How To Prep For AP Exams

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Welcome back to my blog! Today, I am sharing some of my tips to help you prep for AP exams and other finals you might be taking soon.

I am currently enrolled in AP Microeconomics and AP Statistics. AP Microeconomics is an interesting class; I thoroughly enjoy the material. AP Statistics is a different story. Math and I have never quite got along.

Here are some of my tips for passing your AP exams and finals:

1. Stay on track.

I am currently a senior-- and senioritis is definitely kicking in. It's important to focus in class and keep up with assignments.

2. Make a study guide.

My AP Microeconomics teacher provided the class with a study guide in the beginning of the year. It has a list of approximately 200 terms. I am currently a little over half way done. Doing this a month before the AP exam is a fantastic review!

If your teacher didn't provide you with a study guide make your own. You can look at websites like AP Study Notes for chapter outlines and more. This will help you put together your own study guide.

3. Do practice exams. 

College Board has a variety of sample tests and essays to review. This is super helpful for my math course. It's nice to figure out ahead of time what scorers are looking for in a response.

4. Join a study group.

No study group to join? Make one. Having a group of friends who are enrolled in the same classes makes study time fun. You have people you can bounce ideas off of and ask questions.

5. Stay healthy.

As much as I hate to admit it, it's true: I'm a stress eater. I pull out all of the junk food and cram it down when I'm stressed. Avoid that at all costs.

Exercise daily. Get eight hours of rest. And, eat well. Try not to stress out-- I know, easier said than done.

What are some of your favorite ways to prep for important exams? Comment below!

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