My Everyday Summer Makeup Routine

Hello everyone! x

As of last Monday at noon, I am officially on Summer Break. It feels absolutely amazing. I will admit these past few days have been rough- the idea of waking up and actually doing something with myself is difficult.

By getting dressed, making a healthy breakfast, and doing my makeup, I feel motivated to accomplish a few things.

Goal: Glowing skin and enhanced eyelashes.

Let's get started!

1. Grab my beauty blender and run it under tap water.
My beauty blender has been my life saver lately. During finals I was way too lazy to get out my brushes. This pink little sponge evenly distributes product and leaves a flawless, dewy finish. I love it! 

2. Apply evenly to skin with Clinique Stay Matte Oil Free Foundation
Typically I would go for a BB or CC cream, but I want to finish the tube since it's almost gone. It was fairly expensive too. With any other imperfections I apply my favorite concealer by Neutrogena and blend it out with a mini brush. To complete the face apply your favorite powder.

3. Apply bronzer to the hallows of your cheeks and temples.
I love using bronzer during the summer since I really struggle with getting a tan. I got this blush as a sample when my mom ordered a few things for me around the holiday season. I was highly satisfied with the subtle shimmer the product left on my face.

4. Apply a natural pink colored blush.
I really deepened my skin tone with the bronzer, therefore I wanted to keep it simple with my blush. I chose the shade Natural by Physician's Formula. (I also love the packaging of this product; super cute!)

5. Curl them lashes and apply some mascara!
I still use the same eyelash curler by ELF that I bought in the eighth grade. Yet I didn't start using it until this past year. (I was afraid I would cut off my eyelids.) After that, I applied some mascara by Calvin Klein in the shade One. This mascara darkens my lashes which is something I absolutely love since I don't do a lot to my eyes. I found that a thick second coat lengthens them.

(Remember to get as close as possible to your lash line. It make your lashes appear not only thicker, but fuller.)

6. Lip balm and gloss are musts despite the humidity.
I used my favorite pot of lip balm from LUSH. It really evens out my lips. I then took a sheer gloss from Bath & Body Works to add a little bit of shimmer to my lips.

7. Lock it in.
During the summer my makeup runs right off of my face. The All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray by Urban Decay does just the trick. 4-5 sprays is all it takes to keep my makeup locked for the entire day. I'm currently on my second bottle.

And here is the finished look:

I love this look. It's so easy yet it still gives you that confidence! I wear this look all the time when I'm running errands or attending a driving lesson with my dad.  (I actually did this makeup look just to snapchat my crush- took me less than five minutes!) What are your makeup essentials for summer?

Thanks for reading,

Guilianna x


  1. This is a lovely post Guilianna! I haven't tried any of these products but they all look so amazing! Love reading about what other people do with their face everyday! Lovely post x


    1. Thank you so much, Becca! They are definitely some of my favorite products. Thanks for reading and commenting! It means so much to me. xx

  2. You look fabulous! I've nominated you for the Creative Blogger Award! Check out my post here ->

    Neriah | My Life In A Tab

    1. Thanks, Neri! I love these products so much!

      Really? Thank you so much! I really appreciate it. I look forward to doing a post on it. Btw, I loved your post on your blogging essentials. I found it so helpful. Keep up the awesome work, girl! :) x

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you so much, Katie. I'll be sure to pay your blog a visit in the near future. xo