Valentine's Day DIYs

Hello everyone,

Who's excited for the day where we celebrate love? I am extremely excited, hence the reason I am already posting a Valentine's Day themed post.

While listening to the "Valentine's Day Love" play list on Spotify, I decided to throw some of these DIYs together. I'm very pleased with the way they turned out.

Coupon Book or Open When Letters

I saw this idea on Pinterest. These are some of the most thoughtful gifts you can do for your friends and family. I decided to show you how to make a coupon book:
  1. Gather all materials.
  2. Decide that you want to put on the coupons.
  3. Decorate!
I'm making these for my sister, Natalie. I know she has a lot going on during the week with school, soccer, and extracurriculars. With that being said, I made 5 coupons:






Sometimes we argue over really dumb things. In order to prevent some of these arguments, I decided to make these coupons. We always fight over what to get for dinner. I always want to go to Anthony's, a pizza joint, while she wants to go to Panera Bread. I thought this was a great idea!


Again, I found this idea on Pinterest. What better way to decorate your room than using garland made of paper hearts?

  1. Find a heart stencil via google images.
  2. Cut out hearts.
  3. Glue or tape together with string between the hearts.
  4. Hang in room.

Cute Handmade Card Ideas

My parents are always telling me that the gifts that don't require any money at all are their favorite. I'm not the "craftiest" girl on the block, but I do enjoy taking the time to put my feels into a card. I'm not quite sure who these will be going to, but they turned out well:
  1. Find some inspiration on Pinterest.
  2. Make the card.
  3. Put something thoughtful and meaningful in it (or punny). Your choice.




If you have some clever messages to put into these cards, let me know. I want to put something heart felt in them all. What are you doing for Valentine's Day?

Check out my Pinterest boards for some other crafty ideas:

Thanks for reading,

Winter Style Staples

Hello everyone,

Winter is one of my personal favorite seasons for style purposes. (Not going to lie, I could do without the snow though). There are some essentials that I go back to every season. With that being said, here they are:

Dark Skinny Jeans

All of my jeans come from either American Eagle Outfitters or Hollister. I absolutely love the fit of their denims. For the winter season, I lean towards wearing a darker pant. Jeggings or skinny jeans are extremely versatile. Pair them with a collared shirt for a casual college presentation, or pair with a jumper for a shopping trip with your girls.

Neutral Top Handle Bag

I admit, I'm a bit of a purse junkie. I have an obsession! By wearing a top handle bag, your look is instantly transformed into something chic and classy. I wear my Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 all the time!

All Scarves Are Game

For Christmas I received three scarves; my friends and family know me so well. First of all, they keep you warm. Second of all, they're cute. How can you go wrong? Answer: you can't.

Riding Boots

I only have one pair of brown riding boots, yet I am obsessed with them. Not only do they go with everything, but they are super comfortable. I wasn't able to find the exact match on the Kohl's website, but you can click here to view something very similar.

Cute & Comfy Jumpers

Over sized sweaters are one of my favorite trendy pieces. Personally, I love the look of an over sized sweater, dark skinnies, and riding boots. It screams winter to me. For Christmas, my sister received a jumper from Hollister with a polar bear on it. It's perfect for Monday mornings when you just want to role out of bed.

Black Leggings

I debated whether or not I should include black leggings into this post. They're an essential if you style them correctly. When styling black leggings in a ladylike manner you want to ensure your behind is predominately covered. American Eagle Outfitters sells what is called the Jegging T-Shirt. These shirts are a bit longer in the back. I personally don't own any, but I would love to get my hands on a few. I always pair my leggings with something a bit looser to ensure balance within the outfit.

That concludes my winter style staples. These are definitely essentials for my wardrobe! What are some of yours?

Thanks for reading,

Winter Makeup Routine 2016

Hello everyone,

For Christmas I got a few new makeup products that I couldn't wait to try out. Immediately I made the products a part of my daily makeup routine. With that being said, here is my new makeup routine:


I try to keep my makeup pretty simple. For starters, I apply my latest purchase, Double-Duty Face Moisturizer SPF 20 with Blue Algae Extract & Sea Parsley by Jack Black. This product is definitely going to be a holy grail for me.

Once I let the moisturizer sink into my skin, I apply my full coverage foundation. I've talked about the Dream Matte Mousse by Maybelline in previous blog posts. With any other imperfections I apply my holy grail concealer: Skinclearing Blemish Concealer by Neutrogena. Then, whatever powder I grab I use. I don't have a favorite powder just yet. I'm still experimenting.

I've recently been experimenting with highlighters. For Christmas, my mom got me a sample pack of Benefit's cheek products. High-Beam Face Highlighter by Benefit has been a must-do in my everyday makeup routine. It makes for a flawless finish.

And of course, I finish off my face with a blush. Because I like to play up other aspects of my face, I go with a very natural blush. Lately, I've been wearing READY Blush in The Indecent Proposal by Bareminerals.


For Christmas, I received the Trust In Love Giftable Set by Stila. Aside from the eyeshadows being absolutely gorgeous, the packaging is stunning! I can't say enough good things about this palette. After applying an eyeshadow primer, I dive right into the shadows.

I then use an eyelash curler to prep my lashes for mascara. I've been using the mascara within the gift set. It's lengthens, volumizes, and darkens lashes. The final result is stunning!


To complete the look, I glide over a natural pink/plum gloss. I received this one in my stocking. I apologize for not having a direct link to this product.

Lock It In

Because I'm obsessed with this makeup look, I use All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray by Urban Decay. This ensures my look will last all day and/or night.

What is a must-do in your makeup routine? Are you one to wear a winged out liner? Or a darker lip like myself?

Thanks for reading,

My Blogging Essentials

Hello everyone,

This week I am sharing my blogging essentials with you. Hopefully you find this post helpful!

iPad Mini 3/Wireless Keyboard

I absolutely love my iPad mini. It's so convenient! It's perfect for planning/outlining posts, uploading photos, editing photos, etc. I love the fact that it's small, therefore I can take it with me on the go.

iPhone 6/6S

For those of you who don't know, I have an iPhone 6. As far as I'm concerned it takes amazing photos. I will say, I do like to edit them to my liking, but they could easily go without. My sister has the 6S, which also has amazing photo quality.

Lilly Pulitzer Planner

This planner contains my life: school assignments, blog posts, doctor appointments, etc. It's my lifesaver! I use this to "finalize" post dates. It's really easy to pull it out during my free time to see what I can be outlining and/or editing.

Sticky Notes

I use sticky notes all the time. I have them everywhere! I specifically use sticky notes to jot down photo ideas.

Colorful Markers

Colorful markers are a must for anything! They make tasks fun. I use them to write down blog post ideas. The categories of my posts (beauty, fashion, and lifestyle) are all color coded to ensure I'm posting an equal amount of each.

Lipton Tea

When I'm blogging- like every other blogger- I enjoy drinking tea. Not only does it keep my belly warm, but it helps me stay awake when I'm trying to pull an all nighter- for blogging and school purposes.


Who can work without music? Not me! I am always making new playlists on Spotify for the occasion. I've recently been loving Stressed Out by Twenty One Pilots.


In no particular order:
  • Bloglovin'
  • Polyvore
  • InstaEditor
  • Poto
  • Pick My Style
  • Pinterest
  • Canva*
Apps are a must! They're perfect for editing on the go and keeping in touch with other bloggers. My favorite app is Canva. It makes my life so much easier when it comes to blog imagery. 

I hope you enjoyed this post. Feel free to comment what some of your blogging essentials are. I would love to experiment with some new apps and/or organization techniques.

Thanks for reading,