My Blogging Tips

Hello everyone!

Today I decided to share with you some of my top blogging tips. I've found some of these tips through other bloggers, Pinterest, Google, and experience. I hope you enjoy this post and find my tips useful.

1. Have many units of organization. 
I recommend having at least one planner dedicated to your blog.

I got this one for Christmas from Target. It's very small and compact, therefore I can throw it in my purse or backpack. (I take my iPad mini 3 with my to school, so if I don't have any school work to do during a free period, I can work on a blog post.)

By the end of this post, you might get the idea that I'm a neat freak. I like to color code my posts:

A Little Bit of Everything
Life Update

It helps me know what posts I need more of. So, if you're a beauty, fashion, and lifestyle blogger this can help you keep a nice balance of variety on your blog.

2. Use the schedule tool to stick to routine.

I like to post on Mondays, obviously, (and sometimes on Saturdays if I have too many post ideas for that month.) On the weekends, I can be very, very busy or completely free. When I am completely free I like to prepare 2-3 blog posts and schedule them for next month. 

3. Keep a notebook or computer document with a list of ideas. 

I tend to lean towards keeping a computer document with a list of seasonal ideas. Then, I group them into months. That way, when I'm ready for that month I can plug them into a certain day and start drafting. When that month comes around, I like to draft my posts in this notebook. It's from Vera Bradley in the "Sittin' In A Tree" pattern. Super cute!

It helps me stay on track of things, especially since I play soccer, participate in a few different school clubs, and take several honors classes. My schedule gets busy pretty quickly.

*Typically when I'm in a rush I put an idea in the notes app on my phone. Sometimes I have a steam of ideas. When it gets to that point I plug them in on my calendar.

4. Set goals!

It's important to have something to work towards. My Google account is literally my best friend- my email, drive, calendar, and the classroom for school purposes.

I have a whole folder dedicated to blogging. As a document in this folder, I keep a table. It has my goals for a specific month: how many followers I want to achieve via Bloglovin' and GFC. It also has the page views I want to gain. By the end of the month, I put the number of followers and page views I earner throughout the month.

5. Engage in social media.

Like every other teenage girl in the world I am addicted to my cell phone. Like every other teenage girl my "life" is on it. Apps you need to help you improve your blog:

Blogger/Wordpress: Depending on which platform you use download to blog on the go. I like to have Blogger on my phone because it makes photo uploading a lot easier.

Pinterest: This is my favorite place to find inspiration. That's actually where I found inspiration for this blog post. There were so many pins with tips for bloggers. I have a board completely dedicated to blogging and journalism. You can check out my Pinterest by clicking the icon on the right side bar.

Twitter: If I have some free time on a Sunday afternoon, I like to engage in blog chats. Talking to other bloggers helps gain a bit of traffic to your blog. 

Facebook: There are plenty of Facebook groups for teen bloggers like you and me. I've joined a few. It's a great place to expose yourself to new content as well as expose others to the wonderful content on your own blog.

We Heart It: When I'm in desperate need of a picture or gif I check out We Heart It. They always have some Tumblr-like pics.

Bloglovin': Sometimes I spend my afternoons in my library. When I finish my work and I'm waiting for one of my lovely parents to come pick me up, I read some of my favorite blogs. It's quick and easy.

CalenMob: This is my favorite calendar app because it syncs to my iPad, Google Calendar, etc. So helpful!

*I was recently at a journalism conference. One of the speaker's said that the best way to find ideas is through Twitter and Facebook. I've started writing down some of the ideas down on an index card-this is what my creative writing teacher does- to keep track of them. It helps out a lot!

Here are some of my favorite links from Pinterest and Google to help you get on top of your blog- it includes everything relating to your blog:

What are some of your blogging tips? I would love to use some of them towards my own blog to improve it.

Thanks for reading,



  1. This was a really helpful post! I've been trying to get more organized with writing down ideas in a tiny journal too. Thats a really good idea bringing your iPad to school, I might start taking my laptop so I can use my free periods to blog too!


    1. Thank you so much, Frances! Yes, it is so helpful. I would highly recommend it. Thanks for reading and commenting. It means so much to me. xo

  2. Your style of blogging is so organised!! Notebooks and schedules and calendars. It sounds so efficient and clean :)

    The Life of Little Me

    1. Haha, thanks M! I try! Thanks for reading and commenting. It means so much to me. xo

  3. I like the setting goals idea to keep you motivated! Great post girl... Love your blog you know :)

    Juliana Grace |

    1. Thanks so much, Juliana! I always love hearing from you. I love your blog as well! Definitely get in touch soon so we can start collabing for spring! xo