The Preppy Girl's Style Guide

Hello everyone,

I hope we're all surviving this cold February. Hopefully March will be a bit warmer. This week I wanted to share my latest fashion obsessions under the prepster category.

Simply Southern

When I went to Virginia last summer, I discovered the Simply Southern collection. Love, love, love it! I wanted to purchase a shirt that said “Preppy and Classy” but they didn’t have my size. When I go to Florida this spring and/or summer I am most definitely going to pick one up. Every preppy girl has one!

Longchamp Tote

I’ve seen this purse on every social media website. It is officially at the top of my hit list. Because prepsters tend to care little bit more about brand names, this does just the trick. The purse isn’t screaming a brand, which makes it classy. I really like it! Plus, it’s big enough to hold everything I need- from lip gloss to planners to shades!

Lilly Pulitzer Planner

Lilly Pulitzer is known for their high-end preppy fashion. Lilly is definitely one of my favorite designers by far. She actually makes wearing lobsters cute! This planner belongs in your monogrammed tote. It will help you stay organized and at the top of your preppy game.

Rose Gold Watch- Or Something Like That

For my 17th birthday, my Godfather bought me a Michael Kors watch in rose gold. Absolutely stunning! It simply completes my look!

Tennis Shoes

I admit- I am in love with Keds! They’re comfortable- and Taylor Swift has her own line. (I currently own four pairs of Keds.) Iplan on purchasing a white pair in order to complete my preppy wardrobe.


I am obsessed with my initials on "stuff". It's super cute! I have a ton of purses and backpacks with my initial or monogram on it. I don’t know one prepster who doesn’t have a monogrammed purse!

Statement Jewelry

Over sized, layered pearls are your new best friend. Pair them with something collared for a classy, yet preppy look. It’s one of my favorite ways to accessorize! (If you want to see how to complete this look in a classic manner, checkout Pinterest! They have everything!)

Dark Skinny Jeans

I definitely love dark skinny jeans. Not only are they extremely flattering, but they're versatile! Pair with a collared shirt, layered under a sweater of course and flats! Throw on a statement necklace, then you’re good to go.

That concludes my style guide for the go-getter prepster. What styles have you been rocking lately? Comment below!
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  1. I liked the Keds Michael Kors watch and that blue jumper! You have a really great taste in fashion :) Subscribed, xx

    1. Thank you so much, Victoria! That means so much to me. I really appreciate you taking the time to read & comment! XX

  2. This list is so cute! Love the colour of the jumper X

    1. Thanks, Cara! I know, right! I love it! Thanks for reading and commenting! X

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