Style Staples For The Gym

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Welcome to this week's post: Style Staples For The Gym. Lately, I've been inspired by some workout clothes I found on Pinterest. They're so cute!

With soccer season in session, I've been whipping my butt into shape. Here are some of my style staples for still looking chic while getting messy:

Style Staples For The Gym

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Free To Be (Wild) - Lululemon

Sports bras are a must for working out. I cannot workout in a regular bra- no matter how hard I try; it's just not comfortable. I love this one because of the back detailing. It's so cute!

 Essential Gym Bag - Lululemon

Mint is definitely my go-to color for spring and summer. With that, a mint gym bag is definitely needed to hold all my essentials.

Women's Dri-FIT Gym Reversible Workout Shorts - Nike

For hardcore cardio I definitely prefer to wait gym shorts over leggings. I don't like sweating through leggings- it's an icky feeling.  Dri-FIT shorts are definitely my favorite. The sweat dries up right away.

Wunder Under Pant III *Full-On Luon - Lululemon

When I'm doing a light workout, or lifting weights I prefer to wear leggings. I find that they are super comfortable.

Rosherun Sneakers - Nike

Everyone talks about Nike's Roserun sneakers. It offers cushioned support and maximum ventilation.

Heritage Performance Cap - Nike

For some reason I've been into baseball caps. They are the perfect accessory for lazy days. When I'm feeling jeans and a tank I'll throw this on to amp up my look.

Sunbeam Hoodie - Lululemon

Like I stated earlier, mint green is definitely my go-to color. I will be honest, I have about four hoodies similar to this one of the same color. Not going to lie, I probably don't need it, but it's still cute! Right?

Water Bottle - Victoria's Secret 

I love, love these kinds of water bottles. The beverage stays cool for hours. I promise! The other day I filled the bottle around 10:30... by 2:00 it was still good! (I apologize, it was gone, but it still could have been cool.)

*After I finished this post I realized that it looks like it could have been sponsored by Lululemon or Nike. However, this is not the case. I just really enjoy their workout attire.

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  1. I love workout gear! I think I have more workout clothes than everyday clothes.

    1. Me too! Thanks for reading and commenting, Vanessa!