2014 Accomplishments + 2015 Goals

Hello everyone! xx

I'm really excited for this post today. I spent quite some time on it. I went back through my diaries and blog posts to find content. Hopefully you guys can relate to some of it. Enjoy! x

2014 Accomplishments/Experiences

January- I believe I mentioned this in my 9th Grade Accomplishments and Memorable Experiences post, but I thought we'd revisit the topic again. I encountered peer pressure. All in all, my decisions reflect on me and I couldn't be more happy with that because I made the right choices. Even if lead to a remorseful fall out.

February- I took home the baby for my family consumers class. When it comes to a grade, I am 110% paranoid and stressed. It's not a good combination. I got an A though, so the unstable emotional state was kind of worth it.

March- An excessive amount of bullying occurred at this time. Mostly relating to previous events that I didn't have much say in. The accomplishment within this event was staying strong and true to myself.

April- Nothing too exciting happened during this time.

May- Our school awards assembly took place. I believe I won a total of 3 awards. I received certificates for both Builders Club and the newspaper. I also received the President's Award. I was vice president of Builders Club. That was a lot of fun. Secondly, I had several articles published in the school paper. Lastly, the President's Award is for academic achievement. 

June- I participated in an event for cancer. It was very, very sad. I remember my meltdown vividly. I couldn't handle some parts of it. Overall it was a lot of fun hanging out with my friends.

July- I started writing for Bitchy Online, a UK Magazine. It was a lot of fun having my content published on other parts of the web. I specifically wrote about beauty. You can check out my posts under the "Other Posts" tab.

August- Two words: high school. It began. It was interesting. It was weird at first, mostly because I didn't know what to make of people. Now, I'm more comfortable in my atmosphere. 

September- My last season of soccer- I think. Here's to an undefeated season with a team of 10 boys + Guilianna Marie. Yes, I was the only girl. And yes, I carried my team. #GirlPower 

Random 2015 New Year's Tip: Don't hold back because someone is holding you back. Move on. Confidently. You are capable of wonderful things. Do them.

Yes, I caught the ball between my legs. And yes,
we won because of my amazing goalie skills.
October- I had my first REAL college visit. I went to the University of Florida. It was so exciting! (It has one of the best journalism programs in the country, so I had to check it out.) I'm still looking at other colleges as I am only a sophomore. If you have any college suggestions please let me know. I've been looking at Northwestern University and New York University. 

November- My first high school dance as a sophomore. It was so much fun. My friends and I all went shopping for dresses, and then on top of all of that I got to go to the dance with my best friend. It was a fabulous time.

December- I participated in my first writing competition. I'm not expecting anything because I felt like it wasn't a "me" type of writing, if that makes any sense. It was very structured. 

2015 Goals

Improve my blog- I feel like my blog has come a long way. The past few months in my opinion, my blog has really shown a dramatic change in content. I remember when I used to post about my life. That was interesting to people at my school. Now, I post about beauty and fashion, and my audience is larger. I would like to improve my content as a whole.

Workout a little more- Being healthy is really important to me. Since I'm not sure if I want to continue soccer or not, I think I'll have to come up with a doable fitness routine. I was thinking of taking up volleyball, but I'm still deciding. (I'll probably stick with soccer if my dad can continue to be my coach.)

Stay determined in my English class- I find it hard to be comfortable in my English class. I know English is one of my stronger subjects. All of my previous teachers have told me so. Some of my current teachers have even ran the idea across my parents. I haven't really been able to share my ideas because I'm slightly intimidated. I'm just going to have to continue to stay determined for that A and continue to crave knowledge.

Be nicer- is that weird? I feel as though I'm a kind-hearted person for the most part, (we all have our moments), but I feel like some areas within my emotional range need some work. Hopefully I can make more sacrifices and not be as selfish. 

That concludes my 2014 accomplishments and my 2015 goals. Thanks for reading! I look forward to seeing you in 2015!

Guilianna xx


  1. Great post girl! Love how you did it in separate months you accomplished so much! Well done being the only girl on the soccer team though x if your looking for health related posts to motivate you, you know you can always Holla at your girl! Sorry about the bullying babe!!

    1. Thanks Jenny! It was a little challenging being on the only girl, but I pulled through, haha! Yes, I am always on your blog reading your fitness posts. Love your latest DIY by the way. Definitely going to be trying it out! Thanks again; in the end it only made me stronger. Thanks for reading and commenting darling. It means so much to me. xx

  2. What a lovely post! You have amazing goals, mine are much broader and, well, shallower. And Its to bad about your bullying, its amazing that you stayed strong! ♥
    Amy xx

    Perfect Imperfections

    1. Thank you so much, Amy! I saw your Getting Organized For 2015 post. I absolutely loved it. Thanks again! Looking forward to your next blog posts! xx

  3. Amazing post! I really like your goals for the 2015 and I also hope you will achieve all of them! Your blog is very nice so I wish you continue to write more and more! Have a good New Year eve :)

    P.S I just started blogging so please visit it and leave a comment about what you think. :) http://victoriaeyes.blogspot.com/

    1. Thanks Viktorija! Hopefully I'll be able to achieve them. I saw your 2 latest post. They're great! I'll be stopping by your blog more often without a doubt! Keep up the good work! :) xx

  4. I have been reading your blog for awhile and I just realized I never became a member. I am now your 51 member! You seem like you had a very well year. Good luck with your college visits. Have a very happy 2015!


    1. Hi Christina! Really? Way cool! Thank you so much! I'll be sure to follow you back! Love your latest post on your winter essentials. Have yourself a happy 2015 as well. Thanks again for reading, commenting, and also following! It means so much to me! :) x

  5. I've just found you blog and so far I've only read a few posts but I can already tell that I love it!!
    I also have a blog if you would mind checking it out for?


    Thank you!x

    1. Awww, thank you so much Freya! I just checked it out. I'll definitely be visiting it again in the near future! The pictures from the beach are amazing! I really need to get a good camera like that. Thanks for reading and commenting. It means so much to me. xx

    2. Thank you too!! I actually only took the photos with my phone so I'm really glad you think they came out well! xx

    3. Anytime! Really? That's amazing! I used to use an iPhone 5 which had horrible quality. Now I'm using my iPhone 6. Much better quality, just not good enough for my liking. xx

  6. Amazing post!
    I also want to become a friendlier person in school, especially to people I don't really like. I just want to smile more :) I hope you understand what I mean and it doesn't seem to be too weird!

    xx Sina <3


    1. Thanks so much Sina! I totally agree. It's definitely a little challenging since I don't have the same interest as people, but I plan on making an effort. Thanks for reading and commenting. It means so much to me. :) xx