May Favorites + A Look In My Journal

Hello everyone! x

This month I have favorites ranging from beauty, to fashion, to music. I also added some incite from my journal. I thought it would be a nice feature to add. I have a list of some writing territories as well as some poetry. 
// Beauty //

Foot Scrub: Over the winter season while at Kohls, I found this foot scrub for a super cheap price. I love H2O products so I decided to try it. I love this product. Before giving myself a pedicure I take a long, hot bath and apply this to my feet. The only downfall is that it doesn’t rinse out of the tub easily. (I'm considering on doing a review on some H2O+ products. I can definitely see a difference in texture on my skin.)

Beauty Blender: Lately, I've been crammed with final exams, my makeup isn't as high of a priority as it was back in the fall. To still look put together I use my pink beauty blender from ULTA. It makes the application of my foundation so much faster and ensures that there are no streaks. Who wants that on their face?

Color Tattoo Eyeshadow: Again, as the end of the year approaches my laziness is increasing. (I know it's not a very good combination, but I'm fried.) I use this eyeshadow to give me a little bit of a boost in the morning. It draws attention to my eyes while distracting from those dark circles.

// Fashion //

Michael Kors Flip-Flops: For Easter, my mom surprised my sister and I with not only our favorite chocolates, but a pair of Michael Kors Flip-Flops. She also got us a gift certificate to get our toes done. (I’m planning on getting mine done later in June before I go to Disney World.) I’ve been wearing these flip-flops quite often. They go with everything!

Navy Blue V-Neck: I must have worn this shirt four times this month. It is by far one of my favorites due to it's versatility. I bought it from PacSun last summer.

// Music //

This month I've been listening to a lot of pop music. Overall, my favorite artist this month is Sabrina Carpenter. Her latest album, "Eyes Wide Open" is absolutely incredible.

Somebody by Natalie La Rose ft. Jeremih- This is my clubbing song. Whenever it comes on the radio I am instantly jamming.

Can We Dance by The Vamps- For those days when I bump into my crush and I made a fool out of myself. It's such a sweet song.

Butterflies by Sammi Sanchez- I love, love, love this song! I can tell it's going to be my new summer jam!

Whistle (While you Work It) by Katy Tiz- Thank goodness the school year is almost over. I'm so ready.

// Other //

My Journal: In the beginning of April I made it an effort to start writing in my journal more often. I got this notebook a few months back. I believe I got it in the beginning of the year at a discount price at Big Lots. They have a ton of Taylor Swift notebooks; I simply couldn’t resist. What better to write down inspiring thoughts then in a notebook with pure inspiration on the cover?

A Look In My Journal

One of my goals for spring included writing in my journal more often, specifically creatively. I actually manage to compose in it really often throughout April and May.

One of my favorite social media platforms, Pinterest, played a major role in helping me plan my journal. I looked up different writing prompts to inspire me. I even worked on building a poem called "Artist," which I featured in a previous blog post.

Here's a look in my journal:

In the beginning of all of my notebooks I like to make a list of writing territories. This helps me if I ever get writers block- we've all been there. 

Word choice is very important in poetry. I try to find different words to experiment within my writing.

Here is something I'm currently playing with:


Slit my throat and cut me to the core,
Never did I crave anything more.

I'd rather feel something rather than nothing at all,
Burning our memories while staring at these faded walls.

Remember when I hung my love on those November trees?
Then the leaves lost their color like you lost your love for me.

The only thing I know is:
Your navy sweater, my silver necklace, Paris past curfew, our midnight texts, 2 AM giggles, and the colors when we kissed.

The only thing you know is:
Christmas lights, history notes, my little black dress, magic tricks, my sister's name, and the colors when we kissed.

I will see you again.
I will see you again.

Poetry is a great way for me to express myself. My poems are all typically about people. People have the most influence on my emotions. That's exactly what I described in my poem above. Color is magical. Autumn is such a beautiful time of year because of the leaves. Their brightness inspires creativity. Black and white is a definition of darkness. When I was with him, I felt like I was living an adventure because I had never experienced anything like it before.

How do you express yourself?

I hope you all enjoyed this post. I love sharing personal things- like my journal- with you guys. Thanks for reading,

Guilianna x


  1. Loved this Guilianna, I especially loved the poem, you are so talented, I wish I was good at poetry. I have never used a beauty blender, really want one, at the moment I use the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge, what is so good! I've just uploaded my May favourites too, I would love it if you could read it!

    1. Thank you so much Ailish, I really appreciate it. I just checked out your May Favorites. I just added some songs to my playlist on Spotify. Thanks for reading and commenting. I love hearing from you. xx