#JuniorYear: Haul

Welcome to the last post in my #JuniorYear series. My favorite part about the back to school season is shopping! I love the idea of buying a new backpack and purchasing a first day of school outfit. It's so much fun!

Please note, I attached a direct link to the following pictures for your convenience.

Here's what I bought for school:


This year, the struggle to find was a new backpack for the upcoming school year. Originally I had intentions on using a backpack I used in 7th grade, (a gray Nike backpack). When I bought my school supplies I came to the conclusion that there was no possible way all of my school supplies were going to fit. After several failed attempts I bought the Campus Backpack by Vera Bradley. It holds all of my stuff comfortably. I also purchased a hand sanatizer from Bath & Body Works.

School Supplies

I am an absolute organization freak; I have no problem admitting it either. Every subject has a certain color. Depending on the importance and note taking portion of the class I determine whether I should purchase a binder or a folder/spiral duo.

*This year my color coding system is slightly different to what it's been in previous years due to the lack of supplies left at my local Staples. Please note, I also purchased binders and spirals, but I thought that would be boring to show. Instead I showed you my take home folder, planner, and pencil pouch. If you would like a more in depth post on what I keep in my backpack, let me know!


For clothes, I decided to pick up a few basic pieces that I could play up or down. Instead of going overboard this BTS season, I decided I would rather save my money and spend it on Black Friday- when the real deals are in session!

Beauty Essentials

I like to keep my makeup simple despite the occasion. My main goal was to purchase a new eyelash curler and/or replacement pads. My E.L.F eyelash curler is coming close to three years old, but it worked wonders! Instead I purchased a recommended foundation and new lip gloss. A new lip gloss is a must for a new school year- it's a huge confidence booster.

That concludes my back to school haul. What are some things you purchased for the upcoming school year? 

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  1. That backpack and those clothes are just beautiful, Guilianna! I went back to school a few weeks ago (Which is unfortunate, but oh well, right?). ;)
    ~ Sanjana

    1. Thank you so much, Sanjana! Oh, really? Well that means that you probably get about before me then! Good luck with your school year. Thanks for reading and commenting! I greatly appreciate it. :)

  2. Smart choice, saving money until black Friday is the way to go! Can't wait to see that haul. I have given up in BTS shopping. I should be buying fall clothes but since it seems like the summer weather is going to last a little longer the stores are still selling summer everything. I figured I would just stick to sports clothes then buy back to school stuff when it's in season. Oh the delima. :P

    1. Since it's my junior year, I'll probably be wearing a ton of sporty clothes as opposed to cute and girly pieces. I'm already stressing out over my CE and honors classes. Good luck this year! :)

  3. You have bought the most gorgeous school supplies, Guilianna. I am so jealous of all the lovely clothes and supplies, I wish my school would let us do things like this. Good luck with back to school and all your CE and honors classes! :)

    1. Thank you so much, Orla! I could spend hours upon hours shopping for school supplies. I wish you the best of luck at your own school. Hopefully school won't take up too much time away from blogging for the both of us. xx

  4. You've got some great products there!
    Charlotte // charbeautypicks.blogspot.com

  5. I absolutely love your planner and pencil pouch! Also, your Blog pictures are so pretty :). I just did a post on my back to school outfit and I would love if you could check it out


    1. Thank you so much, Amayah! I will most definitely check out your blog. Thanks for reading & commenting. It means so much to me. xx