2014 Winter Lookbook

Hello everyone! x

Welcome to #Blogmas2014 Day 2! Today I'll be sharnig with you some winter looks you should pull off this season.

From We Heart It
Combat boots are back! I’ve seen them everywhere- at school, the mall, etc. I love the amount of edge they give to an outfit without overdoing it.

From We Heart It
When transitioning from fall to winter, I love wearing sweaters, with a poncho over it to keep
myself warm. They’re a classic piece that I think every girl should have. I think they’ were somewhat “out of fashion,” but they’re definitely coming back.

We Heart It
Eskimo coats are another way to stay warm throughout the winter season. If you’re going snowboarding or ice skating, a puffy jacket will definitely keep you warm. I personally love the navy blues and army greens.

From We Heart It
Lastly, puffers! Everywhere I go they’re selling winter vests. (Supposedly, they are called puffers.) Anyway, They’re a great way to layer up and look cute. 2 Black Friday’s ago I think I bought a neon yellow one from Aeropostale. It’s still in great condition.

From We Heart It

I simply love the fall and winter fashion, but I hate the weather. I wish it was warmer (or that I lived somewhere down south, haha.)

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  1. I want to know where people are getting these chunky jumpers from! I can never seem to find one in store but I see them worn by everyone! >.< love this post!

    1. Me too! They're SO cute. I know that American Eagle has the Jegging Sweater and I'm sure American Apparel sells some too. Thanks for reading and commenting Pauline! :)