Guest Post: The Other Perks of Being A Gym Goer by Jessica

We all have those days when going to the gym is the last thing your mind or body wants to do, and you start to think; what’s the point? Or you've never been to the gym but you've always wanted to give it a go. That was me two years ago; I really wanted to go but my confidence was low and I didn't like trying new things even if it's something I previously desired. Since getting a gym membership I can honestly say it's one of the best decisions I've ever made! Don't believe me? Thanks to Guilianna I can share with you 5 perks of being a gym goer that aren't just health related. Let's get started!


At first you may perceive going to the gym as a tedious trip to be amongst a lot of really fit looking people and that can make you feel very shy. I know I did! But, as soon as you get into a workout you begin to notice, no one cares. Everyone is too busy working on his or her own body to look at you. For me this really helped because now I feel like I'm part of some fitness group and I really fit in. Confidence is something you gain immensely when you start going to the gym and changing your body. Now you too can be one of those 'cool' gym members.

2. Gym fashion

One of the greatest perks of going to the gym regularly is the excuse to open up another shopping budget your gym gear. Trainers, yoga pants, sports bras, tops, sweat bands, sweaters, you name it; gym fashion is such a cool thing. My favourite places for gym clothes are NikeAdidas, Lululemon, Victoria's Secret (my all time favourite), and Under Armour. 

3. Better, Healthier Skin

As you improve your overall health, there are other things apart from weight loss and toning that come around. Your skin's health will significantly improve the fitter and healthier you become. Less breakouts, smoother, brighter skin is what to expect. Who wouldn't want that? Partnered with a brilliant skincare routine and beautiful make0-up (if you like), you can take full advantage of your clearer skin.

4. Meeting New People

I'm not saying you'll meet the love of your life in the gym, but your bound to find people you have a lot in common with, so there's a chance you'll make some really nice friends. I went from knowing absolutely no one to knowing practically everyone that works out at the same time as me, which is pretty early. So, if you like a little chat before or after working out, then meeting new people is a perk you'll love.

5. New Body, New Clothes

If you plan on going to the gym to tone up then this may not apply you as much because your not dropping dress sizes. However, if like me you want to go there to loose some weight then think of the endless shopping opportunities! I love to shop for new clothes, so when I lost weight I had practically a whole new wardrobe to buy. This means Zara, Urban Outfitters, TopShop, Mango, Asos, H&M and so many more are now quite important for you. Show off your toned new figure with a new outfit or a special new piece to add to your collection, you'll feel great!

I hope this has spurred some of you on to finally take the plunge and join your local gym to not only change your body and lifestyle, but your skin, wardrobe and shopping experience. It's so fun, trust me. Working out doesn't have to be a sweaty mess that you don't look forward to! Thanks again to Guilianna for letting me write a post for her wonderful blog, I look forward to seeing some of you over on my blog x

Jessica Anna from  A So Called Beauty Blog


  1. Jessica knows where the right life is at! I'll definitely keep these points in mind when I hit the gym! Thanks Jessica!

  2. I'm a gym goer and these benefits are so true thanks for sharing!

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