8 Things To Do On Spring Break

Hello everyone!

Welcome back to my blog! Today I'm covering spring break.

Here are 8 things to do to keep yourself from growing bored:

1. Have a spa day.

Spring break is the perfect time to treat yourself to a mani/pedi. Put together your very own homemade facial.

2. Catch up on homework.

I know exactly what I'm going to be doing over spring break-- studying for my AP exams. It's so nice to complete homework on your own time at your own pace.

3. Clean out your closet.

Spring cleaning! I'm planning on cleaning out my closet. I have some old sweaters and blouses I'm planning to donate.

4. Have a bonfire.

Staycation? Have a bonfire with your friends! Reminisce on some of your favorite high school memories. I guarantee that you and your friends have some incredible experiences to relive.

5. Go for a hike.

Take advantage of the amazing weather. I have a trail about 15 minutes from my house that I love to go to. My boyfriend and I spend a ton of time there.

6. Have a photo shoot.

Like I mentioned earlier, take advantage of the glorious weather. I'm planning to get a ton of blog pics done over spring break.

7. Netflix and chill.

Looking to relax? Netflix and chill! Grab some snacks and binge watch 13 Reasons Why-- you'll be hooked. I guarantee it.

8. Take a cliche beach trip.

I love going to the beach. I love the sand in my toes and soaking up the warm sunshine rays. I also love walking the boards and eating oversized slices of pizza. So yummy! (Don't forget to Instagram it!)

What are you doing over spring break? Comment below!

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  1. Nice post! I am getting holidays for two weeks starting next week and I am looking forward to the break. I will be starting study for Summer tests as they are only five weeks after but I hope not to do too much. Of course, I plan to do plenty of blogging as well.

    1. Yes, yes, and yes! Catching up on blogging over spring break is at the top of my list. Thanks for reading & commenting! I really appreciate it, Ró.