10 Things I Do During My Study Hall

Hi everyone!

Welcome back to my blog! I am definitely moving my blog towards a lifestyle base, if you couldn't tell. I just keep on wanting to post about school related things (Maybe that's because I am so excited about my college career- who knows?!)

I have one study hall everyday. This study hall happens during third period (9:40-10:24 a.m.). I like to take my study halls to the library as opposed to the cafeteria where it is extremely loud. I like the library because it is quiet... and people are more spread out. I like my space, what can I say?

I update my planner.

I like to take the time to go through my planner and ensure all of my assignments and events are where I expect them to be. For example, if I have a project that's coming up, I like to make note of that deadline.

I also take the time to look over blog posts that are coming up. Hopefully I've completed them in time. Lately I've been slacking on that. So, when I have a spare second in study hall, I glance over it!

I check my email.

I check my email all the time; especially when I send emails to my college counselors; I want to ensure that I am getting back to them in a timely manner.

This, again, also relates to my blog. I want to ensure that I am getting back to my collaborators in a timely manner.

I prep/study.

I really like prepping for my classes. My study hall comes right before my CE Spanish IV class. I like to review the week's plans, review vocabulary, etc. I find that I am a lot more confident going into the class.

And of course, I study! I study for all sorts of things, specially human physiology. We're always having tests and quizzes!

I check my teachers' webpages for updated information.

This is a big one! If your teacher has a web page or somewhere where he/she can post weekly assignments, check it! Sometimes, my Journalism teacher will post extra credit opportunities. Yay!

Also, my economics teacher posts Power Points. I find that having all of the notes in front of me allows me to relax and just listen to what she is actually saying, as opposed to scrambling to write words down.

(I guarantee you'll thank me for this one.)

I get ahead on weekly/monthly assignments.

Every month, for my AP Econ class, I have a reading assignment to do. I have to talk about eight different economic concepts and submit them by the 15th of every month. Doing this during my study hall takes a weight off of my shoulders come crunch time.

I enhance my notes.

I am definitely a visual learner without a doubt. With that being said, my notes have to be colorful, drawn out, etc. I find that highlighting different ideas in different colors helps me remember them better come test time.

I blog.

I actually did this a few days ago. During my study hall, I took the time to draft two blog posts. It took a load off my night schedule.

I edit articles for my school newspaper.

If you didn't know I am one of the editors for my school newspaper. Sometimes I will go the newspaper room in order to edit some articles for upcoming issues. I love doing that!

I break.

Before I get in the zone, I like to go to the bathroom first. Do this: for one, you'll be able to concentrate easier and two, you're doing it on your time and not your teacher's. I also like to whip out a snack. It's usually gold fish, but so be it.

I check out Pinterest.

It's no secret that my favorite social media platform is Pinterest. I am constantly looking for homework help, blog post ideas, college-y things, etc. To make the time pass, I simply pin stuff.

Thanks for reading,


  1. Nice post! That is interesting what you do during study hall. I don't have study hall, instead I do an additional subject but it is only once a week for 2 classes. I would love to get some blogging done at school but it's blocked on the school wifi.

    1. Thanks, Ró! Really? That's so different! Thanks for reading and commenting! x

  2. i had study haul last year and I actually chose to do it but i ended up just stalking blogs and watching youtube videos all throughout the class period. i used it as a relaxation time than what it was intended to be. Whoops lol.

    wishing you all the best,

    1. I honestly think that's okay! You need a break every now and then. Thanks for reading and commenting! I really appreciate it, Ayele!

  3. I only have a 45 minute free 4 days a week, which doesn't let me a do a lot of work. I do study, and sometimes I do my homework. If I ever learn to organize myself (I have made progress!!) then I will try to draft some posts because I am so inconsistent with my blogging. I really like this post :)

    Christina/ thisfashiongirl.com

    1. Thats not bad at all- 45 minutes! I like to set timers too! It helps me stay on track. Thanks for reading and commenting, Christina! I really appreciate it!! xx

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