Holy Grail Beauty Essentials

Hello everyone,

Welcome back to my blog! This week we're covering my holy grail beauty essentials. I couldn't avoid not share these products with you- you're going to fall in love too! I promise!

Skinclearing Blemish Concealer by Neutrogena

This is my favorite beauty product of all time. If I had to go out the door with only one product (and feel confident) this would be my makeup item of choice. Not only does it conceal my problem areas, but it helps them. The formula consists of MicroClear technology, which reduces the appearance of acne over a short period of time. Hands down, a holy grail in my book.

Amped Lashes Mascara by Ulta

This product is fairly new to me, but I still adore it. I am a glasses wearer, so my eyes tend to hide behind my frames when I don't wear any makeup. I use this mascara for everyday wear. It lengthens and separates my lashes in a matter of 30 seconds. I can't say enough good things about this product.

All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray by Urban Decay

I'm sure you've heard about this product. You probably even have this product within arms reach on your vanity. It makes your makeup last all day and all night! I love applying this product to lock in my makeup. It leaves a natural and smooth finish to my skin. Flawless!

Livingston by Zoya

Never have I ever witnessed my nail polish last longer than a week until I came in contact with this product. This product lasts a minimal of seven days. I couldn't be more impressed with a nail polish formula. My goal is to get my hands on their satin collection.

Jumping Juniper Shampoo Bar by Lush Cosmetics

I'm a female- with a changing body which means my hair can get extremely greasy every now and then. I decided to experiment with a different shampoo. One of the employees at my local Lush recommended I try this product. I use this product when I shower in the evening, that way my hair stays grease free for my day to day activities.

LED Tweezers from Primark

For those of you who didn't know, I live in America. Most bloggers I follow are from Europe. All they ever talk about is Primark, Primark, Primark! When I found out a Primark was opening near me, I jumped for joy! I purchased a few sweaters and a few accessories. These tweezers retail for $3.00! Say goodbye to bushy brows with the built in flashlight.

I'm still on the hunt for a holy grail lip product. If you have any suggestions please comment them down below.

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  1. It sounds like you really like Primark. I love the clothes as they are so fashionable and cheap. Nice post!

    1. I do! I am so happy they expanded to the U.S. Thanks for reading & commenting, Ró!

  2. Its so weird to hear someone so excited about Primark. I live in the UK and have a huge one in my town. Primark and New Look do the best designer dupes. Also TJ hughes sells Real Techniques and Victorias Secret for really cheap! If they dont have these shops near you, youll be sure to find them online!

    1. Hahaha, really? There are very few here in the U.S. Every single person I've talked to from the UK talks about it. I don't think we have New Look. I'll have to look into that. As for TJ Maxx we do have that! I am always finding steals there! Thanks for reading & commenting!

    2. Its okay Guilianna, i really enjoy reading your blog :)