2014 Accomplishments + 2015 Goals

Hello everyone! xx

I'm really excited for this post today. I spent quite some time on it. I went back through my diaries and blog posts to find content. Hopefully you guys can relate to some of it. Enjoy! x

2014 Accomplishments/Experiences

January- I believe I mentioned this in my 9th Grade Accomplishments and Memorable Experiences post, but I thought we'd revisit the topic again. I encountered peer pressure. All in all, my decisions reflect on me and I couldn't be more happy with that because I made the right choices. Even if lead to a remorseful fall out.

February- I took home the baby for my family consumers class. When it comes to a grade, I am 110% paranoid and stressed. It's not a good combination. I got an A though, so the unstable emotional state was kind of worth it.

March- An excessive amount of bullying occurred at this time. Mostly relating to previous events that I didn't have much say in. The accomplishment within this event was staying strong and true to myself.

April- Nothing too exciting happened during this time.

May- Our school awards assembly took place. I believe I won a total of 3 awards. I received certificates for both Builders Club and the newspaper. I also received the President's Award. I was vice president of Builders Club. That was a lot of fun. Secondly, I had several articles published in the school paper. Lastly, the President's Award is for academic achievement. 

June- I participated in an event for cancer. It was very, very sad. I remember my meltdown vividly. I couldn't handle some parts of it. Overall it was a lot of fun hanging out with my friends.

July- I started writing for Bitchy Online, a UK Magazine. It was a lot of fun having my content published on other parts of the web. I specifically wrote about beauty. You can check out my posts under the "Other Posts" tab.

August- Two words: high school. It began. It was interesting. It was weird at first, mostly because I didn't know what to make of people. Now, I'm more comfortable in my atmosphere. 

September- My last season of soccer- I think. Here's to an undefeated season with a team of 10 boys + Guilianna Marie. Yes, I was the only girl. And yes, I carried my team. #GirlPower 

Random 2015 New Year's Tip: Don't hold back because someone is holding you back. Move on. Confidently. You are capable of wonderful things. Do them.

Yes, I caught the ball between my legs. And yes,
we won because of my amazing goalie skills.
October- I had my first REAL college visit. I went to the University of Florida. It was so exciting! (It has one of the best journalism programs in the country, so I had to check it out.) I'm still looking at other colleges as I am only a sophomore. If you have any college suggestions please let me know. I've been looking at Northwestern University and New York University. 

November- My first high school dance as a sophomore. It was so much fun. My friends and I all went shopping for dresses, and then on top of all of that I got to go to the dance with my best friend. It was a fabulous time.

December- I participated in my first writing competition. I'm not expecting anything because I felt like it wasn't a "me" type of writing, if that makes any sense. It was very structured. 

2015 Goals

Improve my blog- I feel like my blog has come a long way. The past few months in my opinion, my blog has really shown a dramatic change in content. I remember when I used to post about my life. That was interesting to people at my school. Now, I post about beauty and fashion, and my audience is larger. I would like to improve my content as a whole.

Workout a little more- Being healthy is really important to me. Since I'm not sure if I want to continue soccer or not, I think I'll have to come up with a doable fitness routine. I was thinking of taking up volleyball, but I'm still deciding. (I'll probably stick with soccer if my dad can continue to be my coach.)

Stay determined in my English class- I find it hard to be comfortable in my English class. I know English is one of my stronger subjects. All of my previous teachers have told me so. Some of my current teachers have even ran the idea across my parents. I haven't really been able to share my ideas because I'm slightly intimidated. I'm just going to have to continue to stay determined for that A and continue to crave knowledge.

Be nicer- is that weird? I feel as though I'm a kind-hearted person for the most part, (we all have our moments), but I feel like some areas within my emotional range need some work. Hopefully I can make more sacrifices and not be as selfish. 

That concludes my 2014 accomplishments and my 2015 goals. Thanks for reading! I look forward to seeing you in 2015!

