel. 

3. A simple clutch will take you far. I personally love the one below. 

Dress it down:

1. Add a denim jacket or an over sized cardigan to balance out the look. I would personally go for a cream cardigan. It will tie everything together.

2. Boots will give your outfit a more relaxed and casual vibe. (I personally love over the knee socks with knee-high boots. You can't deny how cute it looks!)

3. It's definitely getting a lot colder now that winter is right around the corner. Throw on an infinity scarf! It will keep you warm and in style! 

4. For makeup, a sheer pink gloss and mascara would be perfect. It keeps your outfit casual and pulled together. 

Review: Dream Pure BB Cream by Maybelline

Hello x

I've been meaning to do this review for quite some time now- Dream Pure BB Cream by Maybelline. This is one of my products in my everyday makeup routine. If you would like a post on that, be sure to let me know. x

It's claimed to:

-clear acne

-conceal imperfections

-minimize pores

-reduce appearance of redness

-adjust to skin tone

-hydrate and smooth

-enhance and clarify skin

-lightweight feel

My experience:

I like this product, I don't love it. I have not found that this product clears my acne, although it does reduce the appearance of redness when applied. It is lightweight and does not have a great amount of coverage. You will definitely need concealer if you need to conceal any imperfections.

On the plus side, it does leave my skin hydrated and feeling smooth. I enjoy using this product before going to school. It's easy to apply and does the trick in evening out my skin tone.

Have you tried this product? If so, what do you think?

This product:

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Early Birthday Gift + Mini Wish List

Hi everyone! x

The countdown to my birthday is officially on: 12 days! I'm going to be 16 on October 25th; in other words, clear the roads.

Not too long ago, my parents announced that we were going to Florida. I know it doesn't seem like a big deal, since I've been there a million times, but this time is different. We're going on a tour of the campus a.k.a. my dream college.

They have one of the best journalism programs in the country. I'm super excited! 

While I’m down there scoping out  the campus, I have intentions on purchasing a small souvenir or two. I’ve been browsing the UF website and there were a few things that caught my eye:

I’m in need of a lanyard for my school ID. The one my school provides for us isn’t pretty, haha.

I have a few pairs of sweatpants, but my collection is minimal. These look super comfy. I can totally see myself lounging around in these (and the vintage look is a plus!)

I’m looking forward to my adventure. I’ll be sure to take you guys along with me.

Thanks for reading,

Guilianna x

Late For School Tips

 Hello! x

It’s one month into the school year and I can already feel myself getting lazy about my hair, makeup, and outfit choice. Those few extra minutes of sleep are crucial, but then it leaves me struggling to look pulled together for the school day. Here are some of my tips for when you’re running late for school: 

Take your showers the night before school. Taking your showers the night before will allow you to sleep a little longer. Sleep is always a good thing.

Quick hairstyles will save you a ton of time.  Try beach waves or a quick side braid.
Beach waves: After you’re done taking a shower, put your hair up into a doughnut bun while it’s still wet. When you wake up, take it out of the bun and apply mousse to give your hair texture. [Insert link here.]

Face makeup isn’t meant to take a long time. Use a BB Cream, it has everything you need and gives a decent amount of coverage. Quickly dust a powder over your face to set your face makeup. Next, add a pink blush to your cheeks to make you look more awake and alert.

Eyes and eyebrows: Use a brow and eyelash brush to groom your brows. For your eyes, skip the eyeshadow. It takes way too long. If you have a few extra seconds curl your lashes. If not, skip it, it’s no big deal. Use a thick mascara to open up your eyes. Get as close as you can to your upper lash line when applying mascara. It will give the illusion that you’re wearing eyeliner.

Lips are a must. (You can even do this on the bus. Since it takes such little time and effort.) Apply a lip balm. My personal favorite is EOS lip balms. So moisturizing! Next, add a sheer gloss over your lips for a desired shine.

Add healthy breakfast options.

Comfy outfits include: leggings, over sized sweaters, and boots. Try some of these outfits out the next time you're in a rush:

A statement necklace will amp up an outfit instantly.

I love cropped sweatpants; they're slightly more flattering. Wouldn't you agree? I own a pair by Russel. I wear them all of the time around the house. 

Have a presentation? Look a little more pulled together with a cardigan and ankle booties! This outfit is personally my favorite.

Lastly, you can't forget breakfast. It's the most important meal of the day. Try some of these quick breakfast options for the bus ride:

If you only have a few seconds, grab a cereal bar to go. I personally love the green ones. They're so good (and fulfilling!) 

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Guilianna xx

September Favorites

Beauty & Fashion

Nike Headbands

Dream Pure BB Cream by Maybelline


"Shake It Off" by Taylor Swift

"Rescue" by Yuna

"Gold" by Victoria Justice

"It Was Always You" by Maroon 5

"Just A Friend" by Jamie Grace

Just a quick post. I hope you enjoyed it. Thanks for reading,

Guilianna x