#JuniorYear: School Survival Guide

Hello everyone!

Welcome to the second post in my #JuniorYear series inspired by the back to school season. This week I'm sharing some tips and apps to help you survive the never-ending school year!

// Tips //

Use an agenda. I absolutely hate the planners my school gives out- they're way too small! I find that all of the homework I have to do in one night is cluttered in one little space. I picked this planner up at a fundraising event. I love it so much! Hopefully I'll be able to get my hands on a similar one for this upcoming school year.

Have a playlist for everything. Spotify is your new best friend, I promise. I have a morning playlist which is approximately forty minutes, that way I can subconsciously time myself while I'm getting ready. I also have a playlist for studying and running!

Use Pinterest! This past summer I took a sociology course at my local community college. It was so much fun, but there were some things that I wasn't sure of- how to style my paper, what to pack in my tote, etc. It turns out that Pinterest helped me out a ton! I used it to pick out my tote bag, pack it, edit my college papers, and a few other things. I'd highly recommend you gravitate towards it whenever you're in a pickle.

Here's a link to my school board: https://www.pinterest.com/guilianna13/all-things-college/

Keep your work space clean. Staying motivated in school is key for surviving endless amounts of homework. So I'm not your average popular girl going out every night, I spend my nights ensuring that all of my course materials are in their proper location and they're in a specific order. Once the quarter is over I place them in a larger binder where I then can later to refer to it at the end of the year to study for finals.

I also recommend keeping a to-do list on your desk to remind yourself of upcoming projects, important events, etc.

Have a study group. Most of my friends take the same classes as me. We're always communicating via text to ensure that we're all on the same page with our assignments.

Color code! I love buying stationary for back to school. Prior to going shopping I color code my subjects, that way I'm not buying a bunch of random folders and notebooks. Here is my color coding system:

Red- Honors History
Orange- Newspaper
Green- Chemistry
Purple- Honors English
Blue- Honors Pre Calculous
Pink- CE Spanish III
Yellow- CE Nutrition

This system really helps me stay organized. Depending on the subject I'll then decide whether or not to get a binder or a notebook/folder. I find that for my everyday subjects, a binder works best, but that's not always the case. For my history class I find that it's much easier to have a notebook. That way when I'm studying lengthy notes that's the only thing I have to lug around. As for a folder, I can throw spare handouts in there. For subjects like math, binders are an essential because we deal with packets among packets.

// Apps //

Chances are you're always on your cell phone, whether it's texting your crush or browsing your Instagram feed. Why not make use of your phone to help you survive the school year? 

Here are some of my favorite apps:

Calenmob (Free)- This is my favorite calendar app. It syncs all of my calendars together so I can keep up to date with my blog life, school life, and my mini social life. 

Shopkick (Free)- Personally, having a job doesn't fit into my schedule. Sometimes I wish I had the time for a job, but my parents would rather me dedicate my free time to my school work. Shopkick is an app that allows you to get points by walking into stores and scanning certain items to earn gift cards! It's way cool! Shopkick is how I afford my monthly concealer dues.

Google Docs and Google Drive (Free)- Type on the go! With a busy schedule, I find the time to work on my essays while I'm on the way out to dinner or a sporting event. It's the best of both worlds!

Stylebook ($3.99)- Say goodbye to outfit repeats! This summer I transferred my closet into an app. Now, right before I go to bed I plan out my outfits. Say hello to that extra ten minutes of sleep in the morning. Feel free to thank me later! (I believe there is a free version in the app store called Pureple, but it doesn't include half of the amazing features as the Stylebook app.)

For college students, download Blackboard! It's so helpful to check announcements while on the go. I used it for my past summer course- I was constantly checking my grades and reviewing course materials to keep my brain working.

Thank you so much for reading! Special thanks to my sister Natalie for helping me take these pictures. All of her social media will be linked below.

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  1. Brilliant tips - Love the app suggestions !

    1. Thanks Grace! Glad you enjoyed it. Thank you so much for reading and commenting! x

  2. Such a lovely and helpful post, will definitely try Stylebook.

    Olivia // BLONDE LA MODE

    1. I'm glad you found it helpful, Olivia! You most definitely should. I'm still in the process of uploading my blouses. Thanks for reading and commenting! xx

  3. Really helpful tips, I will haven't bought myself an agenda yet! but I will definitely have to check those apps out though xoxo

    Miss Blog| http://howtoteenmissblog.blogspot.co.uk/

    1. I just bought a Lilly Pullitzer one, I'm in love! I might do a whole review on it. Let me know what you think of the apps. Thanks for reading and commenting, Orla! xoxo

  4. Too small? I find I have the exact opposite problem - the planners my school gives us are giant! :D
    These were some wonderful tips. Sadly, I went back to school recently, and although it's not fun, we have to remember it's long-term benefits. <3
    Have a wonderful junior year! Will you be going to prom?
    ~ Sanjana

    1. Really! I had the problem in middle school, but now that I'm in high school they're way too small. Thank you! I'm not sure yet! What grade are you in? Thanks for reading and commenting, I greatly appreciate it. x

  5. These are great tips! Especially the apps, Shopkick sounds amazing!!
    I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be able to function without a planner. I just couldn't.

    Lipstick and Mocha

    1. Shopkick does eventually become an addiction. Every time I'm out at the store I have to quick scan a few products- it's all worth it in the long run. Thanks for reading and commenting, Carla! xx

  6. I love your tips and app suggestions, after some looking around I found out that Shopkick is not available in Ireland at the moment! It would be great if it was.

    1. Thank you so much, Ro! Really? That's a total bummer! Hopefully it will in the near future. Thanks for reading and commenting! x