Guilianna xx

The Christmas Tag

Hi everyone! xx

I was recently tagged by Linda from The Boston Beauty Buzz tagged me to her very own Christmas tag. I'm super excited to be doing this tag.

What have you been buying from Starbucks this holiday season?
I'm actually not a fan of holiday drinks. I typically stick to hot chocolate on those chilly days.

What's your favorite winter candle scent?
I love anything that smells like cookies.

Giving or receiving? Why?
Is a little bit of both the wrong answer? I love shopping for other people's gifts. Whenever I'm out and about and I see a funky pair of socks that remind me of my sister, I'm all over it! As for the receiving aspect, I like to see how other people perceive me with what they buy me.

Do you stay in your pajamas or dress up for Christmas?
I usually wake up pretty early on Christmas. My sister is two years younger than me and she can't bare to sleep in when there are presents under the tree; so she jumps on me and screams in my ear until I'm awake. I usually stay in my pajamas until after opening presents. Later on I'll put on something casual.

Do you open your presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning?
We exchange our presents to our family on Christmas Eve and then on Christmas morning we open the gifts that Santa brings. I really enjoy doing it this way.

What are you doing for the holidays this year?
This year I'm staying home! (Last year we went to Florida.) I have a half a day of school on the 23rd, so I'll probably spend some time cleaning and getting ready for guests. On Christmas Eve we'll probably go out to dinner or have something catered. For Christmas some of my aunts come up. And then I'll spend the rest of the break with my friends and other family members. (And doing homework.)

Candy cane or ginger bread man?
Definitely ginger bread man. I personally don't like how candy canes get all sticky. That's just my opinion.

What is at the top of your Christmas list this year?
A mint colored North Face. I'm not one to wear a full winter coat to school. I'd rather wear something a little more compact. With the research I've done, it seems to be that they're amazing quality. That's definitely a plus. So yes, a North Face.

Do you still have advent calendars?
No, not really. I only did 1-2 in the past. They were a lot of fun, so maybe I'll do one next year.

What do you eat for Christmas dinner?
I feel like my Christmas dinner is twice the size of Thanksgiving dinner. We usually have ham, corn, bread, a bunch of other vegetables and cake. (I'll be doing a photo diary on both Christmas Eve and Christmas, I'll be sure to take pictures for you.)

Do you prefer a fake or real Christmas tree?
Honestly, a fake one. I think they're a lot less work. Less work is a good thing for this time of the year since there are a million and one things to be accomplished. We used to have both trees up, but we just got a new dog and she's still a puppy. My mom was a little nervous since Macy is a little hyper.

What's your favorite holiday nail polish?
I love anything red or gold.

And that concludes my post. The people I tag are listed below:

Pauline-http://thatpurplemonster.blogspot.com/ (Hopefully she has internet access!)

And of course anyone else that would like to do so!

Thank you so much for reading!

Guilianna xx

While Christmas Shopping Haul

Hello everyone! x

So the other day I went to an outdoor mall. My mom and I were doing some Christmas shopping for her coworkers, my sister, and my friends. While I was out and about, I picked a few things up for myself. 

Yes, 2/4 were impulse buys, but that's okay. Especially if one of them was free and the other was calling my name. 

Apricot Lane was one of my must-stop shops. I've only been to the one in Downtown Disney in Florida before. The last time I went it was closed. 

I immediately found the petticoat. I'm not sure if you can tell on camera, but it's a dark gray. I have a navy blue and a black petticoat, but not a gray one. It was my size. It was on sale. Enough said.

If you bought the petticoat you got a free pair of gloves. They only had a few colors: black, gray, an ugly purple color, and these. This was the last maroon pair. I instantly gravitate towards this color for the fall and winter.

We went to Target on the way back to get some grocery and hygene stuff. I got some deodorant because I'm running a bit low. And I also picked up my favorite concealer- EVER. 

That concludes my mini haul. When out and about Christmas shopping, it's okay to treat yourself to a little something. 

