While Christmas Shopping Haul

Hello everyone! x

So the other day I went to an outdoor mall. My mom and I were doing some Christmas shopping for her coworkers, my sister, and my friends. While I was out and about, I picked a few things up for myself. 

Yes, 2/4 were impulse buys, but that's okay. Especially if one of them was free and the other was calling my name. 

Apricot Lane was one of my must-stop shops. I've only been to the one in Downtown Disney in Florida before. The last time I went it was closed. 

I immediately found the petticoat. I'm not sure if you can tell on camera, but it's a dark gray. I have a navy blue and a black petticoat, but not a gray one. It was my size. It was on sale. Enough said.

If you bought the petticoat you got a free pair of gloves. They only had a few colors: black, gray, an ugly purple color, and these. This was the last maroon pair. I instantly gravitate towards this color for the fall and winter.

We went to Target on the way back to get some grocery and hygene stuff. I got some deodorant because I'm running a bit low. And I also picked up my favorite concealer- EVER. 

That concludes my mini haul. When out and about Christmas shopping, it's okay to treat yourself to a little something. 

Thanks for reading,

Guilianna x


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    1. Thank you! Thanks so much for commenting and leaving your blog link. You have the cutest dog ever! Looking forward to future posts! xx