How I Stay Organized Throughout The School Year

Hi everyone! 

Welcome back to my blog! With school currently in session, I thought it would be appropriate to show you how I stay organized throughout the school year.

Desk Organization

First things first, get your desk organized. I am very particular about my desk setup. 

Declutter. Begin by clearing your desk completely and starting from scratch. Get rid of any old files or worksheets. Get rid of pencils without eraser tops and pens with dried out ink.

Change it up. Take advantage of all of the space you just created. Switch things up for your convenience.

Get new supplies! I recommend purchasing a to-do list pad and some fun writing utensils. 

Remember to decorate. You want your desk to be somewhere you want to go, not just need to. I have several photo frames on the top shelf. Then, on the smaller shelves, I have some decorative items.


Now that your desk is organized, let's move on your planner. A planner is essential for remaining organized throughout the school year.

Write down assignments as soon as you get them. Don't rely on your memory to remember to complete some math problems and a Spanish worksheet. 

Keep a key. Put a checkmark next to tasks you've completed. Put an "x" next to the ones you didn't. Put an arrow next to tasks that you are delaying. Star ones that are important. Highlight ones that are an extreme priority. Etc. 

Color code! I found an awesome blog post that describes how to color code your planner. Click here.

Decorate! Decorating is extremely important. My Lilly Pulitzer planner comes with fun stickers, but I utilize some that I purchased from the crafts store too. I like to put smiley faces on early dismissal days and off days. I also put seasonal stickers in my planner around the holidays. 

Free Printables

In all seriousness, an organized desk is motivation in itself and a planner is a lifesaver. These printables, on the other hand, will keep you organized for the rest of your school career if not your life. 

✿ Go to for some incredible printables. Some of my favorites are Topics To Study, Task List, and Exam Checklist. She has a ton of printables you can browse. Take advantage of them! (I keep some spare ones in a file folder under my desk for convenience purposes.)

✿ Go to for some college oriented printables. The College Motivation Worksheet Packet is one of my favorites! *You must join her mailing list in order to download the printables.

✿ Go to to put together your own binder. She even linked some of her favorite tools to make your binder top notch! 

That concludes how I stay organized throughout the school year. I definitely like to clean my desk at least once a week. As for my planner, I take it everywhere! It's definitely my lifesaver. Then, below my desk in an orange file folder I keep some of my favorite printables, which I linked above for you all.  Comment below some of your organization techniques! 

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  1. Love these tips! Will definitely be using these :)
    Amy x |

    1. Thanks, Amy! I appreciate you taking the time to read and comment on this post. x

  2. This is such a lovely post! I've been using a bullet journal lately, and it's been really helping me ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

    1. Thank you so much, Amy! I've heard about using a bullet journal. I'm definitely going to have to try that out. Thanks for reading & commenting! x

  3. Great tips! I always write down assignments in my planner when I get them.

    XO Alyson | My Life as Alyson

  4. I think a planner is one of the best things when it comes to school, such an essential! Great idea with the printables, will definitely use them this year - Great post!


    1. I am obssed with my planner. It helps me stay organized. I'm glad you found the printable useful. I keep extras in a folder above my desk for easy access. They're lifesavers! Thanks for reading and commenting! x

  5. This is so helpful! I had a look at the free printables and will definitely be printing some of them out because organisation is 100% not my strong point!!
    I love your blog,
    Kate xxx

    1. Thanks, Kate! Yes, the printables are amazing! I've used quite a few already. They're so helpful! Thanks for reading and commenting! xx