Thanks for reading,

Guilianna x

Frozen Makeup Essentials

Hello! xx

Today I'm going to be sharing with you some makeup products you can use to achieve a look like Elsa from Frozen. You can easily personalize it and make it your own with ditching the sparkly blue eyeshadow, or by applying your signature red lip. It's completely customizable. Enjoy! x


Foundation- use a foundation that leaves a matte finish. It will give you a flawless finish just like Elsa. I recommend using Stay Matte Oil-Free Makeup by Clinique. It leaves my face looking matte by the end of the day.

Powder- use a powder that minimizes pores and leaves again a flawless finish. A flawless finish will help you achieve that frosty glow.

Blush- use a plum shade. It will add warmth to your face while giving off that winter tone. As for a bright pink blush gives the idea of summer. 


Eyeshadow- first things first, remember to apply a primer. Urban Decay is my go-to for primers and setting spray. My makeup lasts all day! 

Elsa uses a lot of cool colors to bring out her pale skin and eyes. I'm not this bold. I typically never wear eyeshadow, let alone purples and blues. If I was to attempt to pull of Elsa's look, I would go for a shimmer of champagne or gold shadow. 

This is definitely a little more neutral and doable for a Christmas party or even school day (if you're going all out. I typically throw on some concealer and mascara and am out the door.)

Mascara- use a mascara that's lengthening and volumizing. Make sure it's new so it doesn't clump your lashes together. (I'd also recommend curling your lashes before applying mascara. I do this step everyday, regardless if I'm wearing mascara or not.)

Lips- finish the look off with a glossy pink lipgloss. I personally think light pink is a frosty color, therefore it completes the look perfectly.

Nails- if you want, I'd try a deep purple or mint color to top off the winter look!

If you try out this look and/or personalize it, be sure to let me know. Send me pictures! x

Thanks for reading,

Guilianna xx

What I Ate Wednesday #1

Hello everyone! x

Today, I'm going to be doing a quick "What I Ate Wednesday" post. This post was inspired by Jenny from Jennos Health. She is one of my favorite lifestyle bloggers. Definitely go check her out. 

Here's what I ate today:

My breakfast is typically very quick and easy as you can tell. I like my toast slightly burnt with some butter. I also had a glass of water as well as a nutrition bar for the way since toast isn't necessarily all that fulfilling. 

I thought I would share my lunch bag with you. It's by Vera Bradley in this colorful print. The snowman cup has water in it. 

Here I am showing you some apple juice with a nachos lunchable. It's not the healthiest option, but it was delicious. 

I also had a granola bar along with some pretzels to much on as I did some math homework. 

My lunch is at 10:30 in the morning. By the time I got home today it was 4:00 because I had a meeting after club. (It was about suicide and mindfulness. I found it to be very thought provoking and intriguing.) Therefore, I had a quick snack- just something little to much on while I wait for dinner. Gold fish are always a good option. 

For dinner, we had chicken buffalo salad. We make it like this because my sister is a vegetarian and I don't like the buffalo chicken salad. (Yes, very picky, I know!) 

My dinner wasn't the healthiest option either. So I decided to do a little bit of yoga. I'm just now starting to get in the habit of doing meditation/yoga. I typically do this around 7:00 p.m. That gives me 30-45 minutes to complete the exercises and then take a bath or shower. 

Lastly, for dessert I had some more apple cider and a 90 calorie chocolate fudge brownie. So good!

If you would like a post on my workout routine before bed, please let me know. I would love to compose on that. 

I hope you enjoyed #BLOGMAS Day 10. Thank you so much for reading,

Guilianna x

Winter Purse Essentials

Hello everyone! x

I'm super excited about today's post: my winter purse essentials. If you didn't already know I am obsessed with purses. I am always browsing designer handbags on Pinterest and asking for them for my birthday or Christmas. 

Today's I'm just going to share with you my winter essentials. I won't take you through my entire bag. I'd rater not bore you to death.

Before I jump into that, I wanted to show you some pictures of purses I currently have my eye on. I found this purse on Pinterest. Absolutely gorgeous! Very colorful. You can easily transition this bag to Spring if need be.

