Fashion Blog Post Ideas (That Never Go Out of Style!)

Hello everyone,

Shoutout to my fashion bloggers! Being a beauty, fashion, and lifestyle blogger, sometimes I find it hard to come up with content ideas- especially in the fashion department. I put together a list of fashion blog post ideas.

Hopefully you find some inspiration for your next fashion related post:


Have you been out shopping recently? Show us what you bought! These are by far my favorite posts/videos to read/watch. (Yes, I'm nosey, but so are you!)

Style Guides

I am the opposite of an expert when it comes to rocking an edgy look. I would love to see some one's take on edgy fashion- be sure to add a link to that leather jacket you recently purchased!


Again, one of my favorite posts to read. I love when bloggers link up their favorite Urban Outfitters hoodies or Hunter boots. (Though these posts are fun to read, they definitely put a dent in my wallet!)

Style Icons

When I'm in desperate need of a fashion post, I instantly check out the latest trends and which celebs have been rocking them. In the past, I've covered Taylor Swift and Zendaya Coleman. Their styles are classy and chic. You can even recreate the look for a much, much cheaper price. That always brings in a decent amount of traffic!

General Shopping Tips

Include some budget tips for the college go-getter! Be sure to include some of your favorite coupon saving apps like Ibotta and Shopkick.

Fashion Apps

You can't go wrong with talking about your favorite apps. Everyone has a smartphone these days. If I was to do a post like this I would talk about Pick My Style and Stylebook. These apps keep me on top of my fashion game at all times.

Seasonal Trends

Not everyone has the time to go out and buy the latest issue of Vogue. Include some of the latest spring fashion trends and link up some pieces you've been eyeing. This will totes increase your traffic! (I apologize totes isn't even a thing anymore- is it?)

What I Wore

OOTDs and What I Wore posts are evergreen. People are always craving insights to other people's lives. Show what you wore to your grandmother's birthday you celebrated in New York. Don't forget to take some awesome pictures. They're always fun to look at!


They're really simple to make if you're in a crunch for time. Download Polyvore. You can make a wishlist in less than 30 minutes. Upload it and give some brief summaries as to why you want the product. I'm always on Polyvore making small wish lists for myself!

DIY Projects

I love, love, love making DIY shorts. A long time ago, I posted how to make your own ombre shorts. They turned out amazing! The feedback I received was incredible. You can even head to Pinterest if you're looking for inspiration.

As you can see there are so many different fashion related posts you can compose. You can even review some of your favorite brands or talk about current online sales. It's not as limited of a topic as I thought.

What are some of your favorite fashion posts to compose or read? Comment below!

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  1. Nice ideas for blogging, I'm really looking forward to use them! :)

    1. Thank you so much, Asta! Found some of them on Pinterest. It's a super helpful website!