My Swimsuit Collection + Wishlist

Hi everyone! x

Today I wanted to do a fashion-like post because I haven't done one in awhile. Since it is summer I wanted to show you my swimsuit collection, as well as some swimsuits I'm loving right now.

*Similar match

Here is my collection:

Core Solid OTS Sweetheart Mio in Black by LA Blanca Swimwear // $119

Last summer, I initially bought this bathing suit because my mother refused to send me to pool parties with a two piece. I did feel slightly uncomfortable being the only girl in a one piece- most of the girls wore a two piece- but now I don't really mind. It's super flattering!

Women's Foldover-Waist Bikini Bottons in Lost At Sea Navy by Old Navy // $15

*Women's Stars-and-Stripes String- Bikini Top in 4th of July by Old Navy // $10

I love this bikini! The price was a little low so I was concerned with the quality of it, but it's held up wonderfully!

*Kenneth Cole Tribal Beat Tankini Top // $55

I love this tankini by Kenneth Cole New York. It's the perfect blend of colors. Unfortunately, I could not find an exact match. I would highly recommend checking out TJ Maxx or Marshalls for some super cute suits like this one.

*Women's High-Waisted Swim Bottom by Abercrombie // $22

I love, love, love this bathing suit. I wear it way too often. It gives the perfect balance of classy and fun. Sometimes bathing suits can be way too revealing. (I'm sure you're aware of the thong bikinis I'm referring to.) The top has a great amount of support to! Overall it's the perfect bikini for your wardrobe. I always gravitate towards it for any occasion. 

*Arizona Flounce Bra & Hipster Bottoms // $28-32

The bikini is kind of old, so I couldn't find an exact match. Just because it's 1-2 years old, that doesn't mean I don't wear it. I love wearing it to the beach! It really makes a tan pop instantly.

I had two other ones, but I decided to throw them away because they were faded and "falling apart" to a degree.

Here's my swimwear wishlist:

I love the high waisted trend of bathing suit bottoms. It's super flattering for all body shapes. 

I've never opened my eyes to swim dresses before. I always thought that they were for "older" women. Forget that! This is super cute for sitting by the pool while flipping through Vogue.

Never, ever would I pay that much for a swimsuit, but I love, love, love the style. I've definitely been on a navy blue kick these past few months. Navy is such a beautiful color for the summer months. I'd definitely wear this suit on a boat while drinking sparkling water.

While browsing on Polyvore, I came across this gorgeous monokini. I love the abstract look to it, yet it's so classy looking. Apply some red polish to your fingers and feet then you're good to go!

Where is your favorite bathing suit from? I'm planning on purchasing a new suit during an end of the summer sale.

Thanks for reading,
Guilianna xo


  1. You have such a nice collection! You're also so lucky to be able to have pool parties, the weather just really wouldn't work for it over here! 😂

    1. Thank you so much, Kate! Ireland, right? Yeah, it is quite rainy over there! Thanks for reading and commenting. It means so much to me. xx

  2. OMG Guiliana I used to be the same way about one pieces but now I find them so trendy and super flattering. I end up always getting compliments on them too. Btw that high wasted swimsuit is ADORABLE.. I love it! Great post... I found it very interesting and look forward to the next one girl :)

    Juliana Grace |

    1. I know! I absolutely love them. Same here! Thank you so much! Love your blog as you always. Thank you so much for reading and commenting, your feedback means so much to me! xoxo