Can we all please take a move for Celine bags? They are stunning! I personally love the black one, but this is one is beautiful as well.

Right now, I am rotating between two different bags: my Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 and my Michael Kors tote. (I apologize I couldn't find the name of it on the website.)

My first few essentials live in this small Vera Bradley tech case.

It holds my iPhone 6 charger, my portable charger, and my car charger. I find that these are all very helpful. In December, I am always running around- to the mall, grocery store, friends' houses, soccer games, etc. Sometimes I don't stop at home and this comes in handy. (It's even helpful for the long school days when I have club meetings before and/or after school.)

Tissues! It's very easy to catch a cold. I have a class that involves me working with preschoolers. Germs spread easily. It's important that I always have packs of tissues with me. 

A snack! My sister's soccer games sometimes take place in the mid afternoon. Hello, snack time! Right now, I have popcorn chips in my purse. So good!

Lip balm is a must. My backpack has at least four lip products in it. It's bad. I like to keep this lip stain in my purse incase I need a pick-me-upper. You can intensify it or add a subtle hint of color for the daytime. It's a transitional lip color.

Lastly, here are some random things that I enjoy having with me during the winter: a Vera Bradley notebook, flashcards, hand cream, and a pen.

I always have some type of notebook with me, whether it's a regular old notebook or a planner. Flashcards are a must. As I said earlier, I'm never really sitting about at my house. I take these flashcards with me and prepare for future tests. I'm currently studying for an English grammar quiz and a social studies test. How exciting! I have a pen to obviously write ion my flashcards and in my notebook. And finally, I have hand cream. This one smells like peppermint. It's perfect for the winter time. My hands don't really get dry, but I like putting it on and smelling it. 

Thanks for reading! Let me know what your winter purse essentials are.

Guilianna x 

#ManicureMonday: Winter Nails

Hello everyone! x

It's Monday- ew. I kind of miss that mini Thanksgiving break. At least Christmas break is approaching: 2 1/2 more weeks to go. Since it's Monday, I thought I would give you some nail ideas for winter. Enjoy! x

From Pinterest

I absolutely love this nail design especially for Wish Week. (My school does this thing called Wish Week. It's right before break.) 

I love the light blue color, even by itself if you're not too advanced in the nail art department. I know I'm not. I can barely paint my nails accurately with no designs.

From Pinterest

For those of you who are advanced in the nail art department, I recommend this! It's so pretty! I love the navy blue with the white snowflakes. Very wintery and classy.

From Pinterest

This is a picture I would take and give to my manicurist to try. This is so elegant for those Christmas parties you'll be attending. It's very simple, yet intricate. Very, very pretty. 

From Pinterest

Here's to those people who are partying on New Years Eve! I would definitely rock this manicure at a New Years Eve party. The gold accents are very enthusiastic, and the black simply goes with that little black dress in the back of your closet. Overall it's a classy manicure with some fun!

From Pinterest
Again, another classic set of nails. I would personally wear this color/design to a Christmas Eve outing with my parents and family. They'll go with almost anything! I love the white and silver combination. With a little red dress- ah, perfect!

From Pinterest

And lastly, my Frozen fans. This screams Elsa to me. Does it not? The frosty blue and the jewels. They look so pretty together. Not sure if I would be able to necessarily function with this manicure, but it screams fun! 

That concludes my post. Thank you so much for reading,

Guilianna x

Cyberbullying Is Real + Stay Confident

Hello everyone! xx

I'm so happy I've gotten a post up everyday so far. (I probably just jinxed myself.) Today I'm going to talk about cyberbullying and how to stay confident through it.

Recently, an event occurred at my school that I feel the need to share with you. Have you heard of the app Yik Yak?

Yik Yak is an app that allows you to converse with other people in your area anonymously. The app was originally meant for college students to communicate with one another, for whatever purpose they may have- not high school students. 

Students in high school don’t know their boundaries within an anonymous place setting. It’s very easy to bash on someone when you’re behind a computer screen.

