How To Love Your Glasses

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This week I'm talking about an insecurity I've fought with for quite some time. I go in phases where I hate my glasses and then I love them. For the past few weeks I've been on a high with my glasses.

First, rid every horrible thought you've had about your glasses.

I'll save you the boring medical facts about my eyesight. What you need to know is that I'm almost blind without them. Wearing glasses isn't a sign of disability or handicap. It took me awhile to digest it, but I completely debunked that idea.

Glasses make the woman.

My dad always tells me this and I don't thank him enough for that. This really boosts my confidence when wearing glasses. Both of my grandmothers wear glasses; they look absolutely stunning in them.   Even the coolest celebs wear them: Anne Hathaway, Jennifer Aniston, Lucy Hale, Selena Gomez, etc.

Glasses have this crazy association with sophistication.

Since way back when, the "nerds" always wore glasses in TV shows and movies. There's nothing wrong with being smart. According to several online magazines, smart is the new sexy.

Glasses are a fashion accessory.

Ever since I was fifteen I put a lot of time and careful consideration into picking out frames. Because I wear them for a year, I like to splurge a little. Burberry, Calvin Klein, and Michael Kors have an amazing collection to choose from.

Glasses make makeup fun.

A few weeks ago, I went to Ulta Beauty and got my makeup done by Mally's makeup crew from the UK. The artist did a thick liner on my upper lash line. Instant transformation!

As for making it fun, it also makes it easy: say goodbye to dark circles and a slimmer nose! No need for contouring!

Glasses add a touch of personality.

Honestly, who would I be if I ditched my glasses? I've been wearing them since I was three years old! They add something very special to my personality.

In the end, I really do love my glasses. My eyesight isn't an insecurity like it was in middle school. Glasses have so many positives. I don't know why I didn't see them before.

Do you wear glasses? If so, what's your favorite thing about them? Comment below!

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  1. Interesting post! I don't wear glasses but I can imagine that they were an insecurity for you and I am glad you have over come that.

    1. Thanks, Ró! I really appreciate you taking the time to read & comment on my blog!

  2. I'm so happy that you've overcome your consciousness. I actually didn't know you wore glasses - Do you typically wear contacts?

    1. Thanks, Sanjana! I wear glasses all the time! I tried contacts, but with my strong prescription it just didn't work out. I just don't typically wear them for pictures because they cast a shadow. Thanks for reading & commenting!

    2. Ahh, that's probably why I didn't know. x Nonetheless, you are gorgeous with and without them!

    3. Hahah, probably! That is so sweet of you to say. I really appreciate you saying that. You are absolutely gorgeous. Thanks again! X

  3. I love this! It took me a while to not feel so insecure wearing glasses so I know what it feels like. I'm glad you've overcome it and see it as such a positive!

    Beth Ellen |

    1. Thanks, Beth! I absolutely love wearing my glasses now. They make me, me! Thanks for reading & commenting! I really appreciate it! x