Blog Printables That Have Changed My Life

Hi everyone!

Welcome back to my blog! Today's post is for all you bloggers out there!

I am a senior in high school taking on AP and CE level classes. I'm also an editor for my school's newspaper, while serving as the Vice President of Key Club. And I play intramural soccer. And of course, I run my own blog.

My life can get pretty hectic sometimes. With that being said, I like to utilize different prinables to help me stay organized and on top of my game:

Weekly To Do List from Designer Blogs

Whenever I have a busy week, I always gravitate towards this printable. First of all, it's cute! Second of all, it has enough room for all of the tasks I need to complete. For example, I put heavy duty school assignments on this printable, along with blog to dos, chores, etc.

Crossing off tasks not only makes me feel accomplished, but motivates me to do more!

Project Organization Planner From Maxine Renee Designs

I like to use this printable when I am working with brands and other bloggers. I find that it helps me produce the best work possible. And, when I have multiple projects going on, there is a space in the top left corner to write who the project is for. I think that's super convenient!

Cute and Crafty 2016 Printable Calendar from iMom

I love using calendars! I'd much rather use this printable than having an editorial calendar online. I like that I can manipulate it how I want with ease. Click here to view all of their 2016 calendars. I'm crossing my fingers that they come out with a  2017 set of calendars.

Work Tasks From Picklebums

I just printed this for 2017. I'm planning on placing themes in the boxes. Then, I'll go back to my monthly calendars and plan posts according to that theme.

That concludes this blog post. I hope you all found it useful. Comment down below which one is your favorite, or better yet, any blog printables that you use!

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  1. The first and second printables are so useful! I'm going to print them out later today, the project planner would be so useful for specific blog posts!

    1. I'm so glad you found this post helpful, Eleanor! Thanks for reading and commenting! I really appreciate it.

  2. These sound so amazing! I will definitely try some of these printables out xx

    1. Glad to hear, Laura! Thanks for reading and commenting! It means a lot to me. xx

  3. The first and second printables look really useful. Have you ever designed your own?

  4. I love them so much! I haven't designed my own, but I think it'd be really cool too! Thanks for reading and commenting, Sanjana!