Spring Goals

Hello everyone!

In honor of the spring season- and it actually beginning to feel like spring- I thought I would share some of my goals with you.

1. Finish the school year with a GPA of 3.7 or higher
My future is really important to me. I'm constantly pondering on who I'll be and what impact I'll make on the world.

These are some of the classes I'm currently taking. These classes definitely take up a lot of my time outside of school because of all the homework.

Spanish is definitely one of my favorite subjects- it simply clicks. 

2. "Me" Time
I'm a sophomore in high school, yes my life is stressful. Confidence is key. I want to dedicate a lot more time to myself. I've already taken some of these steps to becoming more confident:

  • workout/play soccer more often
  • take more bubble baths
  • try doing yoga (through YouTube tutorials)
  • experiment with new styles
  • eat healthier (salads, protein shakes, etc.)
  • listen to more Christian music

3. Write creatively more often
I tend to always stick to news worthy stuff journalism. I want to write more poetry pieces and fiction stories- or at least experiment with the idea. I've decided to find different prompts on the internet a.k.a. Pinterest, to help the creative juice in my blood flowing.

Here's a poem called "Artist" I wrote about a month ago:

Your lips were the paintbrush,
My body was the canvas,
You were such an artist.

You were the red tie with a rose in your hand,
I was the little black dress in the backseat,
You were such an artist.

You were the boy I always dreamt of,
I was just another girl,
And darling, you were such an artist.

I compared the relationship to inanimate objects. I thought this was a great way to portray the relationship as a whole. He was the paintbrush because he was in "control" of the relationship- where we would hangout, who we would hangout with, etc. We never got to hangout with my friends or talk about my love for writing. It just wasn't like that. Don't get the wrong idea though, it was fun getting to know him. Overall, I really like how this poem came out. 

4. Continue to create and develop myself as a person
This is really important to me. Every now and then I go in phases where I wonder on who I "really" am. I intend on going on more walks outdoors and writing down all off my thoughts.

And that concludes my goals for this season. What are your ambitions for the season?

Thanks for reading,

Guilianna xo


  1. The poem was amazing! You are so talented! ️Xx 💕

    1. Thank you so much Ailish! I greatly appreciate it. I love writing poetry! x

  2. I am a freshman, but I love Spanish. I am in Spanish 2 because I took a placement test. But I love learning languages, I think it's so fun.


    1. Really? That's so cool! I wish my school gave me the opportunity to do that. Thanks for reading and commenting. xx