10 Ways To Distress

Hi everyone!

Welcome back to my main blog! We've finally hit October; mid-terms are literally right around the corner. Anyway, to help you distress I put together a list of 10 ways to distress. Note, this is a collab with my good friend, Vanessa. She is also sharing her top 10 ways to distress. I will have her blog and social media links below if you're interested. Enjoy!

1. Exercise!

As far as I'm concerned, exercise is the most efficient way of distressing. Being on a soccer team has allowed me to blow off so much steam. In the off season, I take advantage of my treadmill. Either way, I feel so much better.

2. Have a spa night.

Stress definitely plays a role in my skin appearance. I typically get an inflamed pimple or two on my chin the day before an exam or project. Or just when I have a lot going on in my life. I like to take some time to myself throughout the week to take care of myself. I like to exfoliate with baking soda and shave my legs with olive oil.

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3. Call a friend.

I'll be the first to admit that I need help; I'm definitely not one to hold it in. I like to call my boyfriend or talk the problem out with my mom. I know I can count on my mom for guidance- whatever the situation is.

4. Watch your favorite movie.

On Sunday nights, I like to curl up in a warm fuzzy blanket and watch The Longest Ride. Oh, and I like to snack on some hot popcorn. All of my worries are washed away.

5. Make a to-do list.

For those of you who are more problem-focused copers, make a to-do list. I recommend writing everything out as it makes a nice visual.

6. Take a walk in nature.

Henry David Thoreau wrote a poem called Walden, regarding his lifestyle outdoors. He talked about how nature played an important role in the development of the soul. I couldn't agree more! My first experience proved his theory true. I felt at peace.

7. Listen to some music.

Music is another coping method I use. I love listening to Meghan Trainor, singer of "Better" and "Me Too". These songs are very influential on my mood.

8. Write. Then, write some more.

After writing in my journal I feel 110% better. I actually keep a prayer journal now. I write as if I'm speaking to God... then once a few months go by, I read them and determine which prayers have and haven't been answered.

9. Read.

I'm not much of a reader to be honest. With my free time, I would much rather string together a story on my own. With that being said, I do need inspiration every now and then. I love reading other blogs via Bloglovin'.

10. Clean your space.

I feel a weight lift off of my shoulders after I clean my room. I feel like I can conquer just about anything!

That concludes my 10 ways to distress. How do you distress? Comment below!

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Vanessa's Blog: http://www.itssimplyme.com


  1. Spa nights are my favorite! Cute post, it's much needed for busy school weeks!

    XO Alyson | My Life as Alyson

    1. Same here, Alyson! A little face mask would do me some good right now. Thanks for reading and commenting! xo

  2. This was so much fun to do with you! Thanks girl!

    1. Anytime, Vanessa! I love working with you. You have such a lovely blog.

  3. My favourite way to rewind is to have a pamper night and watch The Fault In Our Stars, even though it makes me cry! xx

    1. I can't! I can't! I can't! The Fault In Our Stars gives me way too many feels. I love it though! Thanks for reading and commenting, Laura! xx