Late For School Tips

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It’s one month into the school year and I can already feel myself getting lazy about my hair, makeup, and outfit choice. Those few extra minutes of sleep are crucial, but then it leaves me struggling to look pulled together for the school day. Here are some of my tips for when you’re running late for school: 

Take your showers the night before school. Taking your showers the night before will allow you to sleep a little longer. Sleep is always a good thing.

Quick hairstyles will save you a ton of time.  Try beach waves or a quick side braid.
Beach waves: After you’re done taking a shower, put your hair up into a doughnut bun while it’s still wet. When you wake up, take it out of the bun and apply mousse to give your hair texture. [Insert link here.]

Face makeup isn’t meant to take a long time. Use a BB Cream, it has everything you need and gives a decent amount of coverage. Quickly dust a powder over your face to set your face makeup. Next, add a pink blush to your cheeks to make you look more awake and alert.

Eyes and eyebrows: Use a brow and eyelash brush to groom your brows. For your eyes, skip the eyeshadow. It takes way too long. If you have a few extra seconds curl your lashes. If not, skip it, it’s no big deal. Use a thick mascara to open up your eyes. Get as close as you can to your upper lash line when applying mascara. It will give the illusion that you’re wearing eyeliner.

Lips are a must. (You can even do this on the bus. Since it takes such little time and effort.) Apply a lip balm. My personal favorite is EOS lip balms. So moisturizing! Next, add a sheer gloss over your lips for a desired shine.

Add healthy breakfast options.

Comfy outfits include: leggings, over sized sweaters, and boots. Try some of these outfits out the next time you're in a rush:

A statement necklace will amp up an outfit instantly.

I love cropped sweatpants; they're slightly more flattering. Wouldn't you agree? I own a pair by Russel. I wear them all of the time around the house. 

Have a presentation? Look a little more pulled together with a cardigan and ankle booties! This outfit is personally my favorite.

Lastly, you can't forget breakfast. It's the most important meal of the day. Try some of these quick breakfast options for the bus ride:

If you only have a few seconds, grab a cereal bar to go. I personally love the green ones. They're so good (and fulfilling!) 

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  1. This is so handy! sleep is vital especially with school! could you do a study tips post?

    Jennos Health.

    1. Thank you so much. Yes, I'll try to get one up in the future. Thanks for reading and commenting! It means so much to me. xx

  2. Great post loved reading it!!

    xoxo Erin and Katherine xoxo