I admit to downloading the app for interest at first, and then it became more of a research project. I immediately took notice in foul language, inappropriate behavior, and pure cyberbullying. Cyberbullying goes beyond this app. It's found on every social media website you encounter. For example, I know several people who have been put down on Ask.fm. I, myself felt the need to create an account to see how people viewed me. Needless to say, people put some hurtful things on there.

Looking back on it all now, I realize that it's important to stay confident and true to yourself throughout the entire experience.

Here are some of my tips to help you stay confident (even if you're not being bullied):

1. If you're allowed to listen to music in the hallways, lunch, etc. do so. I am always listening to music, especially during my lunch period. I tend to sit alone so I can get my homework done.

2. Dress to impress- yourself. If you're wearing baggy sweatpants and an oversized sweatshirt, you're not going to feel confident. Break out your tighter fitting jeans and that sweater you've been dying to wear!

3. Keep a journal. (In all of my advice posts, I tend to advise towards having a journal.) A journal will really help you explore your thoughts and emotions. I'm always writing song lyrics that represent my emotions in a journal or the notes on my phone. Just depends when and where I am. It really helps.

4. Always smile. As Taylor says, "haters gonna hate." We have to accept it. Let them think what they want to think. As long as you know the truth what else matters?

I hope you found this post helpful and useful. I'm aware that we all encounter some type of bullying in our everyday lives. Remember to always stay true to yourself.

Thanks for reading,

Guilianna xx

Christmas Wishlist 2014

Hello everyone! 

Welcome to Day 3 of Blogmas! So far, so good! Today I'll be sharing with you my Christmas Wishlist! Surprisingly, I haven't browsed my favorites stores online that often. So, I decided to show you a few things that caught my eye. I hope you like it. x 

Designer Hat/Gloves/Scarf Set
My mom and I were in Boscov's awhile ago and I saw these Michael Kors, Steve Madden, and Calvin Klein winter accessories. I don't have many winter accessories and I think a designer set would be nice to have. 

Taylor Swift Wonderstruck Enchanted Perfume
I'm in love with this scent. Last year, I asked for it and my mom ordered it from Ulta, but they were all sold out. (No worries, I still got the free gift with purchase and everything.) So, this year I'm going to try again. It's such a classy, elegant scent for any occasion. 

North Face
I've been in and out of stores that sell North Face coats. I've finally come to the conclusion that I want one. I would really like a mint one, just because that's my favorite color. It can easily be transitioned throughout the year. It's a frozen blue and a spring-like color.

That concludes my Christmas wish list. Short, sweet, and to the point in my opinion. I'm aware that I won't get everything on my Christmas list, but I thought I'd share a few of my desires with you anyway.

Thanks for reading,

Guilianna x

2014 Winter Lookbook

Hello everyone! x

Welcome to #Blogmas2014 Day 2! Today I'll be sharnig with you some winter looks you should pull off this season.

From We Heart It
Combat boots are back! I’ve seen them everywhere- at school, the mall, etc. I love the amount of edge they give to an outfit without overdoing it.

From We Heart It
When transitioning from fall to winter, I love wearing sweaters, with a poncho over it to keep
myself warm. They’re a classic piece that I think every girl should have. I think they’ were somewhat “out of fashion,” but they’re definitely coming back.

We Heart It
Eskimo coats are another way to stay warm throughout the winter season. If you’re going snowboarding or ice skating, a puffy jacket will definitely keep you warm. I personally love the navy blues and army greens.

From We Heart It
Lastly, puffers! Everywhere I go they’re selling winter vests. (Supposedly, they are called puffers.) Anyway, They’re a great way to layer up and look cute. 2 Black Friday’s ago I think I bought a neon yellow one from Aeropostale. It’s still in great condition.

From We Heart It

I simply love the fall and winter fashion, but I hate the weather. I wish it was warmer (or that I lived somewhere down south, haha.)

Thanks for reading,

Guilianna x