My Favorite Apps For School

Hi everyone!

Welcome back to my blog! Today I'm sharing my favorite apps for school with you all. These apps have definitely helped me during crunch time.


Google Classroom, Docs, Drive, Sheets, etc.

Google everything is a must as far as I'm concerned. Google Classroom is my most valuable app because this is how my teachers communicate with me. Teachers will upload assignments and tasks. It's my responsibility to simply complete them. 

With docs and sheets, I can complete assignments from my phone. I usually won't write a whole paper on my phone, but for convenience purposes it's nice to have. 


This app, by far is one of my favorites. It's a little more than your average to-do list. You can add tasks and cross them out as you accomplish them. While accomplishing them, you can even set a timer, which is my favorite feature. If you go on to the app while in the middle of a task- it will even yell at you! How cool is that? I love using this app when I don't have my planner within reach.

My Homework

I like having my assignments on my phone because I always have my phone on me. While I'm in line at my local coffee shop I can check due dates on assignments with ease.


Word Reference

If you're taking a language, I would highly recommend this app. According to my Spanish professors this is the app to go to. It's the most reliable compared to Spanish Dictionary and Google Translate. I use this all the time for my homework.


This is another app for language takers. If I have some spare time between classes this is the app I'll gravitate towards. Not only am I enhancing my knowledge of the language, but I'm having fun!


Study Blue

I discovered this app/website over the summer. There are tons upon tons of "answer keys" if you will. You can search by course, professor, or subject.

This past summer for my public speaking course I had a few take-home-test. I couldn't find a few of the answers in the textbook. So, of course I went online like any other teenager would. I came across this website. I typed in my professors name... and all of the answers to the test came up. I checked all of my answers to ensure their correctness. 

I'm now considering upgrading my profile to have access to all of the study materials on the app.


Quizlet has always been one of my favorite apps. It is very similar to Study Blue. It has a ton of flashcard sets, which are also like answer keys. Sometimes you can find answers to an entire worksheet on here. I love using this between classes to freshen up on topics. (Especially, AP Economics!)


Spotify is my favorite app for discovering music. Music is an essential for me when it comes time to study in the library. Click here to listen to some of my favorite tunes right now.

That concludes my favorite apps for school. What are some of yours? Comment below!

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  1. I use Quizlet for learning languages because I find it so helpful, lovely post xx

    1. Quizlet is definitely one of my favorites. Thanks for reading and commenting, Laura. I really appreciate it. x

  2. Nice post! I love MinimaList, it is such a great app to make to do lists on.

    1. I love it so much! Super helpful when I'm in a rush. Thanks for reading and commenting! x

  3. Quizlet is so helpful before taking a test. Definitely my go to when I need the extra info. Great post!

    1. I couldn't agree more! Thanks so much for reading and commenting! I really appreciate it. x

  4. Loving your list, hun! <3 I think these apps are great not only for school, but for productivity in general, work or even blogging! I have a few apps like that that help me keep my blog organised, including a calendar with posting schedule and a little to-do list with post ideas. :) <3 I wish apps like this existed back when I was going to school, that would have been so helpful! <3 Hope you're having a fab week so far. x x


    1. Thank you so much, Kay! I find that they work very well with blogging, too! I appreciate you taking the time to read and comment on this post. It means a lot to me.

  5. I downloaded the 'Minimalist' app and it's so good! I've been looking for something to stop me from playing on my phone when I'm meant to be doing homework and this does it!
    Hope to keep in touch!

    1. I love, love, love that app! All of my tasks from blogging to school work is located in one place. How convenient! Thanks for reading and commenting, Kate! Definitely keep in touch.