Getting Over A Breakup + Things I Look In A Guy + DIY

"Life is too short to spend time with people who suck the happiness out of you."

I've learned that everything happens for a reason- even the hardest things in life. Breakups are one of those things that are sometimes hard to understand. I've went through two breakups, and the exciting part about both of them is that I am here with you to share my stories.

// Get Over Him & Start Fresh //

1. Know that the pain will pass.
I had my first real boyfriend in ninth grade. When he broke up with me I totally lost it. I thought that there were a million and one things wrong with me. After two weeks of pure torture in the hallways I realized there was nothing wrong with me. Eventually after dealing with it in a healthy manner, my confidence came back to me.

2. Exercise!
This is how I gained my confidence back fast. Working out after school really boosted my self-esteem. Running on the treadmill while listening to some vengeful songs really got my heart pumping. I couldn't wait to slip into a pair of skinny jeans the next day!

3. Shop 'til ya drop. 
I have such a bad habit of doing this, but it works. The day after a breakup I typically hit up the mall- whether it's splurging on a few Abercrombie sweaters or buying a new lipstick. Changing up your look can make you feel desirable. Gaining back confidence is very important.

4. Go on a 30-day cleanse.
I found this tip on Cosmo. In order to get over them you need to detach from them. Unfriend/Unfollow them on all social media- don't worry about the girl he decides to play next, indulge in yourself! Go out to dinner with your family, hit up the mall with your friends, take walks in your local park, etc. You're proving to yourself that you can live without him. 

// What I Look For //

The more boys I talk to the higher my standards become. I've promised myself that I'm never going to settle for anything less. I deserve what I deserve and you do to!

"The More Boys I Meet" by Carrie Underwood

1. Physical attraction does play a role.
I'm not expecting my guy to look like Ryan Gosling, but I expect him to have good hygiene, a decent fashion sense, and personal health. Those are all things he can control.

2. Open and honest.
A relationship is going to go nowhere if one isn't honest with the other. Communication is key.

3. Have a specific talent.
Whether you're the track star or a shy poet, I want to know that he puts his time into something that means a lot to him. If he just spends his nights at home on the couch texting his friends that simply doesn't appeal to me.

4. Good morals.
I have no intentions on putting time into a relationship where the guy only wants to do sexual things, smoke pot, drink alcohol, etc. I'm just not interested. I want someone who has strong religious beliefs because religion is very important to me. This also means that he should respect me. When I tell him I'm not ready for the next step he should respect that. If he doesn't want to stay, then that's his loss not mine.

5. Be smart. 
I'm not saying he should be the governor of Pennsylvania, but he should most certainly put effort into his classes. Getting C's in academic classes shows that he has no determination. When a guy takes honor and AP level courses he shows he cares about his future.

6. Confidence is key- always remember that.
When someone is confident in who they are it makes it easier for me to be in confident in who they are. I watch people in my school walk in the hallways. Some people walk with a "swag" as some people say, those are the type of people who you see light in. Others you can tell that they're not as confident in themselves as they should be. 

// A Simple DIY Project //

For Christmas one of my friend's put together a happiness jar. She told me to read the little notes inside of it whenever I was feeling down. In the beginning of February I went through my second breakup. A friend came over and we went through the notes together. It put a smile on my face and made me laugh. I absolutely loved it. If you know someone who is going through a breakup or who is depressed, this simple DIY project will certainly make them smile. You can even make one for yourself- include your talents, hobbies, interests, personal achievements, and anything else that you love about yourself. (I would totally do that!)

What You'll Need:
  • Mason jar
  • Construction paper
  • Sharpies
  • Scissors

You Matter!
Be proud of who you are, not ashamed of how someone else sees you!
Do what makes YOU happy.

Yes, it's hard to get over a breakup. Whether you dated him for a month or three years- it's hard when the feelings were real. It took me forever to get over my first boyfriend- the fact that I saw him everyday in the hallways didn't help much either, but eventually I moved on. Months, and months passed before I engaged in a new relationship. For the record, I recommend not dating your best friend; it doesn't end like the movies- at least for me. Now I'm avoided. Yeah, it's pretty sad reflecting on it months later, but things happen for a reason; that's what I tell myself whenever I reminisce on the good times we shared. Even if you guys weren't best friends be sure to reflect on it positively. Having that type of mindset is brilliant. 

Thanks for reading,
Guilianna xx


  1. Those are amazing tips, especially the first one, I think that's the hardest part when going through a breakup. And that jar is such a cute idea!! And so easy to do :D
    Also those songs are so good, I had never listened to the last one before, loved it :)

    By the way, thank you so much for your nice comment on my blog! Yours is amazing!! New follower :)

    Lipstick and Mocha

    1. Thank you so much, Carla! I think "Going Out Like That" was actually released not too long ago. I love it! Thanks again! I really appreciate it. In looking forward to your future blog posts. Keep up the awesome work! :) xx